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October 02, 2022


A Brief Guide to Agile Development

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Born back in 2001, the Agile methodology has been all the rage in the IT world over the last few years. As reported by GoodFirms, 61.50% of the companies that participated in their recent survey use the Agile approach.

And there’s no wonder for such popularity — Agile helps to achieve more efficient collaboration within the team and increased transparency due to the regular client involvement. But even more importantly, it allows teams to easily adapt to changes in requirements, effectively tackling one of the toughest challenges ever faced by developers.

What is Agile?

Agile is an approach to project management and software development that suggests delivering work in smaller increments. This allows teams to receive regular feedback, respond to challenges promptly, and make changes quickly. As a result, Agile teams deliver software faster and with minimum chances of failing to meet customer needs.

Agile frameworks

Agile is an overarching philosophy emphasizing the value of iterating fast and satisfying clients. There are many Agile frameworks based on Agile principles, each with its strengths and weaknesses, making it essential to choose one that suits your company size, team structure, available resources, etc.

The most common Agile frameworks include Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DDSM), Adaptive Software Development (ASD), and Crystal.

Why product discovery is crucial for Agile

The Agile approach primarily focuses on fast delivery and customer satisfaction, which would be hardly possible to achieve without understanding the customer’s vision of the final product. To avoid misunderstandings and wasting resources, reliable Agile teams never get down to work without software product discovery.

Besides making sure that the team fully understands the customer’s needs and expectations, the discovery phase helps define the problem that users can solve with the product, providing useful insights as to prioritizing features.

As a result, you get well-defined requirements, which translates into lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Agile development lifecycle

Agile development is performed in a sequence of phases that can vary slightly depending on the Agile framework selected by the team. Still, these phases typically boil down to the following:


In this phase, the project goals and scope are identified. Also, the product owner creates a document outlining product requirements and time frames.


The next step involves assembling the right software development team to best fit the project’s needs. At this stage, the team can embark on the design process, producing a UI mock-up and building the architecture.


This is the most extended phase of Agile development when the development team actually builds the software. In Agile, the product is delivered in sprints, each designed to enhance the current version of the product by making changes based on customer feedback.


Although the product undergoes testing at each iteration, the final product is also tested to ensure it is fully functional, has no bugs, and is ready to go live.


Reviewing means examining project deliverables (including the requirements documents, source code, designs, test specifications, etc.) by all the stakeholders to collect feedback.

Software reviews fall into several types:

  • peer reviews, undertaken by the developer’s teammates to assess the quality and technical content of the product;
  • software management reviews, conducted by the management to evaluate the status of the work;
  • software audit reviews are held by an external body to verify if the product complies with standards and specifications.

Software reviews are essential for software development since they go a long way toward spotting issues before the product hits the market.

Release and maintenance

Finally, the software is deployed and becomes available to its end users. But this is not the end of the story. Once released, the product enters the maintenance phase, meaning that the team provides ongoing support to ensure it runs smoothly.

Why go Agile

The Agile methodology is associated with a number of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at them.

High quality of the outcome

Agile methodologies use an iterative approach, meaning the product is improved with each iteration. A strong focus on improvement belongs to the fundamental principles of Agile, facilitating the creation of high-quality software.

Enhanced control

Agile gives managers more effective control over the processes since it involves absolute transparency, continuous feedback, and quality-control features. All stakeholders are engaged in the project and can easily monitor the progress with the help of tracking tools.

More flexible teams

The Agile approach suggests that teams work in short sprints, which allows for better flexibility in making changes.

More predictable budget and time frames

Work done in sprints makes it easier for the project manager to analyze the team’s performance and allocate resources more effectively.

Lesser risks

The Agile teams test and assess the product at each sprint, which provides them with better visibility into the project. This allows developers to identify and tackle issues early, minimizing potential risks.

Greater customer satisfaction

With Agile, customers are actively involved in the project development, providing feedback after each sprint, which helps make sure that the final product accurately aligns with the customer’s needs. Needless to say that such an approach inevitably feeds into customer satisfaction and trust.

Parting thoughts

From reduced risks to high customer satisfaction, the Agile approach has you covered. With so many benefits it provides, the number of teams using Agile will definitely grow. Still, it is essential to choose a framework that best addresses your team’s needs and never overlook the importance of project discovery phase in software development.

by Kyrie Mattos at October 02, 2022 04:12 AM

What Is Nova Fabrication and How Can We Help With Custom Metal Fabrication?

Creating custom products out of metal is a very challenging and complex task. Not only do you need to have access to the right tools, but you also want to work closely with the best professionals in the industry. That’s where Nova Fabrication comes into play. The company is widely known for being one of the worldwide leaders in custom metal fabrication at the highest possible level. 

Why is custom metal fabrication important?

The main role of custom metal fabrication is to ensure you get to manufacture the desired items out of metal in a safe and efficient manner. Creating great products out of metal can be challenging, but it always has its fair share of benefits. Nova Fabrication can help you with the best custom metal fabrication solutions.

What this means is that you get to show off everything and share the guidelines as you see fit. It’s the right approach because it saves time while also assuring you that all the details are followed to the letter. In doing so, you will have a much better experience, and the results can be incredible every time. All you need is to work closely with us, and we guarantee that you will have amazing benefits all the time.

How can Nova Fabrication help?

As a professional company focused on custom metal fabrication, we get to bring your vision and ideas to life with state-of-the-art equipment. Nova Fabrication is based in Turkey, but our company can serve clients from all over the world. We provide a large array of bespoke metal fabrication services. We can easily create custom cabinets, metal shelves, and barrier systems, and we also help with decorative fabrications, gear fabrications, and trailer manufacturing, among many others.

What makes Nova Fabrication unique is that we always focus on fulfilling and surpassing customer expectations at the highest levels. We only hire the best professionals and use the latest materials and equipment to provide you with excellent results and an outstanding experience. We guarantee that once you work with our team, you will be very happy with the process and results.

Our metal fabrication system is always adaptable to your needs since we can easily work on custom projects the way you want. That means you will always be happy with the experience, and we guarantee that the results can be incredible.

Contact Nova Fabrication for the best custom metal fabrication services!

If you are on the lookout for very dependable and efficient custom metal fabrication solutions, we are here to help. We have the expertise and solutions you need, and we always push the boundaries to deliver an incredible outcome and the best work quality. All you have to do is to contact us today and let us know what custom requirements you have in regard to metal fabrication. Nova Fabrication is always here to help create the best custom metal products you want, so give us a try today!

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September 30, 2022

The Javelin Blog

How to use SOLIDWORKS mirror tools

When a design is highly symmetrical, I encourage SOLIDWORKS users to work smarter rather than harder and take advantage of the mirror tools SOLIDWORKS provides. Not only does this speed up the original design process, but it also allows design changes to occur symmetrically thanks to the fully associative nature of the results. After all, a mirror is a type of pattern, it simply has one copy that generally looks back at the original item you copied.

Lets start at the very beginning, the sketch.

There are 2 mirror tools in sketching in part design, Mirror Entities and Dynamic Mirror.

Mirror Entities is the most used as it is easy to access on the command manager. You create the first sketch entities, and then start the tool. Simply selecting the sketch entities and the mirror tool – which can be a sketch line, part edge or plane and copy from one side to the other. This creates a symmetric relation between the original sketch points and the newly created entities.

Mirror entities

Mirror entities tool

Mirror entities tool

Dynamic Sketch is a tool less often used because it is not found on the command manager. You can customize your command manager to include it though, if you find it useful. Dynamic sketch mirror starts by creating a line and assigning it as a mirror tool ahead of time and then adding additional sketch entities. The line will be designated with a doubled hashed line, and this will dynamically copy and add symmetric entities to the other side of the line when you add new sketch material. Selecting the tool again will turn the dynamic mirror command off.

Dynamic mirror entities

dynamic mirror entities option dynamic mirror entities example

I suggest adding your final relations and dimensions afterwards as you will be able to relate the 2 sets of sketch information to each other and dimensions will now be symmetric as well.

add final relations and dimensions

Add final relations and dimensions

Here is the result of our mirrored faucet handles after extrusion and with some added fillets.

mirrored faucet handles

Mirrored faucet handles

This method works well for symmetric sketches of complicated parts or additions as you can see like the one above where features are added in mirrored locations.

Another method for adding geometry changes in mirrored locations is to mirror a feature or body.

Lets add some holes to be able to mount this cabinet for our vanity.

adding holes to mount cabinet

Adding holes to mount the cabinet

By taking this last Cut-Extrude for the mounting hole, we can mirror this feature to opposite sides of the part over the appropriate reference planes.

In SOLIDWORKS 2022, we can even include a secondary reference plane so we can have 4 holes, without the need for a second mirror feature.

add secondary reference

Add secondary reference

For body mirrors, you can choose to merge the resulting bodies IF they touch or create separate bodies to continue with multibody modeling methods. Please note that bodies that do not touch will not be appropriate to have the “merge solids” option checked.

bodies to mirror

Bodies to mirror

Lastly, lets saw we are putting together an assembly with symmetrical parts. We can mirror components to make assembling the final design faster.

Mirroring components comes with a few more options. As you can see, I’ve gone with a slightly different handle design and want to mirror the component position.

linear component pattern right faucet handle

On the next page you will see options for your mirror. The easiest choice for me is to add another instance of this handle is to uptick my BOM listing for this handle and orient the new instance over the Right plane.

orientation of mirror part

There are other options to choose from as well based on orientation:

other orientation option other orientation option other orientation option

Ultimately you can even create a new configuration or new file based on an opposite hand version of the part or parts you are mirroring.

right faucet handle orientation of mirror part

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our team at TriMech for all your SOLIDWORKS needs.

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September 29, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Why You Should Be Using SOLIDWORKS MBD in Your CAM Processes

Traditional workflow is to create a CAD model, create a paper drawing, provide the drawing to your manufacturing team with the original solid model, then hope for the best…BUT…some suppliers require you to work directly off a solid model. Revision Control is much easier when dealing with electronic documents. Paper prints can be hard to read and are easily lost and damaged…Ever have Joe over in the Engineering Department spill his coffee on the prints?


SOLIDWORKS has the ability to export MBD Data embedded inside a STEP 242 File Format. Mastercam has the ability to read that data with the MBD intact, without SOLIDWORKS on the same system. It’s as simple as saving the STEP file from the SOLIDWORKS 3D View Tabs and using File Open inside of Mastercam. Once you have the file open you can use the imported data to create your manufacturing strategies. For example, we can see below that the bore diameters are +0.0002 inches -0.000, a tolerance that may require a Jig Bore or EDM operation. I know that when I am devising my machining strategies, I should leave stock on those holes for secondary operations. I can also see that the overall height of the part is + or – .001 inches, a tolerance I can easily hold in most CNC Mills, and that I also have a tolerance of + or – .005 on the step telling me I have some open tolerances to use to my favor in those areas.


By importing that data in with the solid model I was able to see, at a glance, what manufacturing of that part will entail. This makes it much harder to miss an important detail such as the tolerance on that bored hole. I also no longer have to worry about being sent the wrong paper print, or any damage that may happen on the shop floor.


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by TriMech Solutions, LLC at September 29, 2022 12:09 PM

September 28, 2022


How to Build a P2P App

As the world is becoming increasingly digitized, the need for P2P (peer-to-peer) applications is also increasing. P2P apps allow users to connect and share data or resources without going through a central server. These apps are often used for file sharing, social networking, and gaming. Merchants can also use P2P apps to sell goods and services directly to consumers without going through an intermediary.

With the advent of blockchain technology, P2P apps are becoming even more popular because they can now be built on a decentralized network. This means there is no single point of failure, and the data is more secure. If you want to develop apps like PayPal, Cash App, or even a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to know how to build a P2P app. This article will show you how to build a P2P app. Let’s dive in.

Choose Peer To Peer P2P Type App

There are different types of P2P apps, so you first need to decide which one you want to build. Every kind of app has features, so it’s important to understand their differences. A social media P2P app is a platform where users can connect and share information, photos, videos, and more. A P2P app allows users to share files, such as music, movies, and documents.

And a gaming P2P app lets gamers play games against each other in real-time. Bank-based solutions are another type of P2P app that uses banks’ existing infrastructure to process payments. Mobile OS systems like Apple iOS and Google Android also have P2P payment apps, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Before you build your app, think about which type of P2P app you want to create. Your business model also plays a role in deciding which type of app to build.

Create a P2P App Wireframe

Now that you know what type of P2P app you want to create, it’s time to start planning the features and functionality of your app. The best way to do this is by creating a wireframe, a visual representation of your app. A wireframe allows you to see how your app’s different elements will fit together and how users will interact with it.

Creating a wireframe is an important step in the app development process, as it allows you to make changes to your app before you build it. Features can be added, removed, or changed, and the overall design can be tweaked. Many different wireframing tools are available, such as Balsamiq and Mockflow. Once you’ve created your wireframe, it’s time to start building your app.

Choose The Right Technology

The technology you use to build your app is just as important as the type of app you create. To build a P2P app, you’ll need a platform that supports real-time communication and file sharing. You’ll need an API for social media applications that allow users to connect. For gaming P2P apps, you’ll need a platform that supports multiplayer gaming.

Fintech apps will need an API connecting to banks’ existing infrastructure. If you’re building a mobile app, you’ll need to decide which mobile operating system you want to support. NFC, or near-field communication, is a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other when they’re close together. NFC is used for P2P payments, depending on your platform.

Find The Right Development Team

Once you’ve decided on the type of app you want to build and the technology you’ll use, it’s time to find the right development team. If you’re building a simple P2P app, you can probably find a development team that will be able to handle the entire project. But if you’re building a more complex app, you might need to find a development team specializing in your specific technology.

You can find development teams by searching online or by attending tech events. When looking for a development team, finding one with experience with the type of app you want to build is important. You can also hire a freelance software developer to work on your project. With so many options available, it’s important to take time and find the right team for your project.

Create Effective Design

Your app’s design is one of its most important success aspects. A good design will make your app easy to use and understand, while a bad design will make it hard to use and frustrating. When creating your app’s design, it is crucial to consider the user experience (UX) and ensure that your app is easy to use.

A good design will also help your app stand out from the rest. Keeping your app’s branding in mind is important in pursuing an effective design. Ensure that your app’s design reflects your brand and is consistent with your other marketing materials. The layout, colors, and overall look of your app should all be cohesive with your brand.

Develop Your App

Once you have a good design, it’s time to start development. This is where the rubber meets the road, and your app begins to take shape. Development is a complex process that takes time, so it is important to ensure you have a clear vision for your app before starting.

During development, you will need to work closely with your development team to ensure that your app is built according to your specifications. Once your app is completed, it will need to be tested on various devices to ensure it works as intended. After your app has been thoroughly tested, it is ready to be launched.

Launch Your P2P App

After your app has been developed and tested, it’s time to launch it. This is where the real work begins. To ensure that your app is successful, you must promote it through various channels. You can start by submitting your app to app stores and directories. You can also promote your app through social media, paid advertisements, and PR.

If your app is successful, you will need to continue to promote it to maintain its position in the market. Maintaining a successful app requires continuous effort, but it can be a very rewarding experience. Look for any bugs and update content regularly to keep users engaged.

by Elle Gellrich at September 28, 2022 06:12 PM

Is Bitcoin Cash The Same Thing As Bitcoin?

The number of people actively investing in cryptocurrency has increased drastically over the past few years. This happened for several reasons, including the advancement of the existing crypto assets.

In the past few years, the market has witnessed numerous new digital asset launches, and one among them was Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash came to light in the year 2017 and is often confused with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, which provided a head start for the development of the cryptocurrency market we witness today. Bitcoin, or BTC, is ranked as the most popular cryptocurrency and holds an impressive market share.

So, are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash the same?

The answer is “no.

Even though Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two different cryptocurrencies, they share a lot of things in common. Because of the similarity in the names of these two, investors, especially novice traders, mistake them for the same.

Let’s see the difference, pros and cons, and similarities between these two bitcoins.

What is bitcoin cash?

The same blockchain that hosts the Bitcoin network serves as the foundation for Bitcoin Cash, or BCH for short. A hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1, 2017, brought the coin to the cryptocurrency market. Despite having different uses, bitcoin and bitcoin cash have the same origins. Bitcoin Cash was developed in order to alleviate the most prevalent issues faced by Bitcoin users, such as the meager number of transactions per second.

Bitcoin Cash is widely acknowledged as a more affordable and quick payment option. In a short amount of time, Bitcoin Cash has multiplied and is currently listed among the top 30 coins in the cryptocurrency market. You can easily buy Bitcoin cash through a digital exchange platform.

How does Bitcoin Cash work?

  • The number of transactions possible for Bitcoin is only seven per second as the megabyte is limited to 1. But for Bitcoin Cash, around 100 transactions per second are possible as they have expanded the block size from 8 MB to 32 MB. Despite the block size and transaction speed, Bitcoin Cash works very similarly to Bitcoin.
  • Miners confirm transactions by solving complex mathematical equations using cryptography. By doing so, miners receive rewards in the form of Bitcoin cash tokens; users can trade these with other users.
  • Similar to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash has 21 million tokens currently in circulation.

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash

  • The transaction cost of Bitcoin cash is negligible and is equal to or less than one US penny.
  • Bitcoin cash has the potential to carry out almost 100 transactions per second.
  • Bitcoin Cash is much more scalable than Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Cash ledger permits a blockchain that supports increased scalability. This reduces the fees demanded from the users, making it a better transactive asset.
  • There are numerous cryptocurrencies available on the market, but the majority are not easily available. But for Bitcoin cash, the case is totally different. These can be bought through most major exchanges.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Cash

  • Because relatively less mining power is needed, Bitcoin Cash has a low transaction cost and a speedy transaction. As a result, the system’s security has been compromised and is inferior to that provided by the Bitcoin system.
  • Since it has never had to deal with any form of branding issues, Bitcoin is always the winner when it comes to branding. This makes it challenging for Bitcoin Cash to tell them apart, especially given that they have similar names.
  • Users of Bitcoin Cash use computers to solve challenging issues in a proof-of-work mechanism to validate and process transactions. This damages the environment and consumes a tremendous amount of energy.

Final thoughts

Both bitcoin and bitcoin cash have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Since the costs are relatively cheap and the transaction speed is decent, experts in the trading industry advise using Bitcoin Cash for making minor transactions. When it comes to long-term investments, Bitcoin is the ideal option due to its enormous market share and high level of popularity. However, it does not follow that you should use Bitcoin. You need to perform thorough research on the cryptocurrency asset you’ve chosen to buy, keeping your needs at the forefront.

by Elle Gellrich at September 28, 2022 05:42 PM

Becoming Data Driven Is More Of A Challenge Than Expected – Here’s Why

Many businesses are striving to become more data-driven. After all, with more data at their disposal, businesses should be able to make more informed decisions. Businesses are even investing large sums of money into data gathering and analysis technology – but is it worth it?

This article looks closely at the recent hype businesses have about becoming data-driven. We’ll also examine why this is a challenge for many businesses. Despite investing in and using the right tools, such as web scrapers and residential rotating proxies from a provider like Smartproxy, bad data can still negatively impact your business’s performance.

We’ll cover the following topics related to bad data:

  • Why the hype about becoming data-driven?
  • What is bad data?
  • What causes bad data?

Why The Hype About Becoming Data-Driven?

Becoming data-driven has been an objective for many companies in the last few years. Technology and business are constantly evolving, and industries are becoming more competitive. It stands to reason that if you have more information at your disposal, you can make better decisions than your competitors. Not only will you be able to outperform the competition, but you’ll be able to make better investments, break into new markets, and test innovations more quickly.

This reasoning makes sense, so businesses are taking active steps to become more data-driven. From investing millions in data collection and analysis to appointing data management teams, businesses are spending a lot of time, money, and energy on getting data that they can use to improve their performance.

Unfortunately, some challenges hamper this progress in the form of bad data. Using web scrapers alongside residential rotating proxies is fine for collecting data. Unfortunately, the data collected was originally written, edited, and uploaded by a person. This means there can be many mistakes, from typos and grammar to more serious misleading statistics and facts. In a recent survey, many organizations believed that poor quality information cost the companies up to $15 million a year in losses, although 60% weren’t sure exactly how much they were losing.

What Is Bad Data?

Bad data is wrong, false, or inaccurate information.

Real-Life Examples Of Bad Data In Action

Over the last few years, there have been many situations where bad data was used, and the organizations responsible were called out for this. Some of the most notable took place during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, where the spread of misinformation reached epic proportions.

One example of such a situation occurred in Florida. State Senator, Steve Glazer, was demanding that his state go back to a strict lockdown over concerns of rising Covid cases in the area. During this period, the state ramped up testing healthy people(either asymptomatic or who tested negative). At the time, they reported that they’d done 6,778,304 tests; of those, only 425,616 tested positive. However, the Senator used this number as the basis for his reasoning. This was despite numerous doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, and immunologists stating that the most important factor was the mortality rate – not the number of positive cases.

Similarly, the county of Georgia posted a chart on its website to show the five counties with the highest number of Covid-19 cases. However, they structured the chart to further their own agenda rather than accurately depicting the cases. For one, the original chart shows the dates corresponding to positive tests in the X-Axis – however, when you look closely, these dates are not in chronological order. This makes it look like the numbers for each county are steadily declining when in reality, they aren’t. Another issue is that the counties don’t appear in the same order at each date but are again arranged in descending order which makes it look like the number of cases is dropping.

A more recent and unrelated situation occurred in 2021 when Fox News broadcaster, Tucker Carlson, brought up a graph. During the segment, the broadcaster showed a graph depicting how the number of Americans identifying as Christian had dropped. The graph showed that in 2009 77% of the population identified as Christian, whereas in 2019, the number dropped to 65%. It’s not that big of a drop, but the way they presented the cart, made it look much bigger than reality. They did this by starting the Y-axis at 58%, which made the gap appear much bigger than if they’d started at 0% – which is usually the best way to accurately present percentage-based statistics.

What Causes Bad Data?

It can be created in a few different ways, some of which include:

  • User mistakes such as spelling, grammar, using the wrong formatting, etc
  • Creating multiple copies by working on many systems simultaneously
  • Poor software quality
  • Technical faults
  • Changes made to the source
  • Wrong facts or statistics used – either intentionally or unintentionally
  • Individuals pushing their own agendas by spreading fake news

Final Thoughts

With privacy concerns becoming stricter and businesses either losing money on bad data or struggling to get the benefits they expected from data, this data-driven fad might vanish completely in the next decade. It would likely be replaced by a more efficient way of managing data to ensure accuracy and reliability.

by Elle Gellrich at September 28, 2022 05:42 PM

The Javelin Blog

Creating NPT threads in SOLIDWORKS

The SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard has callouts to be able to identify an NPT thread, but what about when you need to model the thread? The following tutorial will walk you through creating an NPT thread, this example consists of a ½” NPT thread. For the values found here, and for other NPT sizes, please refer to the National Standard Taper Pipe Threads Size NPT Chart.

To begin, create the cylindrical base for the threads using the nominal value of the NPT thread size desired, in the case of a ½” NPT thread, the outside diameter of the base is 0.840”.

  1. Apply the standard taper rate to the base. Do this by sketching the contour highlighted in orange and making the angle between the two noted lines the standard 1.7899°. Once the sketch is complete, perform a revolve cut using this contour.

apply standard taper rate

  1. Create the path for the threads using the Helix and Spiral command. Select a plane, face, or edge to sketch a circle to define the cross-section of the helix. Choose the flat face of the base and Convert Entities or sketch a circle to match the outside diameter.

helix and spiral command

Once the sketch is finished the Helix/Spiral PropertyManager automatically opens. Define the Helix/Spiral by Pitch and Revolution, a ½” NPT thread has a pitch of 14, so in the Pitch box enter 1/14” (0.07142857”). Reverse the direction if necessary to have the threads run along the base and set the number of revolutions desired. Enable Taper Helix and set the taper angle to match the standard taper used earlier (1.7899°). Enable Taper outward. Click the green checkmark to exit the command.

define helix spiral


  1. Create the “tool” to make the cut. Sketch a reference line along the center of the base and sketch a triangle using reference lines as shown, make the two sides of the triangle bounded by the 60° angle equal and insert a point at the midpoint of one of the equal sides, this point will define the pitch diameter.

create tool to make the cut

Set the distance between the reference line along the center of the base and the midway point on the triangle equal to half the pitch diameter, found to be 0.379215 for a ½” NPT thread. Create the closed contour of the cutting tool by tracing the triangle’s reference lines as seen below leaving a small section for the root. Dimension the height of thread using the value obtained from the NPT thread table, here it is 0.05714. The root is always pitch divided by 8 for external threads, in this case it is 1/14 divided by 8, equaling 0.00893.

  1. Create the threads using the Swept Cut command. Select the triangular cutting tool as the profile and the Helix/Spiral as the path.
  2. For a cleaner finish highlight the face shown below and select Convert Entities, cut extrude through the base.

creating NPT threads: convert entities

It should look like this:

final NPT thread

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by TriMech Solutions, LLC at September 28, 2022 12:41 PM

September 27, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Last chance to take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Promotions in September

Time is running out to take advantage of the SOLIDWORKS CAD, Simulation and Cloud connected software promotions in September.

Whether you are in need of a SOLIDWORKS upgrade to access the latest features on your desktop, or if you are extending your usage of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for cloud collaboration – there is a solution for every business. Four offers to choose from:

  1. SOLIDWORKS CAD and Simulation Desktop Instant Upgrade
  3. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Offer
  4. 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Cloud Connected Offer

1. SOLIDWORKS Desktop Instant Upgrade

These incentives are available for existing SOLIDWORKS users. Until Sept 30, when you buy a SOLIDWORKS license you will receive an instant upgrade to the next level package at no additional cost.* That’s up to $10,000 in savings!

Participating SOLIDWORKS CAD products include:

SOLIDWORKS Standard > upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Professional:

SOLIDWORKS Professional > upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium

Participating SOLIDWORKS Simulation products include:

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard > upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional:

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional adds to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard with more powerful and sophisticated simulation capabilities, to help you answer engineering challenges with complex load scenarios and multi-physics solutions.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional > upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Not sure which SOLIDWORKS package is best for you?

Review the features available in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium and features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium.


Buy 2 SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium licenses and get 1 license of the same type FREE

Not sure which SOLIDWORKS package is best for you?

Review the features available in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium

3. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Offer

Buy SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and get a FREE SOLIDWORKS Standard license


Until September 30, 2022, buy one year of 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS and get an additional license OR an additional year for 50% off*


You can use the SOLIDWORKS you know and love, and connect with your team and stakeholders from anywhere, with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE Works. 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS connects the industry-leading SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solution to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in a single cloud-based product development environment.

  • 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS combines intuitive, robust SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Design with SOLIDWORKS then securely save your data to the cloud and access it from any web browser.
  • Collaborate in real time with every part of your business, including customers, partners, and more.

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*Legal Terms and Conditions:
  • Offer valid in the U.S., Canada and Mexico only.
  • Offer expires September 30, 2022 at 11:59pm Eastern Time and cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.
  • SOLIDWORKS Instant Upgrade offer: Existing SOLIDWORKS users, limit 3 licenses per customer.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS offer: limit of 5 licenses per customer.
  • Only newly acquired licenses ordered after 12:00am Eastern Time on September 1, 2022 are eligible.
  • Twelve months of subscription is required on ALL products purchased.
  • Educational and Research licenses do not qualify for this offer. Anti-piracy and compliance cases in the U.S., Canada and Mexico do not qualify for this offer.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

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Inserting an image into a sketch in SOLIDWORKS

We can insert a picture into a sketch and use it as a background for creating 2D sketches in SOLIDWORKS. Multiple file formats are supported including .jpg, .tif, and .bmp, to name just a few.

In this example we have a picture of a guitar body we want to model.

Picture of a guitar body

We start a new sketch and insert the picture using the “Sketch Picture” command. Using the pulldowns, the command can be found at Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture. The bottom left corner of the picture is placed at the origin.

Using the sketch picture command

Using the sketch picture command

The picture needs to be sized and positioned. An easy way to size it is by using the scale tool. When the scale tool is checked on, a blue line is displayed on the image.

Scale tool

Drag the left end of the scale tool (pink circle) to a start position and the right end (pink arrow) to an end position and then type in what that distance should be.

Modify distance

Modify distance

Once it’s sized, left click on the image and drag it to position it relative to the origin.

Another way to size and position it (without using the scale tool) is to sketch something and dimension it. Sketch whatever makes sense – lines, circles, rectangles, etc. In this case we want the guitar body to be about 20 inches long, so I’ll sketch a single line segment and dimension it 20”.

sketch a single line segment

Sketch a single line segment

After sketching the line, insert the picture, and turn off “Enable scale tool.”

turn off "enable scale tool"

Turn off “enable scale tool”

To move the image, left click on it and drag it. To size it, left click on one of the corner points of the image border and drag it. With “Lock aspect ratio” checked (which is the default), it stays proportional.

When the image is positioned and sized, exit the sketch. Start a new sketch on the same plane and sketch over the picture.

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September 26, 2022

The Javelin Blog

SOLIDWORKS Trim Surfaces Types: Standard vs Mutual

Surface modeling is different than solid modeling.  When creating a solid feature that overlaps another solid feature, the overlapping area is automatically removed by default. Surface features that overlap must be manually trimmed. Surfaces can be trimmed where they intersect with another surface, a plane, or a sketch.  There are two SOLIDWORKS trim types: Standard and Mutual.

Trim Type: Standard

Trim type

The Standard type is where a single entity (a surface, plane, or sketch) is used as the trimming tool.

Here is an example of a Standard trim. This part has two surfaces – a circular surface with both ends open and a rectangular planar surface. The desired result is to remove the planar surface that is outside the circular surface, keeping the area inside as a bottom for the circle.

Standard Trim

Standard Trim

When trimming, we can either choose what we want to keep or what we want to remove, whichever is the easiest to select.


In this example, it is easier to remove the outside of the planar surface.

remove outside of planar surface remove outside of planar surface


Here is another Standard trim, this time a sketch is used to trim a surface, again removing what’s outside of the sketch.

standard trim example standard trim

The options “Natural” and “Linear” only come into play when the trim tool does not entirely cross the surface to be trimmed.

Here’s an example using a sketch to trim a surface, removing the area below the sketch.

using sketch to trim surface

The “Linear” option extends the endpoints linearly to the edges.

linear option

The “Natural” option extends the endpoints tangentially to the edges.

natural option

The “Split all” option changes how trimming tool edges are created on the trimmed surface. In this example, the curved surface will be used to trim the spline-shaped surface using the “Linear” option.

With “Split all” cleared, two areas are detected.

split all option SOLIDWORKS Trim: split all cleared split area cleared

With “Split all” checked, four areas are detected.

split all checked mutual trim mutual trim

Trim Type: Mutual

The Mutual trim type is used when more than one trimming tool is needed. Here is an example where a planar surface passes through the middle of a circular surface. What we want is the upper part of the circular surface with a circular planar surface closing the bottom. Picking a single trimming tool will not accomplish that. Select both surfaces as trimming tools and select what we want to either keep or remove.

Selections remove selections option

The Preview options are very helpful in understanding what the result of the trim operation will be. We can show what’s included, excluded, or both.

preview options - excluded Preview options - excluded preview options -both

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Winter is Coming: 10 Apps for Staying at Home

Winter is coming, so it’s time to hunker down inside and avoid the cold! We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for ways to keep busy during the long winter days. This article will discuss ten apps that can help you stay entertained while cooping up at home. From games to productivity tools, there is something for everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

1. Kindle

Kindle is a great app for reading books and keeping yourself entertained during the winter months. With this app, you can access millions of books and read them anywhere. If you own the same title on Kindle and Audible, Amazon’s “Whispersync” technology saves your progress.

There are also plenty of font sizes and formats to choose from, so I can always read the book comfortably. It is also cheaper than purchasing a physical book (around $10), and I can highlight passages I want to highlight. The app is free for iPhones and Androids.

2. Headspace

Headspace is a great app for meditation and mindfulness. Among the courses are the basics of meditation and those to keep yourself happy, such as “Happiness.” The short ones, like “Breathe,” encourage you to pause for one to three minutes daily to breathe and relax.

You can also listen to “Goodnight” before sleeping and “Sleepcasts,” which are simple stories that can help you fall asleep if you can’t sleep when it’s quiet. With a 14-day free trial, Headspace costs $69.99 per year (or $12.99 a month) with a 7-day free trial.

3. Spotify

Spotify is a must-have app for music lovers. With Spotify, you can listen to millions of songs and create your custom playlists, as there is still no better deal than Spotify. Compared to its competitors, it offers more extensive playlist sharing and collaboration features. Various convenient features are available to Premium users, including no-ad streaming.

4. Mario Kart Tour for iPhone and Android

Mario Kart Tour is a great app for gamers of all ages. A real multiplayer feature was added to the app recently, so you can race against your friends and family anywhere in the world and race against your family nearby.

There are some things to get used to: you swipe your finger to make sure the driver stays on track. Gaming controllers aren’t supported right now, which is a bummer. Regardless, if you are a Mario Kart fan or looking for a new game to play, give this one a try.

5. Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party is a great app for slot game lovers. With the Jackpot Party app, you can play your favorite slot games from your phone and enjoy all the fun of Las Vegas without ever having to leave your home. The app offers special features like the Honey Pass, Bingo Countdown, and Cleo’s Treasures, with a selection of secured payment methods, a great user experience, and a stylish and intuitive design.

6. Pocketcasts

Pocketcasts is a great app for podcast lovers. With Pocketcasts, you can listen to your favorite podcasts and discover new ones! Whether you’re looking for something educational or entertaining, Pocketcasts has it all. Pocketcasts also has some great features, such as the ability to speed up or slow down playback and the ability to create a custom playlist.

7. Slack

Slack is a great app for staying connected with your team. With Slack, you can easily communicate with your coworkers and stay up-to-date on projects. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, Slack is a great way to stay connected!

8. Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a great app for gamers as an alternative to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that doesn’t cost $300. Even though the game selection is still relatively limited, it’s growing. There are many really good games you can play without having played the first version, including Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The system does not use physical disks; Google’s servers stream everything instead. Having a Wi-Fi connection allows you to play anywhere you have a connection and never have to wait on an update for hours. Nice, isn’t it?

9. Doublicat

Doublicat is a lighthearted deep fake software that lets you swap your face onto gifs and jokes. This is the application to use if you want to create individualized memes for someone. Memes and GIFs are a huge part of internet culture, and you can often find ones that will work well with your face. This is one of the most amusing deep fake applications on the internet. You cannot return to normal gifs and memes once you use this software!

10. Bubble Wrap

Yes, you guessed it. This is a very basic yet amusing Android game. With this app, you can have the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap without having to order something from Amazon. Popping bubbles in this game is oddly therapeutic and can help you feel more relaxed. You can jump into the action, score points, and create your bubble-popping bliss.

These applications may not win any awards for their app designs or features, but they will make you laugh. Try these fun and entertaining apps if you’re searching for a stress reliever! And, maybe next winter won’t be so bad after all.

by Elle Gellrich at September 26, 2022 06:32 AM

How I Enjoy My Life And Gambling

multicolored casino interior

Hello everyone; my name is Charlie Stoner. I want to tell you how I came across an article that has greatly helped me and made me value my time. When I was 16, I always knew that there was no such thing as easy money. Now I am 21, and I was wrong. I always work hard, and I achieve what I want. My salary is enough for living and buying some things I want. But I never refused the additional income. After seeing one article, which reveals all the details on one of the best online casinos in Canada, I became very interested.

King Billy is the Place For New Players

After reading and learning about King Billy’s advantages, I found the site and registered. I just wanted to relax and play some games. I confidently made the first deposit and started playing. And immediately I want to tell you about the advantages.

When I made a deposit, I had more money in my balance, but I did not deposit such an amount. Then I realized the site offers a welcome bonus that will multiply your deposit, but no more than $2500. Also, for people who love slots, you get 250 free spins, so you can play the game for free and have all the money in your balance.

Another advantage is that the welcome bonus is valid for the first and the following three times, so you will have a lot more from the start and quickly earn a lot more. I like playing at King Billy now. I don’t want to waste my time on other sites.

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From a Little Start to a Big Win

I didn’t believe you could win at a casino, but now I can confidently say that it is possible to succeed at King Billy. The article about this casino changed my life. From the first day on this site, I quadrupled my bankroll and wasn’t going to stop. It reached the point where my primary income was less than what I started earning from the casino. I immediately bought excellent devices for work. I also saved a lot of money for my future house and car.

I cannot call it a hobby or a job, and everyone should understand that it is impossible to win all the time. I always play the casino wisely and don’t lose much or keep a balance.

This site has a large number of online casino games. You have a chance to choose from 2000+ top real-money games. I like to take risks and win, and now, playing at a casino is more than a hobby. I always have money for the following bet and those I can withdraw from the site.

The Honesty of Gambling and Fast Withdrawal of Funds

I like when everything is honest and transparent. It is also the main advantage of the site. It is where you can lose if you enter into courage or overestimate yourself. All the games on the site are fair, and they don’t want to scam you. Therefore, I often manage to win and earn money for a new phone or save money for a vacation.

King Billy has many deposit and withdrawal methods. I like that I don’t have to wait long for my hard-earned money to hit my card balance. And here, I was lucky because I received a notification about transferring money to my card in a couple of hours. I often use a credit card. I can use a debit card: MasterCard or Visa. It allows me to withdraw money quickly and not wait months for the funds to be credited to my card.

Best Place For Beginners

Are you a person who wants to try gambling, but you have doubts that you will not understand anything? I think it will be easy for you to understand everything at King Billy because there are instructions everywhere, and you can easily register, make a deposit, and play any game. The interface is pleasant and professional. Support is always ready to help. The support on the site works at a high level. You will not wait for an answer for hours from the support services because they work around the clock. Therefore, for beginners, it will be helpful to contact support, and you will be able to find out the answer to your questions quickly. King Billy is also an excellent choice for advanced users who will be happy with the countless slots, casino table games, and games with real people and dealers.

Online Casino That Changes Everyone’s Life

Frankly speaking, King Billy can be confidently called the best casino I have come across. I have always had a negative view of gambling because of the stories of my friends who chose unreliable and unlicensed sites, where they lost a lot of money.

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Just imagine a place with a great selection of bonuses, more than 200 live casino games with real dealers, and a selection of 2000 slots and table games. Now I don’t deny myself anything and enjoy playing at the casino. I have improved my life, taking care of myself and earning a decent living. I buy everything I want and also give money to charity. King Billy is a great site to try to win your first money and feel the positive emotions of winning.

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September 24, 2022


How to Design Parts for SLS 3D Printing

SLS 3D printing is a power bed 3D printing technology known for its accuracy and no support structure. However, quality SLS 3D printed parts are achievable only by following the right skill and a set of SLS designs. This article shows how SLS 3D printing works, tips on SLS design, and common design applications for a successful printing process. 

How does SLS 3D Printing work

SLS is a 3D printing technology employed by many prototyping services that use a laser to sinter polymer powder and build a part layer by layer according to a CAD model. Below is an explanation of how the technology works:

First, the powder material is heated to a high temperature and deposited in thin layers (about 0.1mm) by the recoating blade on the build platform. Afterward, the laser scans the surface of the build platform. 

After scanning, the laser selectively sinters the powder material to solidify it. Scanning continues until the selective sintering is complete. Afterward, the build platform will move down a layer height. During this process, the unsintered powder is still in the build platform. As a result, SLS parts do not need support structures.

The recoating blade then deposits a new powder layer, and the process repeats until all printing is complete. On printing, the container will contain unsintered powder and the sintered part. 

Tips For Designing Custom Parts with SLS 3D Printing

Like part manufacturing processes such as injection molding, die casting, and all CNC machining operations, SLS 3D printing comes with its challenges. Here are several tips that can help optimize your SLS design process.  

  • General Tolerances

Dimensional tolerance depends on the printed parts’ dimension and the sophistication of the 3D printer. Although necessary, you should limit tolerance to areas where it is very important. For example, parts that require assembling. Most SLS printers have ± 0.3mm and ± 0.05mm printing accuracy.

  • Wall Thickness

The wall thickness of SLS 3D printed parts determines their stability during and after printing. Generally, having a thick wall prevents printed parts from collapsing during printing or breaking after printing. 

According to SLS 3D printing enthusiasts, the minimum wall thickness should be between 0.7mm (PA 12) and 2.0mm (carbon-polyamide). However, it is also possible to have a wall thickness of about 0.6mm, although you would need a support structure. 

Printing with a wall thickness of less than 0.5mm will lead to the printed parts over thickening due to the laser heat. 

  • Hole Size

SLS printing supports printing holes directly, unlike other 3D printing and non-3D printing processes. However, the hole must not be smaller than 1.5mm in diameter. Printing less than 1.5mm can lead to unsintered powder filling the hole. As a result, print at a hole size larger than 1.5mm in diameter.

  • Escape Holes

The power bed technology also allows you to make hollow parts to reduce weight and material use. However, the unsintered powder can enter the hollow part during printing. As a result, escape holes are necessary to remove the unsintered material. The escape should have a minimum of 3.5mm in diameter.

  • Warping of large flat surfaces

Warping is a 3D print defect that occurs due to uneven cooling after printing, especially with large flat surfaces. Therefore, such surfaces should be avoided. However, if they are a crucial part of the design, you should use support structures (this may not always solve the problem).  

  • Engraving and Embossing

For parts that need engraving or embossing, you can improve visibility by designing the parts with a minimum depth of 1mm. This is important to account for post-processing, such as media tumbling that can lead to it wearing off. For texts, you should use a minimum depth of 2mm for clarity. 

  • Interlocking parts

SLS 3D printing is suitable for printing mating and moving parts without needing the parts to be separate. It would be best if you designed parts that need to interlock with a minimum clearance of 0.5mm. This clearance will aid in removing unsintered powder to prevent the parts from fusing.  

Common design applications

SLS 3D printed parts are applicable in part manufacturing or prototyping services in several industries. Below are some common design applications of the process: 

  • Axles 

Nylon is applicable in prototyping axles due to its smoothness, chemical resistance, low friction mechanism, and low velocity. When using nylon in making running axles, the recommended bearing surface clearance is 0.3mm. Furthermore, proper removal of the unsintered powder is necessary to maintain a smooth-running shaft. 

The CAD model design should incorporate escape holes with a minimum of 3.5mm in diameter wherever possible and a clearance of 2mm between the clearance shaft hole and the running shaft axle to remove the unsintered powder.

  • Integrated hinges

SLS printing is applicable in designing integrated hinges. A trapezoid-shaped pocket accommodating a semi-spherical ball will produce a hinge with low friction and sufficient stability. Furthermore, there should be a 0.2mm clearance between the sphere and the pocket and a 0.3mm clearance for other gaps.

  • Tanks

SLS nylon is applicable in custom tank design. When custom designing tanks, the recommended wall thickness should be greater than 1mm, and there should be escape holes to remove excess and unsintered powder. Furthermore, the tank can be coated to function in aggressive fluids such as fuels or improve its water tightness.

  • Threads

SLS 3D printed parts have a high frictional surface. As a result, there can be issues when assembling threaded SLS 3D printed parts. A better option would be to use SLS nylon for just one connection (either hole or bolt). 

  • Living Hinges 

SLS 3D printing is the most suitable technique for making functional living hinges. To make the hinges, anneal it by heating it and flexing it back and forth. The living hinge should be 0.3-0.8mm thick with a minimum length of 5mm.


SLS 3D printing is popular due to its accuracy and no support structure. However, quality SLS 3D printed parts are only achievable by following a set of SLS design guides and experience. This article talks about SLS 3D printing, tips for custom design parts, and some applications of the process. Following these tips, be rest assured of flawless SLS parts

by Kyrie Mattos at September 24, 2022 07:47 PM

UI/UX To Design Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

black and green digital device

Recently, self-administration contact screen stands have become progressively well known in retail locations to sell various items and administrations. Because of advances in imaginative innovation, the reception time of self-administration stands has been very short.

Stands are a well-known instrument because of their sharp and basic plan. Utilizing an intelligent booth lessens the need to collaborate with store workers, which a few clients consider advantageous. As indicated by Statista, worldwide deals from intelligent booths are supposed to be twofold between now and 2028. This shows the market’s huge potential and how claiming these booths might be an assumption, not an extravagance, for your business.

What is an interactive Kiosk?

An interactive booth is a PC station set up in a public space for public use. A somewhat wide term is utilized in various enterprises in various circumstances, and the actual framework utilizes various types of innovation.

Intelligent booths are important in various enterprises, for example, the movement and medical care businesses, as they permit a simple method for acquiring individual data from clients. In certain settings, they are used to print tickets or get to different client assets. A few stands can likewise distribute actual items. The usefulness of the intuitive stand is restricted to the equipment that can be put inside it and to the design applied to a particular arrangement.

State of the art Advanced Innovations

Communicate with your crowd using various state-of-the-art technological innovations, such as multi-contact, RFID, sensors, voice, and camera-based associations. Interface stand show programming works with practically any intelligent methodology you can envision.

Who would rather not look for an improvement in that frame of mind? For this, prioritization of UI design is an unquestionable requirement. For a brand to stand apart from the opposition, it needs something beyond scarcely ‘advancing’ its product.

As self-administration booth age and clients become smarter, the kiosk business is diverting pattern mindfulness from equipment to full stand arrangements virtual booth frameworks that consolidate stand programming and experience plan.

Assume it’s a mile away from your clients to assemble data about elite ads. What should their eyes concentrate on right away? The UI of your stand should have the option to grab their eye.

Change Your Plans

Originators of kiosk programming will frequently fall into the snare of returning to standard work area plans for specific usefulness. For instance, they might decide to utilize a touchscreen’s inherent console for some information section when a more touch-accommodating arrangement might have been utilized.

A particular illustration of this is a guest sign in the framework I utilized as of late. When it came to leaving the structure, I went to sign out. Presently, as I would see it, guest sign-in frameworks ought to make the experience of marking in and out more pleasurable (or possibly less irritating!) for guests.

The communication between humans and machine

Individuals attempt to enter their data for something as a return so dissimilar to an application or site that a real-time convey occurs between clients and the machine. The point of interaction should fill in as a scaffold among clients and the machine.

Since the screen is situated at a point comparable to the machine, when clients view the machine, they generally see both a hit target region and an off-screen hit region. Having all accessible things show up at a level, as in the previous plan, makes the apparent hit target and on-screen region excessively restricted for most clients in a diverting climate.

Know your clients

Whenever another item is made, a vital piece of the planning cycle is characterizing the objective clients of the framework. You make presumptions about what country the client will be in, what language they will talk, and even with which hand they will contact the showcase. We should expect for this article that you are planning an item for the US English talking market. By characterizing this client bunch, you can now expect that when a client takes a gander at a gadget, their eyes will normally go to the upper left corner of the showcase.

Step-by-step instructions to plan a standing bar: general contemplations

Further contemplations should be made while planning a standing bar: every booth bar should be associated with the water supply, sewer, and power organization. It necessities to have a sink with both cold and heated water

Work surfaces, floors, and walls up to around 2 meters should be made of disinfectable materials. Remotely, there are three regions planned for client stop. Seats and tables have been put under concealing components that are made of dull wood bars and segments supporting light wood braces that make a play of light and shadows.

Give a Guideline; DON’T Overpower

The UX field has laid out many great plan examples to energize starting clients, for example, the Wizard design. In the realm of intuitive booths, the same example is to demand data consecutively, not all the while. Just requesting each thing, in turn, holds the client back from feeling overpowered. Yet, when you stall a task down into its discrete parts, occupied clients need a guide to measure the amount of time the interaction will require. Uncover every required stride from the very outset, so the client knows what amount of time the interaction will require.

The Bottom line

There will continuously be a spot for simply useful self-serve stands in a profoundly time-constrained circumstance, for example, purchasing a train ticket, for instance. Yet, intuitive stands work harder in cases like retail, cafés, wayfinding, lodging registration, and working environments. They need to address client issues for fast exchanges. Notwithstanding, they’re likewise brand touch points and an intelligent material for constant data refreshes, customized content, and upselling amazing open doors. The booth screens can show inactive promotions, and the body can be utilized to convey offers and other brand impressions.

by Elle Gellrich at September 24, 2022 05:47 PM

September 23, 2022

The Javelin Blog


If you’ve been using 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, R2022x FD03, you may or may not know that you now have the ability to work offline. This is great as we enter fall and the holiday season, when you may want to get some work done on a flight or if you have to set up a workspace on a site without internet. I’m going to walk you through step by step how to work offline using SOLIDWORKS connected and 3DEXPERIENCE.

PLAN when you’ll be offline.

Knowing when you won’t have internet and planning how you will use that time offline is important. Open the models and files ahead of going offline and save them locally to your device. Make sure that whatever files you pull are also locked, so that you don’t experience changes from other team members.

The other important checklist item when it comes to planning to use 3DEXPERIENCE offline, is to make sure that you have a desktop shortcut for your locally installed apps. If you don’t have this, you won’t be able to open them while offline.

GO into offline mode

Click on work offline icon in the top right of the screen. You should immediately get a dialogue box that will let you know that you can work in offline mode for up to 30 days, along with the other steps you need to complete from step one.

3DEXPERIENCE offline mode save to desktop

3DEXPERIENCE offline mode save to desktop

Once you hit “OK”, you’re all set to work offline! Be sure to save your files locally as you make changes.

RETURN into online mode

Once you’re back online, you can push your files back to the platform just as easily as you were saving them locally. Click the “Offline Mode” button again to go online, open your locally saved files, and click “Save to 3DEXPERIENCE” on the save drop down menu. Any PLM data from the original file is preserved.



If you need a more in depth guide, take a look at this video to see every step you’ll need to take to work offline.

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="How to Effectively Use Offline Mode in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS" width="500"></iframe>

Need to learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE?

Take a 3DEXPERIENCE training course from Javelin live online. The courses teach you how to use and administrate the 3DEXPERIENCE Roles & Apps

The post 3DEXPERIENCE Offline Mode appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

by Brittany Hubbard at September 23, 2022 02:36 PM

September 22, 2022


Best 3D Printer Buying Guide for 2022-23

black and blue audio mixer

3D Printer is a machine small enough to sit on your work table yet powerful enough to manufacture an entire product. They have evolved considerably from being an expensive and risky setup to a competent and reliable device in the last few years. Now 3D printers are more affordable and easily available than ever before.

Their affordability is due to the several different types being easily available. 3D printers are classified based on their features, process material, size, and manufacturing capabilities. As this versatility makes them affordable, this also makes it difficult for the beginner to select the best 3D printer

This 3D printer buying guide involves all those important factors that must be considered when buying your first 3D printer.

Define your 3D printer application

The first thing to do before selection is to define the use of the 3D printer. How you plan to use your printer defines the direction for the further selection process. You need to define 

  • What will you 3D print?
  • What are 3D printing materials involved?
  • What material strength are you expecting?
  • What is 3d printing quality (dimensional accuracy & surface finish) acceptable?

If you are buying for hobby use (printing small decoration pieces for home, office, or as a gift), then a tiny-size budget filament 3d printer will be sufficient. If you plan to buy a few 3D printers for small-scale manufacturing setup (to manufacture small broken machine parts or update old machines with newly designed parts), you need a medium size high-end filament  3D printer or resin 3D printer. Planning to set up a complete 3D printing industry, you need industrial-level power-based 3D printers.

Selecting the type of 3D printer

Based on the material they can process, there are three basic types of 3D printers, Solid, liquid, and power-based 3D printers. Power-based printers are industrial grade only and are not available for domestic or personal use.

Solid material-based 3D printer (FDM Printer)

They are known by two different names: filament 3D printer and FDM 3D printer. The name filament 3D printer is because they use the material in its solid state that is in the shape of a filament. In this engineering field, their working process is called Fused Deposition modeling, so they are also known as FDM printers. 

They can process a variety of materials, mostly plastic, but recently metal infused filaments are also being processed. They can process

  • PLA (Polylactic acid)
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol)
  • Nylon
  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
  • PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)
  • HIPS (high impact polystyrene)
  • Composites (carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass)
  • Metal infused filaments

Among these, PLA, ABS, and TPU are mostly used. PLA is the easiest to print, gives a good surface finish but offers very little strength, and is not recommended for high-temperature or moisture-related applications. ABS fills all gaps left by PLA and TPU, giving a flexible final product.

FDM printers are further divided into two types

Cartesian type FDM printer

In this type, the table of the printer moves in forward and backward directions while the head or hot end moves left to right and in the upward direction. It’s the most used type of FDM printer. They are cheap, faster, and easily available.

Delta type FDM printer

In this type, the head or hot end of the printer has all movements. Each movement is controlled by a separate electric motor. They are not so common and are a bit slower.

FDM printers can give a decent print quality at very reasonable equipment and running cost, but the final product dimensional accuracy and surface finish are not the best as compared to other 3D printer types.

Liquid material-based 3D printer (Resin Printer)

These 3D printers use chemical resin as a raw material for 3D printing, so that is why they are also called resin 3d printers. They are also called Stereolithography (SLA) printers as they use photo solidification (a chemical treatment process) processing to produce successive thin layers of material. An ultraviolet laser is used to harden the resin into thin layers. 

A resin 3D printer can produce a 3d print of exceptional quality in terms of dimensions and surface finish. Their final product has the same dimensions as the 3d CAD model. These printers are available for beginners to a professional level and are a bit costly as compared to FDM printers. They need a post-process of their 3d print called curing to get the high strength and toughness.

These printers have a dedicated resin for each application. They have a standard resin for all types of basic 3d printing, clear resin for transparent product printing, tough resin, flexible resin, ceramic resin, rigid resin for all types of stress-bearing or engineered products, and high-temperature resin for high-temperature related products. Similarly, they have a dedicated resin for the dental industry 3D printing.

Evaluating a 3D printer

Once you have defined the application for your 3d printer and know what to print, which materials will be involved, and what print quality will be needed, you need to select a particular type of printer, either an FDM printer or resin printer, for your application. Based on the application, you might be working with several materials, and your printer needs to process them all without any external aid or attachment.

Even after shortlisting the type and material range for your first 3d printer, you may need to work a bit on different features of the 3d printer to select the best available option. 

Print resolution

This is how small a printer can print. The smaller, the better is the rule here for FDM printers, and it is measured in microns. Most small-scale FDM printers can give a resolution of 100 microns with their 0.4 mm nozzle and filament diameter of 1.75 mm. Resin printers can deliver a resolution of 10 microns on their z-axis for a minimum of 20 microns and a maximum of 40 microns for the x and y-axis.

Print Volume

This is how large a printer can print in a single run. Most resin printers have a very limited print volume as compared to FDM printers. Most FDM and resin printers have a print volume under 220 mm, but large FDM printers with a build volume of 300 to 450 mm are now available.

Print Speed

This shows how fast a printer can print. Most large prints usually take multiple hours to complete. It usually does matter much as all printers are slower, but still, a printer with greater print speed can save significant print time.

Structure and electronic hardware

How robust and sturdy the design, structure, and electronic hardware of a particular printer will define the printer’s ability to deliver consistent quality prints. This also defines the useful life and how much you can depend on your printer for quality prints. Motherboard, stepper motors, control panel, power supply, bed, and structure are included in this.

Summary of the Best 3D Printer Buying Guide 2022-23

As there is a variety of 3d printers available in the market, selecting the best 3D printer as your first printer becomes a little difficult for beginners. Based on the application or use of the printer, type of 3d printer, 3D printing material needed, and the accuracy or quality of 3d print needed, one can shortlist some eligible 3D printers for their use. The printer will be evaluated on specific performance criteria to select the best 3D printer.

by Kyrie Mattos at September 22, 2022 07:46 PM

September 21, 2022


How to Outsource Your Java Software Development – Guide for Business

Many companies around the world use Java to build enterprise-grade products for their business. Java is one of the most popular and go-to programming languages. However, Senior and experienced Java developers might be really hard to find these days and are always in demand. Companies in the US struggle to fill Java positions, compete with technology giants for talent and often lose when it comes to employee retention. The solution – outsourcing Java development to an external vendor.

Java Overview

Java is a multi-platform language for programming and computing environments. It is fast, reliable, and secure. Java has also grown from modest beginnings to power a significant portion of today’s digital world. Java has emerged as the industry standard. Over 7.1 million Java programmers are working around the world to create upcoming industry-standard applications. 

What is special about Java, and what are its benefits? 

There are several benefits that Java offers that distinguish it from other technologies: 

  • Java developers and programmers choose Java thanks to its human-readable format
  • Java is also platform independent and can operate in different computer types if the computer has installed a Java Runtime Environment. 
  • An object-oriented language factor also distinguishes Java from other technologies. Due to Java objects’ lack of references to external data, the code is incredibly robust. 
  • Although the language is regarded as being fairly q, it comes with a series of classes that provide frequently used functions that the majority of java programs will not work without. 
  • A class library and Java API are integral parts of the latter. In reality, mastering the Java API presents a real learning curve. 
  • Although the language only contains 50 keywords, the Java API offers thousands of classes and tens of thousands of methods that you can use in your applications. 

Why Outsource your Java Software Development?

One of the biggest benefits for software companies is the use of Java development services, which provides companies with the possibility to continue growing and upgrading. Java has built all types of network applications creating, that way several mobile applications, games, web content as well as enterprise software. Up to date, outsourcing makes up at least 70% of the value of the IT sector market. Java outsourcing development generates more jobs that help both large and small enterprises. 

So considering the beneficial factors, there are several reasons why outsourcing Java Software Development can be a real life-saver sometimes: 

  • To save costs: Several features, including the scale of projects’ combination of languages, are variables that may affect the cost of development projects. Overall, hiring software developers from different continents other than the North American one has become more valued. This means in-house senior java developers in the US cost three times as much as those in Asia or Latin America. The costs could change from region to region, including Latin America and Eastern Asia, where both show an estimated difference in costs that tend to be lower than in the US and Europe. 
  • To fill in expertise gaps: Another reason why outsourcing is recommended is that expertise deficits, which could also be translated as the deficit of working developers in the area.   There aren’t enough candidates available to apply their experience because there are huge corporations. In California, for example, they have hired, if not all, most of the available Java developers. 
  • To go to market faster: Outsourcing is also helpful to help go into the market a lot faster. In contrast, software firms have a group of engineers who are available immediately. The company assigns them having them on board, and that way, cutting the ramp-up period to a few weeks, two or three times faster. This includes long interview procedures and test tasks for about a month or so, and that way, the employee is ready to transfer to the proper position, has the proper training, and is completely onboard. 
  • To have better quality assurance: Companies that outsource Java development have the benefit of having full access to skilled programmers who have the proper knowledge about industry trends and experience in developing enterprise-level applications. The idea is for companies to interact with knowledgeable experts from around the globe through software development. In addition, there is a staff that will provide more experience and knowledge with the purpose of improving the desired outcomes. In fact, what outsourcing companies like Waverley do is offer Java applications of the highest quality. 

Where to look for Java engineers

Outsourcing Java developers demand a lot of attention to detail as looking for the proper developer is a task that has to be carefully done. Finding the right candidate is a crucial phase those who are looking to outsource have to go through. Therefore, doing the proper research is important, and for that reason, there are requirements that the person or company outsourcing must understand first. Looking in the right places and listing the possible companies will also help the outsourcing process. 

There are numerous freelancers on websites such as Upwork and Toptal. However, hiring an outsourcing company is a more reliable and stable option, as freelancers are often out of reach, and rarely sign any papers, thus threatening your code security and intellectual property rights. Thanks to modern education, Java developers can be found in many countries of the world. However – several regions have earned a reputation for being top outsourcing destinations. The regions are Asia (China, India, Philippines, Vietnam), LatAm (Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia), and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc.).

Things to pay attention to when hiring Java engineers

Outsourcing for a good Java developer has to be followed by a few key factors. 

  1. The reputation of the Java development company: Verifying the company’s reputation is key. The best way to search for a company with Java experience is by doing a google search to check the reviews about the company. If reviews or testimonials are overwhelmingly positive, then it’s a solid indication that the company is reliable and worthwhile. 
  2. The level of experience using Java: There is major importance when outsourcing to a good and reliable partner when it comes to the experience they have. Java development engineers have to have knowledge about the language and should be capable of assisting properly at the moment of creating the desired apps and other products.  
  3. The support they offer: Another additional factor is the support that the development company and its engineers offer. It’s crucial that they have the possibility to assist in case of difficulties. Engineers will provide assistance during and after the development part of the project. Additionally, they ought to be receptive to your queries and worries. 


Java software development outsourcing can be a real game-changer for companies who find it difficult to recruit & retain high-quality Java engineers in-house and don’t want to risk their security working with freelancers. To be successful, companies have to carefully approach the selection process, evaluate the vendor’s reputation and experience, and establish relationships with the company and the team. 

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DriveWorks Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Learn how DriveWorks provides out of the box functionality and integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

About DriveWorks

DriveWorks is best in class CPQ and design automation software for manufacturers. Enable engineers, sales teams, distributors, and customers to design, engineer and configure any product, on any device. DriveWorks automates the creation of order-specific sales documents such as quotes, cover letters and more while completely automating SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data like assemblies, parts, drawings, and BOMs. Use DriveWorks to quickly generate new variations of models and sales documents.

DriveWorks Configurator

DriveWorks Configurator


SOLIDWORKS PDM is a data management system that allows you to securely store your files on the network but work locally on your computer. All files are securely stored in a vault allowing you to share information only when it’s released, reducing costly errors from using non-approved files. SOLIDWORKS PDM is used to easily manage any file in a multi-user environment while tracking revisions and versions.

Data creation and file management have always gone hand in hand. As a large number of files get created, we rely on a safe and secure place to store them, while also making the data easily accessible to those who need it. PDM Professional makes file organization and storage easy. It’s no wonder DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional have been the winning combination for design automation and file management for years.



Native DriveWorks and PDM Professional integration

Linking DriveWorks Pro with SOLIDWORKS PDM is easy with out of the box integration. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration utility is automatically installed alongside all DriveWorks Pro modules. All you need is a PDM local view installed on the same machine, and you are all set to start integrating!

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional integration utility lets you communicate with your PDM vault through DriveWorks doing a variety of tasks such as:

  • Store and manage DriveWorks Projects from inside the vault
  • Automatically check in any generated specification files including SOLIDWORKS assemblies and drawings
  • Drive Data Card values for files and folders
  • Drive SOLIDWORKS components that are saved in the vault
  • Integrate PDM serial numbers into your DriveWorks numbering scheme

How to configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Integration Utility

If you’re already using SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) Professional to manage and synchronize your design and manufacturing data, you can ensure data generated by DriveWorks is also handled by SOLIDWORKS PDM. Set DriveWorks Pro to automatically integrate with SOLIDWORKS PDM, allowing you to check-in and securely store all documents and design data managed and generated by DriveWorks. This can include models, assemblies, and drawings, as well as sales documents and any other additional file format. Configuring the PDM integration utility in DriveWorks is easy!

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS PDM Integration

  1. Ensure you have a local vault view installed on your machine
  2. Open any DriveWorks module, and navigate to the settings
  3. Under “Plugin Settings” select the PDM Professional integration plugin and choose “Enable
  4. Select “Settings” to configure the plugin settings
  5. Add your vault name and assign an existing PDM login and password (this can even be a DriveWorks specific credential.
  6. Choose how you would like DriveWorks to manage your files within PDM
  7. Run DriveWorks!

Additionally, there are even more way s to connect PDM professional and DriveWorks via PDM Tasks and Functions. These take the DriveWorks integration one step further allowing you to trigger PDM actions as part of a macro or the DriveWorks specification flow! Use these PDM actions to import and use a PDM serial number for your DriveWorks models, update data card information, or even perform a PDM search within your DriveWorks project.

Learn more about DriveWorks

DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM are seamlessly integrated giving the best file management experience possible from a design automation tool! To learn more about the DriveWorks PDM integration capabilities visit the DriveWorks Help File. Also take a DriveWorks Professional training course live online from Javelin.

The post DriveWorks Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

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How 311 and 911 can work together to improve city living

people walking on street near red and white bus during daytime

311 and 911 are two critical numbers that every city resident should know. 311 is the non-emergency number for the city government and can be used for noise complaints, parking concerns, and power outages. 911 is the emergency number for the police, fire department, and ambulance services. If there is a crime in progress, a fire, or a medical emergency, you should call 911.

The 311 operators will ask you questions about your complaint and may transfer you to another city department for help. The 911 operator will ask questions about the emergency and dispatch the appropriate service. Both numbers are significant and can help improve city living by getting help with non-emergency issues and quickly responding to emergencies.

These numbers are significant because they help keep our cities running smoothly. By having two different numbers for different types of emergencies, we can ensure that each call is handled efficiently. And by having city information readily available through 311, we can help ensure everyone has the resources they need to live their best life in the city.

What are the benefits of having both services?

311 and 911 provide services that help citizens in need, but they differ in what they offer. 311 is a non-emergency service that helps with noise complaints, while 911 is an emergency service that helps with things like fires and car accidents. Both services have their benefits, but having both can improve city living for everyone.

311 provides city residents with easy access to government information and services. It’s a quick and convenient way to get help with non-emergency issues without having to go through the hassle of going to a city office or waiting on hold for customer service. And because 311 is available 24/7, it’s always there when you need it. 911 is an essential emergency service, providing life-saving assistance when every second counts.

When it comes to city living, having both 311 and 911 can be a significant advantage. Here are three ways in which these services can help improve your quality of life:

  • 311 can help connect you with the right city resources. Need to know how to get a parking permit? Looking for information about your local library? 311 is your go-to service for all non-emergency requests.
  • 911 can provide you with peace of mind in an emergency. Whether you’re dealing with a fire, a crime, or a medical emergency, 911 will ensure that you get the help you need fast.
  • Having both services can help save lives. In some cases, 311 may be able to dispatch emergency services even faster than 911.

How can 311 and 911 work together to improve city living?

311 and 911 are significant numbers to know when living in a city. They are both emergency numbers that can help you get the help you need, whether for a fire, a medical emergency, or a crime. 311 and 911 are two significant numbers to remember when living in a city. They are both emergency services that can help you in a time of need. But how can they work together to improve city living?

First, it’s essential to understand the difference between 311 and 911. 311 is a non-emergency service that you can call for noise complaints, parking concerns, and graffiti removal. 911 is an emergency service you call for things like fires, robberies, and medical emergencies. Many sites have databases about 311 and 911 complaints, and you are suggested to look at the neighbor’s complaint reports before moving to any place. Neighbors reports is a reputed site that has compiled complaints data; if you are interested in getting neighbor reports about Ohio state, you can click here.

So how can these two services work together to improve city living? Well, by working together, they can help make the city a safer and more pleasant place to live. For example, if you see something suspicious happening on your block, you can call 311 to report it. This helps the police keep an eye on potential crime hot spots.

What are some challenges that need to be addressed?

One big challenge that needs to be addressed is how 311 and 911 calls are handled. When someone calls 311, they are transferred to 911 if the matter is an emergency. This can confuse and delay help for the caller. Another challenge is that 311 call takers are not always trained to handle emergencies. This can lead to callers not getting the help they need on time.

Another challenge is that many 311 systems are not integrated with each other. This can cause problems when people move to a new city or when they travel and need to use another city’s 311 system. Finally, many people are unaware of what 311 is and what it can do for them. This can lead to people not using the system or not getting the help they need.

How 311 and 911 can help make cities better places to live 

311 and 911 are two important numbers that can help make cities better places to live. Calling 311 can help connect residents with city services and information, while calling 911 can help connect residents with emergency services.

Working together, these two numbers can help improve city living in many ways. For example, they can help reduce crime rates by making it easier for residents to report suspicious activity or get help in an emergency. They can also help improve city infrastructure by making it easier for residents to report issues like potholes or streetlights that need to be fixed.

Ultimately, 311 and 911 can work together to make cities better places to live by improving communication between residents and city officials. By making it easier for residents to get the information and services they need, these two numbers can help make cities more livable for everyone.

by SS Team at September 21, 2022 06:39 AM

September 20, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Best of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2023

Catch up with the new and old SOLIDWORKS updates with the Best of What’s New 2018 – 2023.

Recent releases of SOLIDWORKS have introduced significant enhancements that improve the way you work. Evolutions in assembly performance, graphics responsiveness, and drawing detailing give you time back in your day. New design capabilities allow more flexibility and faster workflows:

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="Catch Up with SOLIDWORKS What's New 2018-2023" width="500"></iframe>

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 – 2023 Highlights

Listed below are the essential new features and functionality from SOLIDWORKS for 2018 to the latest release:

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Top 10

  1. Assembly: Work faster with large assemblies through automated, smarter assembly management.
    • Optimize resolved mode automatically by selectively using lightweight technology when you load components in resolved mode.
    • Be more productive with the ability to save large assemblies faster.
    • Speed up your downstream processes by exporting assembly components as separate STEP files.
  2. Assembly workflows: Speed up assembly design with streamlined assembly workflows.
    • Ensure design integrity by automatically replacing lost mate references with alternative mate references including faces, edges, planes, axes, and points.
    • Speed up assembly feature creation with new end conditions, including Up To Next, Up To Vertex, and more.
    • Save more time when designing assemblies with the ability to suppress unneeded Magnetic Mates and Connection Points.
  3. Parts and Features: Create part geometry faster with multi-body modeling improvements and more extensive use of coordinate systems.
    • Turbocharge the copying of bodies by controlling translation and rotation values with equations.
    • Speed up part modeling by referencing coordinate systems in 3D sketches, 2D sketch dimensions, and mirroring.
      Create wrap features from sketches that use single-line fonts, also known as stick fonts.
  4. Sheet Metal: Speed up sheet metal design while improving communication with manufacturing.
    • Equalize bend radius values more easily by applying symmetric thickness with the Base Flange or Lofted Bend features.
    • Include the sheet metal gauge value in annotations and cut lists.
    • Receive automatic sensor alerts when you exceed the sheet metal bounding box size limits.
  5. Drawings and Detailing: Create drawings that represent designs more accurately, and ensure standardization by limiting geometric tolerances to a specific standard.
    • Ensure standardization by limiting geometric tolerances to a specific standard with the Enable/Disable options.
    • Identify overridden values in a BOM table more easily with values turning blue when overridden.
    • Display transparent models in drawings with Hidden Lines Removed (HLR) and Hidden Lines Visible (HLV) modes.
  6. Structure Design: Build and modify more complex structures easily with the streamlined user experience.
    • Group similar corners and apply trimming, then automatically apply connection plates, with the new Pattern feature.
    • Select a set of weldment members of the same size and type, and change their size for specific configurations.
    • Zoom to a selected corner from the FeatureManager® design tree or the Corner Management PropertyManager.
  7. Electrical Routing: Handle more complex electrical routing scenarios with new options for flattening, reorienting, and displaying wires and connectors.
    • Create splices with multiple circuits to which wires or cable cores are connected.
    • Visualize your harnesses segment clearly by viewing its graphical cross section.
    • Improve electrical routing design by reorienting the connectors to be parallel to a selected plane.
  8. Electrical Design: Create more informative electrical documentation faster while reducing errors.
    • Include report tables such as BOM and wire lists in any electrical project drawing.
    • Display connection information about a component in a label that you can dynamically insert into schematics.
    • Create better schematics automatically from electrical data in MS® Excel spreadsheets.
  9. Model-Based Definition (MBD)*: Communicate your design more clearly in 3D with the ability to view all dimensions in the assembly.
    • View component dimensions in 3D PDF files, including feature dimensions, reference dimensions, and DimXpert™ annotations.
    • Detail wedge-shaped features faster with expanded feature recognition.
  10. SOLIDWORKS Visualize*: Experience better real-life rendering in Preview render mode, as well as improved rendering performance and easier ways to define colors.
    • Produce photo-realistic renderings with the Stellar Physically Correct renderer, providing Deep Learning AI Denoiser for optimal rendering performance.
    • Define colors in more ways with the Color Picker and the color swatch palettes.
    • In Preview render mode, see the display improvements of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and more.

*This is a separate product.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Top 10

  1. Assembly Performance and Workflow: Work faster with large assemblies through expanded workflows and improved performance.
    • Save time when opening, closing, and saving assemblies with improved performance for these functions.
    • Open subassemblies faster using Large Design Review mode. From your assembly in Large Design Review mode, open subassemblies in Large Design Review mode or resolved mode.
  2. Expanded Use of Detailing Mode: Save time when opening and detailing a SOLIDWORKS drawing.
    • Access Detailing mode for all drawings, regardless of the SOLIDWORKS version you saved them in or whether you saved them in Detailing mode.
    • Open a drawing in Detailing mode directly from an assembly in Large Design Review mode.
  3. More Efficient Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Work faster and more intuitively when tolerancing your designs.
    • Work directly in the graphics area guided by the user interface in building feature control frames cell by cell.
    • Create tolerance frames per ISO 1101:2017 and the associated standards of ISO 2692, ISO 5458, ISO 5459, and ISO 8015.
  4. Hybrid Modeling: Save time when working with mesh geometry by using hybrid modeling.
    • Create a hybrid solid or surface body that includes mesh BREP geometry and classic BREP geometry.
    • Combine the advantages of mesh data with the accuracy and parametric features available in solid modeling.
  5. Part Modeling Enhancements: Create part geometry faster and more easily.
    • Easily create external threaded stud features using the Stud Wizard.
    • Create draft on both sides of parting lines at the same time.
    • Mirror geometry about two planes at once instead of mirroring twice.
    • Create cosmetic threads more easily with an improved user interface and a more realistic appearance.
  6. Cut List Support in BOM Tables: Take advantage of enhanced BOM functionality with cut list improvements.
    • Save time and create detailed cut lists in bill of materials (BOM) tables exactly the way you want them to appear by dissolving components in indented BOMs automatically or manually.
    • Create balloons for sub-weldment cut list items in BOMs in which balloon properties correspond to the linked BOM.
    • Create detailed cut lists for all BOM types, not just indented BOMs.
  7. Configuration Tables: Save time when creating configurations with simplified integrated workflows.
    • Create table-driven parts with SOLIDWORKS-native tables without the need for Microsoft® Excel.
    • Save time and effort with the automatic creation of configuration tables when parts or assemblies have multiple configurations.
    • Gain design flexibility with the additional functionality provided by Configuration Table, which is not available in the Modify Configurations dialog box.
  8. Structure System and Weldment Improvements: Create weldments faster and more easily with structure system improvements.
    • Easily add end caps to Structure System tube members with circular, square, or rectangular profiles.
    • Create multiple secondary members using Between Points Member for the selected pair and secondary members with the Up to Members method.
    • Save time by defining a reusable connection element and inserting it on a structure system part.
  9. Performance Improvements for Import and Display: Speed up design with performance improvements in the areas of import and model display.
    • Open DXF™ or DWG files into a part sketch faster.
    • Open STEP files in SOLIDWORKS more quickly.
    • Enjoy faster display of 3D textures and silhouette edges.
  10. Improved Collaboration and Data Sharing: Increase your competitive advantage by tapping into the power and breadth of the 3DEXPERIENCE Works.
    • Accelerate innovation and decision-making by connecting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, where you can easily manage and share all your data and collaborate with others.
    • Using 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, access your favorite 3DEXPERIENCE commands from multiple places within SOLIDWORKS, including the File Menu, Command Manager, and Context menu, with support for all 3DEXPERIENCE operations

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Top 10

  1. Drawing Detailing Mode Improvements: Detailing mode allows you to perform typical detailing tasks, such as editing and adding dimensions and annotations. The model does not get loaded, so sharing drawing files is easy, but rest assured, the drawing views are intact, and there is no loss of detail.
    • Improved performance of Detailing Mode to speed up drawing creation even more.
    • Improvements in ability to add hole callouts, edit existing dimensions and annotations, and add Detail, Break and Crop views.
  2. Assembly Modeling Enhancements: Design assemblies with streamlined workflows.
    • Option to automatically resolve lightweight components upon expanding Feature Tree node.
    • Chain pattern along path to use curve length, not chord length.
    • Interference-detection reports exported with images to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Improved Assembly Simplification: Work better with simplified assemblies.
    • Defeatured models can be saved as a Configuration.
    • Ease of toggling between full and simplified versions.
    • Operation mimics any other configuration.
  4. Performance Improvements: Work faster with large, complex designs.
    • Improved performance for occlusion culling, silhouette edges and drawings; quick configuration switches.
    • Significant performance improvements in Open, Save and Close of assemblies.
    • Detection and reporting of circular references.
    • Adding files to SOLIDWORKS PDM vault is significantly faster.
  5. Work faster with large, complex designs: Gain more options and flexibility for part design.
    • Redo available for over 60 features and commands in parts.
    • Sheet metal for edge flanges on non-planar tangent edges.
    • Complex flanges can be flattened.
    • Ability to add and evaluate equations in file properties and cut list properties.
    • Part-level materials transferable when you insert or mirror part, derived component part, or mirrored component part.
  6. User Experience Delighters: Save time and simplify design tasks.
    • Colour picker tool to pick colour for appearances from external application.
    • Customize dialog box for searching for commands on Shortcut bars and Command tabs.
    • System option shows translated feature names in FeatureManager® design tree.
  7. More Robust Simulation: Enjoy faster, easier-to-use, more robust simulation.
    • Mesh diagnostics identify, isolate and prompt to fix poor quality elements.
    • Faster and more robust meshing due to improvements in bonding accuracy.
    • Improved convergence through contact stabilization.
  8. Improved Electrical Routing: Create electrical routes with more flexibility.
    • Multiple wires/cables can pass through and be arranged through a clip.
    • Wires joined using splice component or spliced without component.
    • Support for end terminations in Connector Tables, Interconnects and Accessories Library.
  9. Streamlined Data Management: Create seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve.
    • More consistent Windows® Explorer integration, better thumbnail support.
    • Great flexibility in controlling custom column sets.
    • Reduced risk of mistakes and improved efficiency with support for BOM settings.
    • Icon selection available for workflow states; transitions improved to help determine status of files quickly.
  10. Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud: Create seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve.
    • Derived Formats Converter enables creation of derived outputs for broader consumption and exact geometry for use in downstream design, simulation and manufacturing applications.
    • Support for multiple sheets and markups on drawings, improved drawings quality.
    • Managing Open Modes offers similar options to SOLIDWORKS when opening data from the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.
    • Ability to control configurations to save in 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Top 10

  1. Large Assembly Drawings for Working Faster: Work faster on drawings with many sheets, configurations, and resource-intensive views.
    • Detailing Mode: Open drawings in a matter of seconds while maintaining the ability to add and edit annotations.
    • Graphics Acceleration for Drawings: Improve frame rates when panning and zooming within drawings with hardware-accelerated rendering.
  2. Faster Assembly Design: Speed up assembly design and reduce visual clutter.
    • Envelope Publisher: Include components from a top-level assembly as envelopes in a subassembly.
    • Large Design Review: Create mates to the reference geometry of components, create and edit linear and circular component patterns, edit pattern-driven and sketch-driven component patterns.
  3. Flexible Components: Create assembly designs faster while maintaining an accurate bill of materials.
    • Make Part Flexible: Display the same part in different conditions in the same assembly. For example, show a spring compressed and at full length in the same assembly.
  4. Faster Sketching: Create robust sketches faster.
    • Silhouette Entities: Create multiple sketch entities by projecting the outline of component bodies onto a parallel sketch plane.
    • Torsion Continuity Relation: Achieve G3 curvature between sketched curves, thereby allowing a seamless transition.
  5. Faster Calculations and Improved Accuracy for Simulation: Run faster calculations and better simulation of real-world behavior.
    • Speed and Accuracy: Speed up analysis and improve accuracy by combining linear and quadratic elements in the same simulation study.
    • Pin and Bolt Connectors: Deform faces attached to Pin and Bolt connectors.
    • Beam Models: Import temperatures to perform a stress analysis after running a thermal analysis on a model with beams.
  6. Improved Design Experience: Save time and simplify design tasks.
    • 3D Printing: Access an extensive list of commercially available 3D printer volumes and create slices for 3D printing directly from SOLIDWORKS® geometry.
  7. Expanded Interoperability with 3D Interconnect: Collaborate with more data sources easily.
    • Drag and Drop into SOLIDWORKS: Drag a non-native SOLIDWORKS fi le into an active part or assembly.
    • New File Types: Work with BREP data from DXF™/DWG files and IFC files.
  8. More Flexibility for Surfacing: Simplify and speed up your design with more robust, flexible surface options.
    • Offset Surface: Identify faces on a surface that cannot be offset, and create an offset surface without them.
    • Thicken: Specify more types of surface direction vectors (other than normal) to a face.
  9. Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Enhance flexibility with support of new file formats and customizable materials.
    • XR Exporter: Easily convert your Visualize files to AR/VR experiences.
    • PDM Integration: Manage your files more easily with SOLIDWORKS PDM integration.
  10. Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud: Enable seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve.
    • Direct Connection: Easily connect SOLIDWORKS 2020 with key tools through the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.
    • Data Sharing and Collaboration: Share models back and forth between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE tools. Collaborate in real time from anywhere and on any device.
    • Extended Workflows: Easily extend your design ecosystem with new capabilities such as sub-divisional modeling, conceptual design, and product lifecycle and project management in the cloud.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Top 10

  1. Mesh modeling opens up new design possibilities: Increased capabilities for mesh geometry streamlining reverse engineering and topology optimization.
    • Easily create complex textures by converting 2D appearances into real 3D geometry.
    • Use mesh files like they are solids using the new Segment Mesh.
    • Automatically create 2D sketches at intersections of geometry and a plane with the Slicing command.
  2. New ways to interact with SOLIDWORKS: Be more productive with the latest interfaces devices and SOLIDWORKS.
    • Support for Microsoft® Surface dial from the Surface Studio.
    • Sketch gesture recognition enhancements including splines and slots.
    • Improved Touch mode gestures including copy, select and drag, and 3D rotate lock.
    • Customize task pane tabs.
  3. Extend your SOLIDWORKS experience in AR/VR: Faster performance and new ways to interact with your CAD data in AR/VR.
    • Simplify the path from SOLIDWORKS® to Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with a new export option called Extended Reality (XR).
    • Full support of latest graphics card types results in a dramatic frame rate increase.
  4. Create and work with large assemblies faster: Massive performance gains and workflow optimization with large assemblies.
    • Create new assemblies in Large Design Review mode.
    • Enhanced Defeature tool gives more control and usability for IP protection.
    • Save assembly as multi-body part has more options and more control.
    • Automatically lock rotation for Toolbox fasteners.
  5. Clearer and faster collaboration: More options for import and export to make collaboration easier.
    • New export options for AEC and 3D Interconnect now supports IFC import.
    • 3D Mark up on parts and assemblies (also Pen/Touch enabled).
    • Animation can now export .mp4, .flv, .mkv, .png and .jpg.
  6. Improved capabilities for eDrawings: Powerful new capabilities for sharing SOLIDWORKS data and viewing other formats.
    • Measure, mark-up and explode features are all now available in eDrawings Viewer.
    • New file viewing support—JT, Parasolid, NX, ACIS.
    • eDrawings® Professional can now save as 3D HTML for browser-based sharing plus AR/VR.
  7. Powerful new tools for part modeling: Additional capabilities make SOLIDWORKS part modeling more powerful than ever before.
    • Partial Fillet and Chamfer.
    • Interference detection for multi-body parts.
    • Streamlined insertion of a part with a specific configuration.
    • Materials and sheet metal parameters linked for sheet metal.
  8. More flexibility and control for drawings: New view creation capabilities and more control for perfect drawings.
    • Removed Section Views to show slices of the model at selected locations.
    • Drawing Open progress indicator.
    • Cell border thickness editing.
    • Customized Hole Table tags, numbers and order.
  9. 3D annotations for all: Accelerate downstream processes with 3D dimensions and tolerances.
    • DimXpert is now known as MBD Dimension.
    • MBD Dimension is available for assemblies in SOLIDWORKS Standard and above.
    • Carry over annotations from source to derived and mirrored parts.
    • MBD support for sheet metal bend notes, tables, and lines.
  10. More efficient creation of weldments:
    • Easy positioning of weldment profile sketch.
    • Corner treatment enhancements.
    • Multi-edit structural profiles.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Top 10

  1. Innovative user experience improvements: Making SOLIDWORKS® easier and more intuitive to use.
    • Freehand sketching with pen or touch on compatible devices.
    • Touch and stylus support for many design tasks.
    • Enhanced mouse gestures and user interface customization.
  2. Simulation topology study for optimization of part geometry: Fast, easy design optimization.
    • Automatically optimizes the shape of a design.
    • Considers weight, function, and manufacturing criteria.
  3. SOLIDWORKS CAM for CNC machining: Seamlessly integrate design and manufacturing.
    • Rules-based machining results in easy-to-learn, yet fast and powerful CAM.
    • Powered by CAMWorks™: production-proven, integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS.
  4. SOLIDWORKS Inspection Support for MBD: Create inspection documentation directly from 3D models with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI).
    • Includes support for SOLIDWORKS MBD and non-native 3D CAD formats.
    • Automatically interprets SOLIDWORKS MBD models for inspection documentation.
    • SOLIDWORKS Inspection now integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM.
  5. Sheet metal features that improve manufacturability: Innovative new features improve sheet metal manufacturing processes.
    • Has a tab and slot feature for self-fixturing of parts for welding.
    • Normal cut feature ensures clearance included for manufacturing.
    • Corners that include three bends can be easily created and flattened.
  6. SOLIDWORKS Manage for project and process management: Data management, project management and process management all in one system.
    • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional plus powerful project, process, and item management
    • Dashboards and reports to manage project stages, timelines, and milestones
    • Create, edit, and compare Bills of Materials (BOMs).
  7. Cloud connected SOLIDWORKS services: The power of desktop with the convenience of the cloud.
    • SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing allows easier use of your license on multiple machines.
    • SOLIDWORKS Login automatically moves customized content and settings to any machine on which SOLIDWORKS is installed.
    • SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal allows easier management of SOLIDWORKS products and services.
  8. Work directly with mesh data: Work directly with mesh data with no need to convert to surfaces.
    • Perform operations directly on mesh such as Cut, Cut with Surface, Interference Check, Combine, Intersect, Split, Move/Copy, and others.
    • Convert solid or surface geometry to mesh.
    • Quickly fit surface bodies to regions of mesh models for reverse engineering.
  9. Work faster and more efficiently with assemblies: Work faster without having to prepare the assembly or use special techniques.
    • “Alt” key hides face while mating.
    • Ghost mode to turn all parts transparent.
    • Allow mating of parts with misaligned holes.
  10. Collaborate more efficiently for model-based enterprise: Speed design detailing and communication
    • Import and export STEP 242 including PMI.
    • Import 3D models along with PMI from all major CAD formats.
    • Display all SOLIDWORKS MBD created 3D Views in eDrawings®.

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by Rod Mackay at September 20, 2022 08:03 PM

Modeling Text in SOLIDWORKS

The need often arises to model text on parts. Whether we need to mark it with a part number, product serial number, or other identification marks, markings are essential to design requirements. SOLIDWORKS provides us with several methods to get the job done. But not all approaches are equal. So let’s examine the types of text features we can create and learn the pros, cons, and best uses of each to begin modeling text in SOLIDWORKS.

A con common to all methods of modeling text is a significant increase in a model’s geometric complexity because of all the extra faces each character adds to a part. Modeling text is always expensive in terms of rebuild time compared to most other features. Some users choose not to model text on their parts at all, indicating required markings with annotations on the drawing instead. But when we do need to add text to our models, understanding our options and their potential impact on rebuild times can help us make better choices.


Regardless of the feature type you intend to create, first you need a sketch containing the text you want to model. If the text will be on a flat surface you can create a sketch directly on it, but that’s not always necessary. The sketch can be projected from a plane to a surface the text is being applied to, flat or not.

The Text tool on the Sketch tab of the command manager creates a sketch text object. By default, the object’s position is controlled from the lower-left corner of the first character.

SOLIDWORKS text tool

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text tool

While you can just eyeball the text into the position you want, there’s a better way. The text property manager includes a Curves field where you can select an arc, circle, line, spline, or edge to control position. (In this context, think of a line as a ‘curve’ with an infinite radius.) Create, restrain, and dimension construction geometry to control the exact text position you need.

text appearance options

Text appearance options

More options are available for text appearance if you uncheck the ‘Use document font’ option. The example above contains two text objects, both using the same font options. The only difference between the two is the selected control curves. The upper text is tied to an arc, while the lower text is tied to a line.

SOLIDWORKS Text Features

The features we’ll be looking at include the following:

  • Extruded Boss
  • Extruded Cut
  • Split Line
  • Wrap (3 types)

Using these tools we can add raised text to a part, etch text into a part, or split faces of a part to represent text without adding or removing any material. All four can be used on either flat or curved surfaces, but each is best suited to different situations.

The example part shown below has 6 text features created from six identical sketches, three applied to flat faces, and three applied to curved faces. From left to right the flat faces are an Extruded Boss, an Extruded Cut, and a Split Line feature. The three on curved surfaces are all Wrap features, using the Emboss, Deboss, and Scribe options respectively.

SOLIDWORKS Text Examples

SOLIDWORKS Text Examples

SOLIDWORKS Extruded Boss & Extruded Cut Features

Extruded Boss and Cut features work best on flat surfaces. They can be added to curved surfaces, and the ‘Offset From Surface’ end condition is helpful in such cases. But this only effects the top or bottom faces of the text, with the sides remaining perpendicular to the sketch instead of the face the text is being applied to.

The example below demonstrates this problem. It’s an end-view of two lines of text created by an extruded boss projected from a sketch plane at the center of a cylinder. The ‘Offset From Surface’ option correctly positions the faces of the text, but the sides of the text are vertical instead of perpendicular to the faces.

Extruded text

Extruded text

The primary advantage of Extruded Boss and Extruded Cut features is they add much less rebuild time to a model than Wrap or Split Line features. So, whenever a simple extrude can be used, it’s usually the best option.

SOLIDWORKS Split Line Features

The Split Line feature divides a face into multiple faces using one of three methods: Silhouette, Projection, and Intersection. The Projection option is useful for modeling text. It allows us to project text in a sketch onto a selected face.

SOLIDWORKS Split Line Properties

SOLIDWORKS Split Line Properties

The selected face is split up creating 1 to 5 new faces per character. For example, a “2” would create a single new face, while a “%” would create 5 new faces. The resulting surfaces have no depth, so no extra side faces are added to the model. For example, a capital “I” would result in 1 new face using the Split Line tool. It would result in a minimum of 5 new faces using an extruded feature, and many more for some fonts.

It would be natural to assume this would mean 2D surface text would add less rebuild time to your model than 3D extruded text, but that’s not the case.  Split Line features are less geometrically and graphically complex but are still more costly features than simple extrudes. So, they’re probably best used on curved or irregular surfaces where extrudes will not do, and 3D text is not required.

Keep in mind the 2D text created with the Split Line tool does not have any ‘true edges’ like 3D text does. SOLIDWORKS recognizes where the character’s surfaces meet the surrounding surface as tangent edges. A drawing view with tangent edges visible will therefore show Split Line text, but a view with tangent edges removed will not.

SOLIDWORKS Wrap Features

The Wrap property manager has many options available. Wrap features can do everything Extruded Boss, Extruded Cut, and Split Line features can do, and then some. By selecting the Emboss, Deboss, and Scribe wrap types they can create raised, engraved, or 2D text by splitting a face into multiple faces like a Split Line feature. The Analytical and Spline Surface wrap methods allow sketch text to be projected onto flat, curved, or irregular surfaces with ease.



This makes Wrap the clear winner as the most versatile of our four features and might tempt some users to rely on it for all their text modeling needs. This would be a mistake, because that power and versatility comes at a heavy cost in rebuild time. Wraps are the most expensive option for modeling text.

Wrap features are best used on curved surfaces where raised or engraved text is required, and the sides of the text need to be perpendicular to the curved face rather than the sketch plane. So on flat surfaces I’d stick to extrudes for 3D text. If you want to create 2D surface text, the Split Line tool is somewhat more efficient than the Wrap-Scribe.

Text Performance Evaluation

Returning to our example part with its six different text features, we can use the Performance Evaluation tool to see exactly how much rebuild time each feature costs. Remember we have an Extruded Boss, an Extruded Cut, and a Split Line on the flat surfaces, and one of each type of Wrap feature on the curved surfaces.

Performance evaluation for modeling in SOLIDWORKS

Performance evaluation for modeling in SOLIDWORKS

The rebuild time for the entire part is 3.7 seconds, almost all accounted for by the 6 text features. Not surprisingly the Wrap features are the most expensive, with Scribe slightly outperforming the Emboss and Deboss options. The Split Line outperforms the Wrap-Scribe. Surprisingly, the simple Boss-Extrude and Cut-Extrude features are about three times more efficient than the Split Line, and about four times more efficient than the Wraps!

Modeling Text in SOLIDWORKS Conclusion

Should you add text to your part models, or just add marking notes to your drawings? That’s up to you and your design requirements. When choosing which method to use rebuild time is not always the deciding factor for modeling text in SOLIDWORKS. The unique geometry of your part, your project requirements, and company standards will guide your choice. But all other things being equal, you might as well build the most efficient model you can.

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Explore the latest and greatest in SOLIDWORKS 2023

See the latest SOLIDWORKS 2023 enhancements, get expert advice, and register for our live online event scheduled for November 2 and 3, 2022 »

SOLIDWORKS 2023 is here and ready to help you and your teams work smarter, faster, and better together.

Improve your productivity

Explore the best of hundreds of new features created to help you optimize your product development process and enable you to do more in less time. With SOLIDWORKS 2023, you’ll have the ability to freely iterate and enhance designs, while creating high-performing, high-quality products refined to the highest possible degree.

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="Improve Productivity with What's New 2023" width="500"></iframe>

Here’s a sample of what’s new, including some of the new features ready to improve your workflow:

Work Smarter with SOLIDWORKS 2023

Reduce your workload when modeling and detailing drawings and handle more complex electrical routing scenarios.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Parts and Features

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Equations in Design Tables

Work Faster with SOLIDWORKS 2023

Accelerate large assembly design and component manufacturing through automatic mode optimization, streamlined data export, and faster BOM search capability.

  • Speed up large assembly design with the option for automatic optimization of resolved and lightweight modes, and the automatic repair of missing mate references, and with support for more end conditions for cut features and by avoiding to save unchanged model data. Streamlined data export supports the export of assembly components as separate STEP files.
  • Experience improved search performance when using the “include sub-folders” option.
  • Find BOM information faster with filtering and identify overwritten values quickly using a highlight color.
SOLIDWORKS 2023 Assembly Creator

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Assembly Magnetic Mates

Work Together with SOLIDWORKS 2023

Enable mechanical design, electrical, quality, and manufacturing teams to work better together with faster, and more secure data management capabilities, and streamlined processes for the creation of 2D and 3D documentation.

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM: Communicate changes to design data better with the ability to customize PDM notification templates with HTML. Streamlined user interface now includes common operations including adding files, checking out/in of files and folders, and more. Upgrade SOLIDWORKS file versions faster using the File Version Upgrade Tool when overwriting the latest version.
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Improve team collaboration by using machine learning to automatically extract information from a 2D PDF to build your inspection report. Enjoy the flexibility to select, balloon, and export inspection reports only for the required sheets of a drawing.
  • SOLIDWORKS MBD: Communicate your assembly design more clearly in 3D with the ability to view all dimensions in the assembly and 3D views, including feature dimensions, reference dimensions, and DimXpert annotations. Improve communication with manufacturing using annotated 3D models that include Hole Tables representing multiple views.
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Create hybrid documentation involving drawings, annotations, and reports on the same page by including report tables, such as BOM and wire lists, on any electrical project drawing. Display connection information about a component in a label that you can dynamically insert into schematics.


Learn more about the new release from SOLIDWORKS

In addition to exploring new features on the Javelin website, these live events are available to help you learn more:

SOLIDWORKS 2023 is here. Explore the Javelin website today to learn how you can work smarter and faster than ever before.

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September 19, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Configure SOLIDWORKS Assemblies: Display States and Configurations in Harmony

Many users are aware of the ability to configure SOLIDWORKS assemblies to show different instances of products in a similar product line.

Configurations of an assembly allow us to suppress features and mates as well as change values on dimensioned mates, in an instance of the file that is stored inside the overall assembly file. See the images of a CO2 Extraction Cart below for an example of a configured assembly:

SOLIDWORKS Single Extraction Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Single Extraction Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Single Extraction Assembly

SOLIDWORKS Single Extraction Assembly


SOLIDWORKS Dual Extraction Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Dual Extraction Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Dual Extraction Assembly

SOLIDWORKS Dual Extraction Assembly

Differences between the Configurations

Some major differences can be seen between these two cart configurations. The “Dual” configuration has different routing and an extra valve and pressure vessel than the “Single” configuration.

One thing you may notice about these carts is that there are a lot of shroud panels making the interior components hard to see. While drawing new tubing or adding parts to the assemblies these panels could get in the way. One may be tempted to make two extra configurations of these with the shroud panels suppressed as a solution to this, but that would not necessarily be the best practice. If the intent is just to hide certain components, a single display state can be made and toggled between while in either configuration. The trick is to make sure display states are not set to be linked to configurations.

Using Display States in Configurations

In the screenshots below, I have made two alternate display states from within only one of the configurations.

  • One of the display states has all of the panels hidden, the other has everything except the pressure-facing components hidden.
  • When moving to the other configuration, the display states are still able to be toggled between.

With simply two configurations and two manually inserted display states we have effectively done what would have taken 6 separate configurations (the original two images were from the Default display state which I renamed to “All components Shown”. Using the display states is much less computationally demanding than having unnecessary configurations. See screenshots below for more explanation to configure SOLIDWORKS assemblies.

Configuration and Display State

Configuration and Display State

SOLIDWORKS assembly display state

SOLIDWORKS assembly display state

SOLIDWORKS configuration and display state

SOLIDWORKS configuration and display state

SOLIDWORKS assembly with display state active

SOLIDWORKS assembly with display state active

Configuration and Display State

Configuration and Display State

Configured assembly

Configured assembly

Configured Assembly

Configured Assembly

Additional configuration

Additional configuration

Want to learn more?

Attend a SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling live online training course to learn more about configurations and display states.

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How to Fix a Corrupt SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Oh no, your SOLIDWORKS drawing appears to be corrupt!  It either won’t open properly, won’t save, throws a corruption message, suggests a repair or contacting technical support, etc.  What steps can you try to fix it before calling in the cavalry?

This article serves as a toolkit for recovering that work.

Note that crashing may not necessarily be solved by this article, in which case we recommend running a geometry check on the model referenced by the drawing, or else going here for crash-related issues.

Open in Quick View mode (SOLIDWORKS 2013 – 2021 versions)*

If you are running SOLIDWORKS year versions between 2013 and 2021, Click File > Open… > Mode > Quick view.  This should load sheet views instantly.  This might not fully load the actual sheets, but does attempt to display them.  It may also trigger a prompt to attempt automatic repair.  Once repair is complete, sheets might be loaded.  If they’re not, then you can then try to selectively load each sheet from its tab at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS session window with Right-click > Load sheet.  For multi-sheet drawings, this method can also be used to pinpoint which sheet(s) have the problem because if that particular sheet doesn’t load, then it likely contains the problem.  If none of the sheets load, then at least you can still print or do a screen capture for purposes of manual re-creation of the drawing.

*Functionality for Quick View mode has been discontinued as of SOLIDWORKS 2022 year versions.

Copy any loaded sheet into a new drawing

A convenient way to do this is to close all other documents except the bad drawing and the new one, and then Window > Tile Vertically, and then drag each sheet tab from the bad drawing to the good one.  Alternately, you can Right-click > Copy sheet on the tab in the bad drawing, and Right-click > Paste sheet on the tab in the new drawing.  Sometimes the problem or corruption lies not in the model, nor the sheet, but rather in the file framework.  By copying sheets over to the new file, we can move away from the problem and into a working file.

The easy way to copy sheets between drawings

Load Previous SOLIDWORKS PDM Revision

If using SOLIDWORKS PDM, is there a problem-free previous version or revision to which to roll back?

As a preventive measure, the more often the work is checked in, the less work can be lost.  Best practice is to check in often when working, such as every few hours, in order to minimize the amount of lost work should a corruption occur.

Restore a backup

Have backups been set?  If so then you can try opening one of them to see if it does not exhibit the problem.

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September 16, 2022


Level Up Your Digital Marketing Journey With These Tips

person holding smartphone and laptop

Digital marketing has become an integral part of the business ecosystem. With this, brands can expand their customer base and grow faster in the ever-competitive digital space. It involves website development, search engine marketing, social media handling, and so on. However, the trendiest one is video marketing.

As video content consumption is increasing among people of all ages, businesses are focusing more on video marketing. It may surprise you that 84 minutes is the global average of people consuming video content. Moreover, China and Sweden hold the topmost position in spending time watching videos.

Hence, brands who are adopting this new age revolution are getting better exposure from potential customers. All you have to do is to start with the YouTube platform: create a YouTube channel, pick the best video editing software for YouTube, and start creating audience-oriented content.

Is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing has become increasingly popular because it helps to connect with your audience. It delivers an emotional experience, which is difficult to replicate in written words. Apart from that, video marketing is an effective way to turn leads into paying customers.

Content Marketing Institute had already discovered in 2021 that video marketing would be one of the biggest investments for B2B brands in 2022. And guess what? The outcomes have been amazing:

  • Your brand visibility increases over social media
  • Makes you stand out from the competitors
  • Helps in reaching the target audience faster
  • 78% of businesses have seen a rapid increase in traffic due to videos
  • Informative videos perform better than creative or entertaining videos in grabbing the attention of the audience

After knowing these facts, don’t you want to create a YouTube channel and become a successful YouTuber? If you want to start working as a content curator on YouTube, a professional tool like Wondershare Filmora can help you. With a straightforward interface, you won’t find any difficulty in getting started with Filmora. Moreover, it’s preloaded with extensive video editing features and professional-look video effects.

You can edit or crop videos, trim them, add effects, and experiment with the color using the Filmora video editor. It also comes with an AI-powered image recognition facility that assists you in transforming the background. Some of the noteworthy features that make it an irresistible tool for video editors include:

  • Instant Mode: Create your video within a few minutes with the Instant Mode. Add the media and wait for the AI algorithm of Filmora to detect the highlighted part of your video and produce the final result.
  • Video Effects: With over 115 video templates and 3900 free video effects in Filmora, you can turn any video into a creative masterpiece. In addition, you can also get access to new plug-ins like Boris FX and NewBlue FX.
  • Screen Split: Filmora contains 30 split screen templates that you can add to your video simply with the drag and drop feature.
  • Audio Ducking: Foreground audio is not clear? Don’t worry because the audio ducking feature can fix it quickly for you. It balances the background and foreground voice to provide clarity.
  • Color Correction: Sometimes, color correction is required in your video, and with Filmora, you can do it quicker. It offers 40+ color presets to add to your video.

Other Aspects of Digital Marketing

As you are aware of video marketing and its importance, don’t forget some other significant aspects of digital marketing. They are content marketing, SEO, and SEM.

Content Marketing

Content marketing comprises the creation and distribution of content on various platforms. It is done to attract potential buyers and increase reach to the target audience. Thus, video creation merely not works. You have to create a content marketing strategy to get more views.

  • Set measurable goals
  • Get a deep understanding of the buyer’s journey
  • Maintain the consistency
  • Focus on the topics that have great search traffic potential
  • Understand your audience well


Never underestimate SEO, no matter how powerful your content is. Implementing a smart SEO strategy will level up your social media ranking as it helps in choosing the right keywords for your video. Not only that, but you can also get more exposure by optimizing your YouTube channel and website according to your SEO strategy. Some tips you can follow:

  • Do a proper keyword research
  • Provide subtitles in different languages
  • Always add the keyword in your title, description, and about section
  • Include closed captions in your video
  • Create an attractive thumbnail
  • Offer transcript to the video description


Ever wondered how the video of a particular channel comes first on Google? Why the sequence changes from time to time? It’s all about search engine marketing. Content curators incorporating SEM in their marketing plan will come first in the search engine results. So, if you want the target audience to notice you first, SEO and SEM will work as the foundation.

Monitoring is important too.

Once you are done executing all the digital marketing plans, the next thing is to track the performance. Yes, your job hasn’t ended up. Performance tracking is an essential factor when it comes to digital marketing. There are many tools to do so, like Google Analytics, Facebook insights, Instagram insights, buffer, and much more.

More than half of all digital marketers are now embracing big data analytics in their efforts to ensure that they’re effectively reaching their target audiences.

However, most businesses still lack a comprehensive digital analytics strategy and don’t have clear measurements for tracking the effectiveness of their digital marketing. They need to work on adopting performance-tracking technology to achieve success.

Without a doubt, we can say that measurement and analytics are the cornerstones of any digital marketing strategy, and the sooner you get started, the better.


While there are no surefire tactics that will guarantee success with your digital marketing efforts, there are plenty of mistakes you can avoid. By being aware of these common strategies, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in the digital marketing arena. Hopefully, this information will help you level up your digital marketing journey.

by Kyrie Mattos at September 16, 2022 06:32 PM

How to Recover Deleted Photos in Windows & Mac, iOS & Android

man operating laptop on top of table

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are forced to recover deleted photos from Windows and other devices? Well, losing your valuable photos can be a little difficult proposition and an annoying one at that; it can happen a lot of times for varied reasons. Luckily enough, there are several options that you can put to use and restore the deleted files easily. 

Part 1: How To Recover Deleted Photos In Windows And Mac?

Recovering the deleted files from Windows and Mac should be much easy but would largely be dependent on the extent of the data loss. If you are wondering how to recover permanently deleted photos from Recycle Bin or other methods, the tips here should be helpful. 

Method 1: Recover Photos From Recycle Bin and Trash

If you have been using computers for a considerable time, you should be aware that the files deleted from your device are not deleted from your system instantly. They are sent to Recycle Bin in the case of the Windows operating system and Trash if you use a Mac. You should be able to recover the deleted file instantly if they are still in Recycle Bin or Trash. 

Do note that deleted items stay in Recycle Bin or Trash only for a specific period of time. After that, the files will be permanently deleted. Recycle Bin can be accessed on your Windows desktop, and Trash is accessible from the Dock on your Mac. 

If you are on Windows and want to know how to recover photos from recycle Bin, follow the steps here below:

  • Click on Recycle Bon on your Desktop.
  • Right-click on the file that you want to restore.
  • Click on Restore to recover your deleted file. 

If you are on Mac, you can follow the steps here below:

  • Open your Mac Dock and go to the Trash folder 
  • Look for the photos which you want to recover 
  • Choose the photos that you want to restore. 
  • Right-click on the photos and click on Put Back option. 

Method 2: Use Photo Recovery Software to Recover Photos 

Yet another option that can be helpful if you cannot find your deleted photos from Recycle Bin would be to use professional photo recovery software. Recoverit Photo recovery software should be one of the prime choices you can rely upon. 

Follow the steps here below to restore permanently deleted photos using Recoverit:

Step 1. Scan The Disk Drive 

Assuming that you have installed the software, launch it and select the drive you want to scan. You can even connect your external drives and smartphones and scan the content on them. 

Step 2. Wait Till The Scan Is Complete 

As soon as you select the drive, the scan will begin. Wait till the complete scan is complete. The time taken for the scan will depend on the size of the drive and the speed of your computer. 

Step 3. Preview The Photo And Recover It 

Once you find that the photos are scanned and recoverable photos are shown, you click on the photo for a preview and click on Recover to restore it, making sure you are recovering what you want.

You can also choose multiple photos and then click on Recover to recover all your photos. 

Why Should You Go With Recoverit? 

Recoverit from Wondershare is a powerful data recovery software that can handle a wide range of data recovery options and help you retrieve data even in the toughest data loss scenarios. Supporting a complete data recovery in terms of audio, videos, and images, it can recover data from over 1000 file formats.

What makes it the Go-To solution to recover your photos? Here are a few reasons that you may find impressive. 

  • It supports a variety of data loss scenarios, including formatted drives, lost portion, purged files, crashed system, and damaged hard drive. 
  • You can recover the files from over 2000 different storage devices that include computer hard drives, digital cameras, drone cameras, memory cards, and many more.
  • Completely comprehensive scanning of your lost or deleted photos, which is capable of scrubbing through your internal and external drives
  • The photos and videos can be recovered irrespective of the file format that they are on. Support for digital photo & video formats along with audio file formats should definitely make it stand apart from the rest. 

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, you can follow the steps to help you recover deleted photos with ease by using either the built-in method or opting for the sophisticated third-party photo recovery tool. 

On an iPhone, you can directly recover photos within 30 days of deleting them. The photos will be available in the recently deleted album.

Here is how you can recover them –

  • Go to the Photos app and tap on Albums
  • Move down and locate Recently Deleted Album
  • Tap on Select
  • Tap on the photo that you want to recover. You can also choose to Recover All.
  • The photo or the photos that you selected will be restored to the original location. 

Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android?

Android, an open-source operating system, lets you easily have a few easy-to-use options for recovering lost photos. If you are using the default Back Up and Sync feature on Android, the deleted photos will stay in Trash for 60 days, after which they will be deleted. You can check the Trash or Recycle Bin to recover the deleted photos. 

The exact methods and steps involved in how to recover lost photos will be dependent on the device that you are on. Different manufacturers do offer different skins, and the methods can be slightly different, staying within the framework for Android. 


Wondering how to recover permanently deleted photos from Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS devices? You have a few simple and easy-to-use image recovery techniques that can be quite suitable for any genre of the user. In any case, Recoverit Photo Recovery should be the best one that you can go with all kinds of storage devices, thanks to the universal compatibility offered by the tool. 

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Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Simulation Drop Test Analysis

Have you ever wanted to throw an old printer out the window? With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Drop Test analysis you can now experience what that would be like, in a safe digital environment.

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Alain Bucio, elaborates on simulation tools available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Simulation Drop Test Tool Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

About SOLIDWORKS Simulation Drop Test

Drop Test is a specific type of dynamic analysis used to model the impact force of a short time duration event and can prove useful in obtaining a benchmark simulation. Alain walks you through how to setup simulation workflow specific sensors to test out different scenarios.

In this on-demand webinar, Alain covers:

  • How to probe the Drop Test Add-In in SOLIDWORKS
  • Understanding the study capabilities and limitations
  • Set up a Drop Test simulation
  • Determine stress and displacement
  • Difference between Drop Test and complete Non-linear Dynamic Analysis

Interested in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional adds to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard with more powerful and sophisticated simulation capabilities, to help you answer engineering challenges with complex load scenarios and multi-physics solutions.

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How Do Sports Betting Work?

Sports betting came into being quite a long time ago. For most of us, it’s one of the ways we enjoy sporting activities. It’s a game that requires skill and precise calculations. In this article, we would be defining sports betting and also how it works. Let’s begin

What Is Sports Betting?

The concept of betting is quite simple to understand. In sports betting, two more people predict a certain outcome during a particular event. To make a bet, something of value is being wagered (usually money). Whoever is correct wins the wager.

On a side note, betting is not only tied to sports. It’s also a form of entertainment in different sectors. Looking at the $5 deposit casinos review in Canada, the number of people going to online casinos is increasing day by day.

In sports betting, you place a bet on your favorite sporting event and win a certain amount of money if your team wins. If your team doesn’t win, you lose your bet (and some money as well).

For many people, it’s just a way to enjoy the sport they love. For others, it’s a way to make money. The betting industry rakes up to three trillion a year, according to reports. Here are a few points you should be familiar with if you’re just starting:

Plus And Minus (Point Spread)

The terms “plus” and “minus” in the betting world are known to be odds expressed in terms of money.

For example, With $100 as the standard, if the odds are -120, it means you must bet $120 to win $100. If the odds are +150, it simply means that you would make $150 at the end of your successful wager.


Money lines are also called “American odds”. In this form of betting, participants predict who will win the game. This type of betting doesn’t require bettors to disturb themselves with the number of points their team wins.

You can still see the plus and minus symbols but in this case, they only signify the odds. They tell you how much you can bet or can win. At first, it might be difficult to understand money lines. But once you get a hang of it, you’ll be able to make the best decisions concerning your game.

Here’s an example:

  • Philadelphia (-200)

With $100 as the standard, you have to bet $200 to win $100.

  • Miami (+300)

With a bet of $100, you stand a chance to win $300 if Miami wins the game.

Now, in competitive games, you may see a Moneyline with both teams at -110 and +180. You don’t have to bet the exact amount.

Your betting power can be between the minimum and maximum amount accepted by the house or sportsbook. Your wins will be adjusted to the amount you’re wagering.

There are cases where you may want to bet more than the norm. just multiply your possible win by your bet and divide by the minus line or by 100.

Over/Under Totals Betting (O/U)

Money lines and spread are only concerned about the winning team. Totals on the other hand only care about the points or goals scored during a game.

So, let’s say there’s a game between San Diego and New York. You’ll see some numbers listed. These numbers may be something like 7 for a baseball game, 138 for a college basketball game, or 38 for an NFL game.

These numbers are called the line for O/U bets, and they are commonly known as the total. When you place a bet on the over, you’re predicting that both teams will score more goals or points than the total listed.

In the same vein, for underbets, you’re predicting that the points would be less than the total listed. This type of betting is one of the easiest ways to get started as a beginner. However, in time, you’ll understand that picking winners for each game may be very difficult.

The Vig

This is how sportsbooks make their money. It’s the fee you pay while placing a bet. For example, the house (or book) takes $2,000 to win $1,000 for team A and also takes $2,000 to win $1,000 for team B.

If team B wins, the house gives them back their stake and $1,000 from the losers. This will also happen if team A wins. The remaining $1,000 goes to the house. Profits may vary, but as long as they post good lines, they’ll make enough money.


As for where to place bets, you can use a reputable online betting site or visit a land-based sportsbook. You can also use a bookie. Placing a bet is very easy. With the instructions given on the website or assistance rendered by the bookie, you’ll get a hang of it in no time.

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September 15, 2022

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Create a Template with SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

When working with SOLIDWORKS drawings, it’s possible to add predefined views to your drawing.

This view type is most useful when creating drawing templates. It provides the ability to have your drawing automatically populated with predefined drawing views. As an example, if you find yourself continually adding the standard top, front, right & isometric drawing views into the first sheet of every drawing you create, why not eliminate this repetitive task by adding predefined views to a drawing template instead?

Keep in mind when using Predefined Views

When adding a predefined view, additional selections are available beyond the specification of the view orientation. We can specify the Display Style, Scale, Dimension Type and more. We also have the added ability to select Import Options for certain annotations.

It’s also valuable to note that there is currently a limitation when using SOLIDWORKS predefined views on multi-sheet drawing templates. With the latest version of SOLIDWORKS at the time of this publication (SOLIDWORKS 2022 x SP3.1), predefined views on multi-sheet drawing templates will only populate on the last active sheet. By leveraging SOLIDWORKS API, we can easily create a macro to overcome this limitation.

Create a SOLIDWORKS Drawing Template with Predefined views

  1. Create a new drawing and specify a sheet format, from which the basis of your new drawing template will be formed.

    Sheet Format Selection

    Sheet Format Selection

  2. From the “Drawing” tab, select the “Predefined View” command and locate the view on the active drawing sheet. Repeat this step as required, to achieve multiple predefined views.
Add SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

Add SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

  1. Individually select and define the view orientation and additional options, for each of the placed views. Demonstrated in the image below, we begin by configuring Drawing View 1 to orient as isometric and to display High Quality as Shaded With Edges.
Predefined Views Properties

Predefined Views Properties

  1. If desired, finalize your layout by aligning views.
Align SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

Align SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views

  1. Once the views are configured to your liking and you’re ready to save the drawing as a drawing template, perform Save As; Specify the file directory, file name & set the Save as type: to “Drawing Template (.drwdot)”.
Save Drawing template with Predefined Views

Save Drawing template with Predefined Views

  1. Begin using your new drawing template with predefined views.

    Using the SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views Template

    Using the SOLIDWORKS Predefined Views Template

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Take a SOLIDWORKS Drawings training course with Javelin live online to learn more about creating drawing templates.

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September 14, 2022


7 Steps to Start a Small Home Business

The first stage in anyone’s entrepreneurial journey begins with a fantastic company concept, according to successful entrepreneurs. A great concept alone won’t make a would-be entrepreneur into a successful businessperson, however.

You’re not alone if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to launch a new company but isn’t sure where to begin. Whether you want to be your boss because you’re sick of your work or because you want to pursue your hobbies, you can start now.

Finding a decent business concept can seem difficult, but with enough thought and preparation, you can start a small company to supplement your income or work for yourself full-time.

Maybe you’ve already had a strategy for the business you want to start. Although you can be enthusiastic about your concept and feel prepared for a new endeavor, you might also be seeking some guidance.

Starting a Small Business from Home

Although not the simplest, starting a small company is a smart idea. The advice you’ll need to launch your own company is provided below:

Stand Up for Yourself

Admit that you are unhappy with your present situation and that no one else can change it for you. Blaming the economy, your employer, your spouse, or your family is useless. Only when you consciously decide to bring about change will it happen.

Create a Business Concept

Finding a profitable company concept is the first step in beginning a small business. The ideal scenario is that you’ll create a company endeavor that appeals to you and fills a need in the market.

Finding an issue that annoys you is a fantastic method to do this. Is there a problem you keep running into that you wish someone would fix? That may be your next business endeavor.

You do not, however, have to create anything entirely new. Consider the companies that are currently in existence and consider how you might enhance what they are presently doing. You can open a clothing or street food boutique. You can create money advance apps or a language learning website, can sell flowers, or open a photography studio. The main thing is to choose a business to your liking.

Plan Your Business

You’ll then draft a business strategy. A business plan will provide you clarity as you get going and will be quite helpful if you decide to later seek small business finance.

Most company plans, according to the SBA, fall into the conventional business or lean startup categories. In a conventional business strategy, you’ll go into considerable depth. Most lenders and investors need these lengthy plans, which might be several dozen pages long.

A lean startup business plan, in contrast, concentrates on a high-level overview of the company. You’ll write a one-page summary that solely covers the key elements of your company. The creation of this will go much more quickly, but if you seek financing, investors could ask for additional details.

Recognize Your Financial Situation and Choose The Appropriate Source of Funding for Your Company

Your personal and professional lives are intertwined if you are an entrepreneur. Most likely, you will be your first and only investment. Therefore, before looking for outside money or possible investors for your firm, it is crucial to have a thorough awareness of your finances and the capacity to monitor them. I advise setting up your accounts in a money management system to make this procedure simpler as you may need to act as your angel investor.

When writing your business plan, you must take into account the sort of company you are starting: a franchise, a lifestyle business, or a high-tech company (each requiring a different amount of launch money) ( will require significant capital investment). You will require a varied amount of money to start and expand your firm depending on where you lie on the continuum, and the kind of funding you take does important.

Publish Your Home-Based Company

To establish and operate your home-based company legally, you must register with your state if you want to structure it as an LLC or C corporation.

The specific procedures you need to follow to complete this registration will be determined by your state. As a result, you should seek advice from your local business bureau or secretary of state for instructions on how to finish your company registration.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not your state requires business registration, you should apply for an EIN from the federal government. Whether or whether you are legally obligated to get one, getting this number, also known as an EIN, has several advantages that make it a wise decision.

Open a Business Checking Account

You should open a business bank account after your legal business structure has been formed. This is crucial since it distinguishes between your personal and company funds.

Partnering with a neighborhood bank will allow you to build a personal rapport. Smaller banks are sometimes seen as more accommodating and faster in acting when an issue arises. This is an important step in starting your own business. Everything must be done legally and as transparently as possible. And also, be careful not to fall into the trap of scammers.

Establish Your Office

The next step is to go from beginning a home company to operating a profitable home business.

Setting up your home office is the first thing you should do to position yourself for success in this area. Starting a company from home has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, primarily that you’ll be working in the same area where you reside.

To increase productivity and keep business and home life distinct, it’s crucial to set up a dedicated area of your house for an office.

It’s simple to get sidetracked by other activities. Starting a company from home requires discipline since no one will be watching over your work; it’s all up to you.


You’ll be well on your way to being a successful entrepreneur if you follow these instructions. It’s important to keep in mind that you are not alone yourself. Reach out and make connections with other business owners via several channels if you want to “be your boss” but are having trouble. The priceless connections you have at your disposal could astound you.

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Best Practices to help you obtain SOLIDWORKS Certification

When you obtain SOLIDWORKS Certification you will be proving that you are proficient with SOLIDWORKS software.

Standing out amongst SOLIDWORKS users from around the world can be challenging. Earning a SOLIDWORKS Certification can help you get a job, keep a job, or possibly move up in your current job. Here are a few best practices to help you obtain a SOLIDWORKS Certification.

3DEXPERIENCE Certification

3DEXPERIENCE Certification

Research the Certification Exam

For SOLIDWORKS Certifications, each exam is different. Whether it’s the material covered or the time limit, it’s important to know what you are getting into. Dassault Systems provides information on their website about each test on your certification list. Make sure you write a note reminding yourself of how long the exam is, how many questions will be on it, and the score to pass the test. CSWP Format provided by SOLIDWORKS »

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="TriMech Tips &amp; Tricks Passing SOLIDWORKS Certifications Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

Take a SOLIDWORKS Training Class

Javelin has multiple classes that you can register for to help guide you to certification. My personal favorite is the CSWP Prep course! The teacher of each class walks you through a manual that provides examples and info to help further your knowledge of a subject, whether it’s SOLIDWORKS Essentials or SOLIDWORKS MBD.

Utilize Web Resources

Take the test

Ultimately, you will have to take the test to pass your certification. The exam tests your knowledge of the subject, so come prepared to be time efficient and take note of all details provided. The 3DEXPERIENCE certification website displays all your achievements!

When you feel that you are ready, take a SOLIDWORKS certification exam.

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September 13, 2022

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SOLIDWORKS PDM and Design Automation Tutorial

Are you looking to apply design automation to SOLIDWORKS PDM?

Watch our tutorial video as TriMech’s System Architect – Data Management, Patricia Bar, demonstrates how you can use the DriveWorks design automation add-in with SOLIDWORKS PDM. You will learn how to use templates to give your design a head start on filling out critical information in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

During this tutorial you will learn:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="SOLIDWORKS PDM and Design Automation Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Patricia Bar, System Architect – Data Management

Patricia has been an System Architect, Data Management with SOLIDWORKS VARs since 2007, where she has worked with the general CAD product as well as the PDM products. Prior to joining the VAR world, Patricia had 5+ years working on consumer products from personal printers to coin-operated dryers, which means she has worked in a lot of different part development methods.

What is DriveWorks software?

DriveWorks software is used for Design Automation and Sales Configuration by companies large and small. Whether you are an engineer that needs Design Automation to automate your SOLIDWORKS models, or a company wanting to provide a Product Configurator for your sales teams, distributors and even customers; DriveWorks software is the ultimate choice for businesses that use SOLIDWORKS.

DriveWorks Products

There are three DriveWorks productsDriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro. Each product is a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner Product and DriveWorksXpress is already included in every license of SOLIDWORKS.

All DriveWorks products are modular and scalable, you can implement DriveWorks and grow your projects at your own pace, adding additional capabilities as and when you need them.

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September 12, 2022

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Understanding 3D Printing File Formats

STLs, OBJs, CMBs, Oh My! With so much file extension alphabet soup going on, it is hard to know what-is-what and when-to-use-which when it comes to 3D file formats.

Compound that with a myriad of different 3D printing technologies and it is easy to get overwhelmed and fall back to your old friend – the STL. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear up any confusion. Watch the on-demand webinar video below to learn about file formats:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Understanding your 3D file formats Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

About this 3D Printing File Formats On-demand Webinar

TriMech’s Lead 3D Printing Applications Engineer, Ricky Shannon takes a .STEP by .STP approach (yeah, I did that) and goes over the most common file types used in 3D printing. While he isn’t able to explore every obscure format out there, he does cover the most common file extensions exportable on leading modeling programs. He might even cover a few you didn’t know you can 3D print from. Ricky takes the mystery out of when-to-use-what and maybe even debunks a few misnomers on the way. If you do any 3D printing or even just setup files to print, this on-demand webinar is for you.

In this on-demand webinar Ricky covers:

  • Why you shouldn’t be using STLs
  • What file types carry color data
  • Which file types and settings impact part accuracy
  • How to 3D printing from native CAD files from GrabCAD Print
  • Why your SOLIDWORKS file might be the best 3D print format of all?

Need your part 3D Printed?

Try our on-demand 3D Printing Service to get your SOLIDWORKS CAD files built.

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How Clever Design Can Help You Increase Product Sales

Design is one of the most important aspects of any product. It can make or break how successful a product is. Clever design can help increase product sales by making products more appealing to consumers. This article will discuss some of the ways design can be used to increase sales and boost your bottom line!

Grabbing the Attention

Getting easily noticed by your customer base is one of the biggest advantages your business can have. The catering industry is always thinking of new packaging designs for food products as they realize that it’s one of the best ways to increase their product sales. In fact, many businesses are now using creative and clever design as a way to grab attention and increase conversions.

For example, a study conducted by Stanford University showed that redesigning the food packaging for a fruit and vegetable company increased sales by 24%. The new design was eye-catching and had an element of fun which enticed customers to purchase the product.

It’s not just food businesses that are benefiting from grabbing attention with clever design. Many other industries are using this tactic to increase their product sales. 

Creating a Talking Point 

If people start talking about your packaging and start sharing opinions, you’re on to something good. A clever design can help make your product more memorable and top of mind for potential customers. If you can create a talking point, you’re more likely to increase sales. 

Your packaging is one of the first things potential customers will see when they encounter your product. You want to make sure it’s eye-catching and visually appealing. But that’s not all because the clever design can also help make your product more memorable and top of mind for potential customers. 

If you can create a talking point, you’re more likely to increase sales. It is something unique or interesting about your product that gets people talking. It could be an innovative new feature, an unexpected benefit, or even just an eye-catching design. 

Creating a talking point is a great way to increase brand awareness and get people interested in your product. 

Better Customer Experience 

Good packaging will surely enhance the customer experience. If your product is attractive and well-designed, customers will be more inclined to buy it. This is because good packaging can communicate a lot about the quality of your product. It can also show that you care about your customers and are willing to invest in giving them a good experience.

In addition, better customer experience can also be achieved by providing better customer service. If your employees are friendly and helpful, customers will be more likely to come back and purchase from you again. They will also be more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Good customer service is essential in creating repeat buyers and increasing sales. 

More Organic Traffic 

Once people start seeing your packaging, they’ll start getting interested in your product. If you can get them to visit your website, you’re more likely to make a sale. But how do you get people to visit your website?

One way is to make sure your packaging is designed in a way that makes it easy for people to find your website. For example, if you include your URL on your packaging, people will be able to type it into their browser and find your site.

Another way to increase traffic to your site is to use clever design techniques that make people want to learn more about your product. For example, if you use an eye-catching design on your packaging, people will be more likely to take notice of it and want to find out more about what you’re selling.

If you can get more people to visit your site, you’re more likely to make more sales. So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your product sales, consider using clever design techniques to get more organic traffic to your site.

Increased Word-to-mouth 

Your customers will start vouching for you once they see how much care you put into packaging. The clever design creates increased word-of-mouth for your product. And when people talk, potential customers listen. They’re more likely to buy from you because they trust what they’re hearing. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of success.

For example, take a look at the increased word-of-mouth for Apple products. They’re known for their sleek design, and that extends to their packaging. It’s clean and minimalist, which perfectly reflects the product inside. This creates a great unboxing experience that customers are eager to share with others. And because of that increased word-of-mouth, potential customers are more likely to buy an Apple product.

It’s not just about increased word-of-mouth, though. 

Standing Out 

Being unique compared to your competition is one way to increase product sales through clever design. If your product looks different than what’s currently on the market, customers will take notice and be more intrigued. 

They may even be willing to pay a higher price for something that appears to be more innovative or special. However, it’s important to make sure that your product is still high-quality and meets customer needs, as standing out won’t matter if it’s not a good product.

It can be difficult to stand out in today’s world since there are so many products available, but it’s definitely possible with the right design.

Brand Building

Having a strong brand is essential for any business that wants to increase sales and build customer loyalty. A brand is much more than just a logo or slogan; it’s the entire experience that customers have with your company.

Design plays a big role in building a strong brand. Every touchpoint that customers have with your company, from your website to your packaging to your product itself, should be carefully designed to create a consistent and positive experience. 

Clever design can help you communicate what makes your brand unique and valuable, and it can also make it easier for customers to find and purchase your products.

Good design is something people will easily remember as it will grab their attention, so why not use it for packaging? It will also create a talking point and enhance the customer experience. You’ll get more organic traffic for your website and an increased word-to-mouth from your existing customer base. It will surely make you stand out from the competition and help you build your brand!

by Kyrie Mattos at September 10, 2022 06:03 PM

September 09, 2022


Animated Video Production: Stages and Services

person holding DSLR camera

When it comes to product release, video production is one of the crucial things to make it successful. Whether these are games, movies, trailers, or other kinds of videos, visual content helps reveal its best sides to the audience. That’s why animated video production is essential for companies and their products.

When we want to bring unique visual content that can represent the product to people and provide them with a great watching experience, we need not only the idea but also a professional crew. With the right vision and skilled creative and technical teams, it becomes possible to create an aesthetically pleasing image and shape the target audience’s perception.

What Is Video Production?

Generally, it is a visual content creation process, where the studio makes a video for a potential consumer. The video may have different purposes, whether it is about demonstrating the advantages of the product, describing it, or drawing attention to some specific features.

The main factors that should be taken into account when creating a video are the client’s goals, the possible expectations of the audience, and the primary purpose the content is designed for.

High-quality video production means prompting the consumer to make an action, evoke emotions and draw attention. To guarantee the hoped-for result, the whole working model consists of a few stages that are executed step by step to bring off each goal (attention, motivation, action).

Video Production Services

Since It is multi-tasking and includes several stages, we can find different types of services and methods that can be applied in video creation.

Generally, animated video production includes:

  • Concept Art
  • Storyboarding
  • Animatic
  • 2D/3D animation
  • VFX and visual effects

The types of services may vary depending on studios, and the aims, purposes, and stylization of the specific video, however, most often services like these are involved in the process.

How It Works

Production is an integral part of the overall concept of the product, as it reveals its features and shapes a perception among the audience. The whole process consists of three key stages:

  • The first stage is pre-production. Here the team writes the script for the future video, selects which visual effects will be used for the best results (animation, VFX), and the studio estimates the approximate budget of the video.
  • The second stage is production. This is where all the main work is done. The technical and creative departments start creating visual and audio content for the future video. At this stage, all team members are involved in the process, including sound engineers, actors, 3D modelers, artists, motion designers, etc.
  • The third stage is post-production. This is the last step before the release when all the main work has already been done. At this stage, all the content is edited and assigned with visual effects, audio tracks, etc. Here, all efforts are aimed at providing the video with the most attractive and interesting appearance that will draw attention and be well perceived by the audience.

Commonly, the whole process can be divided into 4 main parts:

  • Audio tracks
  • Visual effects
  • 2D/3D graphics
  • Animation

Let’s take a closer look at each of these


When making a video, not only voice acting but soundtracks are used to create an ambiance. In the first stage, a technical task for audio content is agreed upon, which takes into account several factors:

  • The number, order, and timing of scenes
  • Roles and voice actors
  • Target audience preferences
  • The goal and purpose of the video
  • Similar products and videos that are already on the market

During this step, an audio sequence is created to accompany the video. Also, when dubbing, the announcer reads out the already finished text, which should be written at the pre-production stage. Typically the text also takes into account previous aspects in order to be suitable for the video style.


Before starting to create visual effects, the crew makes a concept. Visual specialists consider which effects should be added, also where and how to use them, and what style there will be (casual, realism, etc).

At this stage, artists do some research related to the video, for example, if there would be fire, water, leaves moving from the wind, etc, in the frame, then it is necessary to properly show these motions in the animation.

Then the team of VFX artists, 3D modelers, motion designers, etc, is working on adding visual effects like VFX motion and CG objects to the video.


Depending on whether 2D or 3D graphics or a combination of both will be selected to be used, the process may slightly differ.

In the case of 2D, artists and designers make illustrations in a particular style based on a storyboard.

When it is 3D, style frames are used for illustrations, on which one can see the visual of the scene with animation.

Once illustration or style frames are good with the client, artists start creating graphics for the whole video.


The main purpose of the animation is to set static frames in motion. This stage can be divided into two steps.

  • Step 1. The sketch is created but without details such as lighting, colors, and textures. Based on this, one can evaluate the timing of frames, characters’ movements, their interaction with the environment, etc, which allows us to get a preliminary assessment of the animation.
  • Step 2. The sketch is enhanced with colors, properly selected lighting, movements are completed, or improved, etc, which then helps to get the alpha version of the animation that will be used.

In Conclusion

As we can see, video production is a truly multi-tasking thing involving several stages and steps that must be accomplished to guarantee the desired result.

When creating video, studios use all of the power of their resources to create the kind of video content that can attract the audience, evoke emotions and encourage the consumer to take action.

The way how the product would be perceived in many cases depends on how that product was presented to the people. That’s why video production is such a crucial detail.

Get more at Walla Walla Studio.

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The Javelin Blog

Using Contour Sketches in SOLIDWORKS for Multiple Features

One of the benefits of using contour sketches in SOLIDWORKS is that it provides users with the ability to not only add multiple features from the sketch but also a separate part body as well.



In this example, I need to create the two end plates and casing seen above. I will be starting with the two sketches shown below.


Sketches in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Contour Selection

Using the selected contours section of the property manager allows me to select only the regions I want to extrude. This allows me to add all the contours to a single feature and has the added benefit of minimizing the number of features in my Feature Manager.

Selected contours extrusion

Selected contours extrusion

Extrusion completed

Solid body created

Repeating this process on the second contour sketch allows me to add another boss extrude similar to the first. And since the two extrude don’t contact each other, I now also have a part with multiple solid bodies.

Additional solid body

Additional solid body

Two SOLIDWORKS Solid Bodies

Two SOLIDWORKS Solid Bodies

Show and repurpose SOLIDWORKS Sketches

By default, SOLIDWORKS absorbs the sketches into the features that were created from them. But if we take the time to “show” the sketches, they can be reused for subsequent features down the line. With the two newly created Bodies “hidden”. I can now repurpose the outer rim of those sketches to create my outer casing.

Reusing SOLIDWORKS Sketches

Reusing SOLIDWORKS Sketches for a Loft feature

I am choosing to use a loft feature in order to build the outer casing. Since my front and rear profiles are different Lofts allows me to create a shape that blends and fits between the two profiles. Ensuring that the merge result is cleared in the property manages means that this new feature will also be created as a separate solid body.

left facing SOLIDWORKS sketch

Left facing SOLIDWORKS Model

Right facing SOLIDWORKS model

Right facing SOLIDWORKS model

From this point, each of the solid bodies could then be saved as their own unique part files if desired. All of this from just a couple of contour sketches in SOLIDWORKS still impresses me.

Learn more about Part Modeling and Contour Sketches

Take TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling training course to learn how to create complex parts and use more advanced features; including sweeps, lofts, boundaries, and every type of fillet.

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Bitcoin – Where the Cryptocurrency Era Has Begun!

gold-colored Bitcoin

Bitcoin is considered to be the starting point of all cryptocurrencies. The crypto market is much more extensive than you have thought. Krupa currencies came into existence back in 2008. Just after the economic recession, people discovered that the traditional money system would not work. Japanese inventors decided to create something that was out of the government’s control and could take over the recession. It was supposed to help the whole world recover from the recession as the people are now capable of making transactions without the government’s central authority. It was an incredible technology and one of the most incredible inventions, and this is the BitProfit App. Even though the cryptocurrency concept was older, another cryptocurrency became as famous as the first one, bitcoin.

Due to the incredible technology infused in bitcoin, everyone was enthusiastic about it, and therefore, everyone invested in it as soon as they got to know it. So, it can be regarded as bitcoin as the father of all digital tokens. Apart from this, Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the father of crypto space because he created the first crypto coin. Also, his identity is not yet revealed; therefore, we can never be sure if he is a person or a group of people. So, there are a lot of secrets in the cryptocurrency world about bitcoin that are not yet wholly exploded. But, regardless of the secrets, bitcoin is a significant opportunity everyone can use in the market. So, if you are willing to use cryptocurrencies, you need to be quite informative. You should know the brief details, and that is something we are going to provide you today.

How does bitcoin work?

When you talk about bitcoin as the father of the crypto space, you should also be very well regarded about its information. Yes, the cryptocurrency space started with bitcoin, but it does not mean it is limited to eat. Bitcoin is only the apex of cryptocurrencies, but it is much more than that. The cryptocurrency market is pervasive nowadays, so exploring the whole market can be difficult. So, you need to make the best choice: bitcoin. So, understanding between mechanisms is essential as well. You should know that the cryptocurrency market started with bitcoin; therefore, working with bitcoin is much more complicated.

The working of bitcoin is only possible using Blockchain technology, a computer network, and a database for storing all the information. The transactions take place using bitcoin. The information is uploaded on the Blockchain whenever people make a transaction, and then cryptocurrency miners verify. After the verification, the process takes place, and then the transaction takes place. This is a pre-decided way through which the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem works. Every other digital token also works through this mechanism. Therefore, we can say that bitcoin working is much more independent than others. Other cryptocurrencies working are copied from bitcoin, which is why they are considered close to bitcoin.

Benefits of bitcoins

Bitcoin is considered to be a precious cryptocurrency in the market. You will find out that the cryptocurrency bitcoin is the first and is also highly beneficial and other digital tokens in the market. For advantages that bitcoin can deliver, read the points given here.

  • Bitcoin is capable of providing you with a highly beneficial infrastructure of transactions. Yes, you can do so at a lower cost when you make transactions using bitcoin. The traditional system will charge you much more money than modern technology. So, it is considered outdated, and bitcoin takes the place of the traditional money system.
  • Another advantage that bitcoin can deliver to everyone is an investment. You might have seen that real estate and the stock market are much more stable; therefore, people do not like investing money in them. But, with bitcoin, such a scenario is not possible. Bitcoin provides you with endless possibilities of fluctuations, which is why you can make a lot of money.
  • An essential aspect of bitcoin that you need to understand is its security. The security standards of bitcoin are superior to other options ever made. So, due to the security standards of bitcoin, people like to invest and trade in it. They do not worry about security but can easily trade as much as they want.


Some of the crucial information about bitcoin is provided to you in this post. With this information, you can explore the cryptocurrency market as much as possible. The basis for every cryptocurrency transaction is the Blockchain, which was created for the first time for bitcoin only. So, bitcoin leads the whole crypto space, and you can also take advantage of it as much as you want by trading and investing in it.

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Crypto Market – The Market of Endless Possibilities

person holding black android smartphone

The cryptocurrency market is believed to be highly beneficial, and if you want to make money, you should take advantage of it today. But, many critics say that cryptocurrencies are fluctuating and, therefore, trusting them is not the right thing. But, you should know that the cryptocurrency market is the only option available today that will provide you with endless possibilities for making money. So, if you have made up your mind regarding the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency market, perhaps you need to ensure that you understand the market correctly and must try bitcoin revolution app. The information about the cryptocurrency market is always beneficial; therefore, you need to get it regardless of your opportunities and what you are thinking. It is because the cryptocurrency market is very beneficial and can deliver multiple advantages to it that you might never find with the other options you have ever explored.

The beneficial character of cryptocurrencies is considered to be one thing. Yes, when you are trading in cryptocurrencies, you can make money. But, when it comes to the crypto market, you have a lot of things that you can explore. The traditional money system has always been outdated. It is because it uses old technology and is not also upgraded. Due to the lack of upgrades and new technology, traditional technology is considered less popular among people. Also, investors and traders nowadays are very far away from banking institutions. They are storing their wealth in the market of bitcoins and other crypto coins. Moreover, they are also implementing the technology to earn profit. So, changing everything will begin with using cryptocurrencies in your daily life, and that is where the possibilities begin.

What are the possibilities?

When we talk about the cryptocurrency market, We mean that you can do many things with cryptocurrencies. Yes, the endless possibilities that come with cryptocurrencies provide you with the capacity to use them for multiple things. However, if you have not yet been capable of understanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem, perhaps you require adequate knowledge about it. Moreover, there is much more to learn about cryptocurrencies because they have not always been wholly mature. Some of the endless and incredible opportunities you can find in the cryptocurrency market are given below.

  1. Are you going to find that it is much easier to trade in cryptocurrencies than with the other available options? This is because there are many cryptocurrencies to trade in; apart from that, you will find the cryptocurrency trades much more sophisticated. That is why going with the cryptocurrency market is highly beneficial and will provide you with much more possibilities for making money due to the high fluctuations.
  2. Another important thing about the cryptocurrency market is that you can use it for investing. Yes, any investment opportunity you can get in the cryptocurrency market will include delivering superior advantages over the other options available. So, going with cryptocurrencies will deliver massive returns on investment. It is because of the high fluctuation apart from that, in the long run, there is always an uptrend which is positive for every cryptocurrency investor.
  3. You can use cryptocurrencies as international cross-border remittances. Yes, nowadays, many companies are providing the services of sending cross-border remittances using the digital token market. It is because the cryptocurrency market is less costly than the traditional infrastructure of the banks. Therefore, they require lesser charges, which is why the crypto market is believed to provide you with better opportunities for making cross-border remittances.
  4. Purchasing goods and services in a person’s life is an integral part. However, when using the traditional money system, you always stick to the traditional technology. You can go for cryptocurrency technology for making transactions at payment stores. Yes, whenever you need to buy something, you can pay using bitcoin, and that is where one more opportunity will be explored for bitcoin and every other digital token in the market.

Last words

We have explained a few of the most important possibilities that can be explored using the cryptocurrency market. In crypto, you will find these things much more sophisticated than the traditional system. So, make sure to use the information to use the crypto world in the best manner possible to make multiple profits.

by Kyrie Mattos at September 09, 2022 12:08 AM

Bitcoin and the Incredible Investment Market

gold and silver round coin

Bitcoin in itself is an incredible world of opportunities. You will find that making a bitcoin investment is the most fruitful option in the modern world. Even though there have been multiple options in the market, people like to go with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Because of its superior nature, people find it safe to invest in bitcoin because of its superior nature. It is the foremost and the first cryptocurrency to exist, which is why people have a different level of trust in bitcoin on Other cryptocurrencies may be providing better services than bitcoin, but it is still believed to be superior. So, there is no doubt that people like to invest in bitcoin regardless of the ups and downs of the market, but relevant details about the market are crucial.

To start a complete journey in cryptocurrencies, people must be very well aware of the basics. The cryptocurrency market may find you in a position where you cannot make a move. You get stuck in the cryptocurrency world, where your knowledge comes into use. If you are willing to invest in the incredible opportunity market of cryptocurrencies, you must know the basics first. The basics are about how cryptocurrencies were created and how you can get used to them. Yes, becoming a professional is the most challenging task, and we will help you with this.

The tips

The Crypto market has been complex ever since. It is because of the fluctuations in bitcoin and other digital tokens. Moreover, even though bitcoin’s apex coin, other cryptocurrencies are also prevalent among folks. An investor would choose cryptocurrencies over traditional opportunities because it is beneficial. But, achieving success can be a bit complicated if you are a beginner. So, we will fetch you a helping hand today so that you can easily make money from the cryptocurrency market by providing some tips.

  • If you want to earn benefits from the cryptocurrency world by investing in it, make sure to go in the long run. Yes, the long run is beneficial in the cryptocurrency market because the fluctuations are higher nowadays. So, if you want to skip the daily fluctuations and the complexity of the market, you should prefer to go with the long run and investing opportunities. By doing so, you will be able to divert the district, and you can make money in the long run.
  • Another benefit you will enjoy from the cryptocurrency market is that you can make a lot of money. But, if you have decided to trade, you should be very well aware of the primary trend analysis methods. Yes, trend analysis is crucial in making you a professional player. But, if you are unaware of the trend analysis, it may be challenging for you to make money. There are two types of analysis that you can find over the internet, and that is traditional technical and come on fundamental one. These are the two, and you can pick up anyone according to your preferences as per your choice.
  • When you enter the cryptocurrency market, you will find that there are many options available in terms of coins and on the platform. Yes, nowadays, the cryptocurrency market has plenty of options for everyone, and you can explore whatever you find the most suitable. We can go with the best points by choosing the one with high flexibility and usability. Then, you have to pick up the best platform, which can be done using some essential considerations like security and safety along with usability. These things will provide you with suitable choices only.

Last words

We gave you some critical information about the cryptocurrency market nowadays. With the details given here, it will be much easier for you to deal with digital tokens and make money. However, if you are a new trader, you will find it a little bit complicated, but along with time, you will also get used to it. Also, crypto will deliver you the benefits you may not find with any other opportunity in the market, which is why it is the superior trading and investing option.

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Here Are a Few of the Fundamentals of Bitcoin Trading

Most people know about bitcoin and adopt it as an essential investment. However, everyone is not sure if they are going to make money. It is because of the enormous fluctuations in the crypto world. But, if you know the essential details of cryptocurrencies, you may not find it very complicated to deal with digital opportunities.

But, you must be very well aware of the fundamentals. Yes, there are basic details about bitcoin that you need to know because it will be complex if you’re not aware of it. Everything will be sophisticated with the details of the cryptocurrency market, and therefore, getting the details is an integral part. So, if you want to know more about Bitcoin trading, the Bitcoin Prime trading software will provide you with details today.

Begin with the best coin

The first and foremost thing about the cryptocurrency market is the coin. Yes, multiple coins are available in the market, making it very complicated to choose the best one. Yes, the complexities begin with the opportunities you get in cryptocurrency. There are many options for digital tokens, and therefore, you may find it very complicated to pick up the right one. But, with a little bit of evaluation of the proper factors, you can easily decide for yourself that bitcoin is the best in the market. Due to its vast valuation and large market cap, bitcoin is the best one in the market.

Make sure to use the best platform.

Today, the diversity of the cryptocurrency market has led many companies to enter the market. But, you need to know that cryptocurrencies are not only about making great things but also about making the right decision. So, make sure to find yourself a perfect cryptocurrency platform. It needs to have security, and it must have a global presence. These are the features that make a perfect trading platform.

Get yourself a safe wallet

You will save your digital tokens here; it has to be the safest place. Bitcoins are precious; therefore, you need to ensure that they are very safe and secure. It would help if you ensured the quality was safe because you cannot afford to lose even one bitcoin. It will be complex, but with proper research, you will be able to find the most secure digital token available at your ease.

Deposit only the required amount of money.

There is an essential thing that you have to keep in mind, and that is regarding the investment. When you begin your cryptocurrency trading journey, you will discover that the cryptocurrency market is complex, but you must make some deposits. But, you need to know that the deposit amount must be only as much as required. It will make sure that you do not add an amount, and it will also keep you away from huge losses. This is why investing in cryptocurrencies must be done correctly, so you do not make losses.

Always be prepared for the opportunity.

Preparing yourself for every opportunity in front of you is crucial in the cryptocurrency market. It is something that you have to learn from the cryptocurrency world. We have to prepare a mindset about dealing with cryptocurrencies, and you should also know that fluctuations are a part of it. We will sail through everything if you have a prepared mindset.

Prepare your strategy

The strategy is vital for all. That is why one has to make a strategy. It will lead it to make huge profits, but it will also stay away from losses. That is where you will ensure you win in the cryptocurrency world using the strategy. It must be beneficial in every digital token, even if you are trading bitcoin. Apart from this, it must deliver your regular benefits.


These are some crucial details according to the cryptocurrency market and dealing with them. If you are now clear about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading, perhaps making money from it will be sophisticated. So, always make sure that you use the best options in the market for trading and go with the flow because that will work.

by Kyrie Mattos at September 09, 2022 12:08 AM

September 08, 2022


Modern Data Room Software and Results for Your Business

woman in blue and white plaid shirt

You may be trying to make your business more efficient by upgrading your security system, adding new equipment, hiring more specialists, developing new projects, or improving your competitiveness but you are still missing something. But have you ever thought about investing in virtual storage rooms? If not, it’s time you should do some research on current products available in the DRS market and decide on the right one for your own business.

What is a virtual data room?

An online data room is a cloud-based environment where you can securely store and edit documents as well as develop new projects. Additionally, when used, you will have access to information and files from anywhere in the world and be able to share certain information with your colleagues or partners. Therefore, this solution is efficient not only for companies of different sizes but also for individuals.

Most people think of online data room software as a platform to solely safeguard business processes in companies. However, many individuals use it professionally to store important and relevant information.

Benefits that can improve your business

Modern bathroom software usually has the tools and features to develop and work on projects, transactions, and other operations, making these processes more secure and faster. Let’s look at the list of software features that can help you and your team with workflows and improve your business on the whole:

  • Document management. You’ll have access to a secure, centralized repository where you can easily find the documents you need at any time without having to rummage through piles of paper as opposed to physical data rooms. For example, a business usually consists of several departments: marketing, taxes, accounting, finance, and sales, and each department requires a huge amount of paperwork to be stored. While scattered data can make it hard to work properly, you can organize everything into folders and groups of folders and find the information you need via a smart search: by master information, by scan, by keywords, by name, etc.
  • Security. Any system requires quality security because you store important and valuable data in a data room. You especially need to keep your customers’ information confidential, increasing their trust and improving your reputation. Electronic data rooms have certified signs and meet all global security requirements. Developers always use cutting-edge technology to keep your company secure; moreover, they are always guided by customer feedback.
  • Portability. You can find all the documents you need at any time and from any convenient device. Moreover, your clients and partners often require certain information for their expert teams, and the Data Room is a very handy solution. After all, when using this software, you can share the information you need at any time, set permissions, and decide who and/or whether they can edit, download, print these documents, etc. This greatly speeds up all the operations you do in your business.
  • Cost efficiency. You can save significantly on your financial resources and reduce additional costs. First, get rid of document stamps; think of how much ink and paper it cost. And for the heating of the room in which you will store it all, and the security of this room to keep everything safe and sound. You can also reduce spending on petrol and courier services by sending information over the network.

Virtual Data Room software is the most advanced, high-tech, and effective solution for your company. If you want to learn and understand more about what virtual data rooms can do to protect and enhance the productivity of your business, take a look here:

And now some more useful features you can get with a virtual data room:

  • Accountability. When using VDRs, you can get information on what has been done, what is in progress, etc., allowing for more trust between the parties. Furthermore, clients and partners can leave feedback or comments on your work.
  • Permission settings. Using this option you can decide who is allowed to get access to certain files and favorite folders, to edit, print, download, or forward a document to other users, etc. These settings can be granular or give access to individual users or entire company departments. You can also group employees into teams according to certain criteria, which will make it easier for you to keep track of different projects and who is responsible for what.
  • Artificial intelligence. As they say, if there is a job a machine can do, let it do it. With a virtual data room, you can automate some or even many processes in your work, which will help reduce the workload for your employees, and thus they can have time for more important tasks and eventually increase the efficiency of work.
  • Support. The basic data room is always designed to be intuitive, with simple interfaces, buttons, etc. All this is also a huge plus in virtual data rooms. However, if anyone is puzzled by a question or does not understand something, they can always contact the support team. All powerful and advanced vendors have a helpdesk. Their experts are always ready to help you, intelligently answer your questions, and send you additional instructions and videos to your email or wherever it is convenient for you. You can contact them via online chat, email, or phone number.

Closing words

Data room services offer many tools and features that will provide you with certain benefits and help increase your business performance. This software can enable you to improve security and increase the privacy and sharing of your information. You will immediately experience rapid growth and create a healthy environment for your team and their productivity by increasing your competitiveness and improving your reputation among your customers and partners.

by Elle Gellrich at September 08, 2022 07:37 PM

10 Easy Ways to Be Sustainable in College

man holding glass door

Ask around, and most people will tell you that their time in college was one of their best – making friends, experimenting with different hairstyles, interacting with people from different cultures, and learning different world views. However, as beneficial as college can be for one’s mental and social development, it can also take a toll on the environment. 

If you’re not careful, your carbon footprint in college could be much larger than it was in high school. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to be more sustainable in college without sacrificing your fun or your grades. Especially when a top do my assignment writing service, DoMyEssay can take care of the latter.

Here are ten easy tips to successfully reduce your carbon footprint while in college.

Make a Plan Before You Shop

Before you visit the stores or order anything online, take a minute to think about what you already have and what you genuinely need. Do you need new shoes for your friend’s party next weekend? Or would something you already have in your wardrobe work just as well? Do you need the latest iPhone model, or can you make do with the one you have since it is in perfect working condition?

Buy in Bulk

Every extra dollar matters in college and could come in handy when you need to find a reliable paper writing service and pay a professional writer to help me write my dissertation or complete an almost-due assignment.

A great way to save extra money and reduce packaging waste is to purchase most household supplies in bulk. You’ll save money and generate less waste when you buy larger quantities of items like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and snacks. Moreover, most stores offer discounts for bulk purchases, so be sure to take advantage of those.

Carry Reusable Bags

Avoid plastic bags, and instead, invest in reusable shopping bags. You can find them for cheap at most stores, or you can make your own out of an old t-shirt or pillowcase if you enjoy crafting. If you forget to bring your reusable bags, consider carrying what you can in your arms.

Bring Your Own Cup

If you love coffee or tea, bring your own mug or thermos from home to fill up at the cafe instead of using a disposable cup. Most restaurants even give their clients a discount for bringing their cups. And if you’re looking to save money, make coffee or tea at home before going out and bring it with you in a travel mug.

Consider Public Transportation or Carpooling

If you have the option, take the bus or train instead of driving everywhere. It is great for the environment and can save you a considerable amount of gas money. If you have to, try carpooling with friends whenever possible.

Avoid Single-Use Products

Disposable items like plastic straws, plastic utensils, and napkins are not only bad for the environment but also more expensive in the long run. Instead, invest in quality reusable plates and silverware. Having reusable utensils is beneficial as you can use them repeatedly for years.


You can compost things like food scraps, yard waste, paper products, etc. If you’re unsure how to do it and what is compostable or non-compostable, there is a lot of useful information that’s readily available online. You can also inquire from your institution’s sustainability office. And if your school has a composting program, take advantage of that. 


Before you throw something away, see if it can be recycled. Most campuses have recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass. You can also recycle aluminum cans and certain types of plastic. If you’re unsure what can be recycled, look it up.

Volunteer at Cleanup Drives

A fun and engaging way to help environmental preservation is to participate in cleanup events. Many college campuses host regular cleanups, or you can join an environmental group on campus. Not only will you be helping to clean up your community, but you’ll also get to meet like-minded people.

Educate Yourself and Others About Sustainability

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to educate yourself and others about sustainability. Read articles, watch documentaries, and talk to your friends about ways to be more sustainable. The higher the number of informed individuals, the more we can collectively do to help the environment.

Why Is Leading a Sustainable College Life Important?

There are many reasons why leading a sustainable college life matters. For one, it’s vital for the environment. Lowering your waste output, composting, and repurposing helps reduce human beings’ impact on the planet. 

Secondly, sustainable living can also save you money in the long term. Purchasing reusable items and staying away from single-use ones allows you to significantly cut your expenses. 

Finally, sustainable living is fun. You get to meet individuals who share this interest and make new friends. By volunteering for cleanups or joining an environmental group, you’ll meet other people passionate about sustainability.


Leading a sustainable college life is essential for many reasons. It’s good for the environment, saves money, and is a great way to meet new people. These are easy tips to live more sustainably, so you don’t have an excuse not to try!

by Kyrie Mattos at September 08, 2022 05:47 PM

Using an Essay Writing Service & Other Habits That Will Make Essay Writing Easy

Not every person is born a writer. Just as well, not everyone can sing, paint, or excel in sports. Yet, writing is a talent that can be learned and trained, but it takes time and effort.

Most students are not big fans of academic writing. However, professors love writing assignments as they allow them to assess student knowledge, as well as their ability to communicate and express ideas on paper.

That’s why the number of essays due in one week impacts students’ choice of majors. For example, before selecting a business, law, or nursing program, they normally check if they have to write a lot and also if they can get timely help. There is no problem in finding nursing essay writing services – or any other help – but it adds to students’ overall burden. 

At the same time, it lets them pursue their dream. Thus, our goal is to make writing easier regardless of students’ major. So, we decided to come up with a guide on how you can make essay writing a more pleasant activity.

Get Essay Writing Help

Obviously, the first rule for every student should be the following: Do not stress out; there is no dead-end situation. You can always get professional help, and your essay will be written within a reasonable time.

What’s required from you is to provide detailed instructions and be responsible for your choice of an essay writing partner. We highly recommend reading essayhub reviews on NoCramming to ensure you choose the right company. The quality of your paper depends on it.

Read More

You can get better at writing by learning a few practical tips, too.

If you want to make essay writing easier, start reading. Whatever you read enriches your vocabulary and helps you in essay creation. Of course, if you want to learn the academic side of writing, you have to read journals and scientific articles.

However, if you are a bookworm who loves nonfiction or fantasy, you can read this too, and it will still be helpful.

Get Organized

Academic essay writing is all about rules. That means it requires you to be organized to get high grades. Thus, be sure you plan – hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The better you know your timelines, the more organized you are.

Creating an essay outline before you get to writing is also an element of planning. You need to know what you will cover in your essay for it to read smoothly. An outline also helps in organizing your essay.

Check the Instructions Early

Don’t postpone reading all the professor’s instructions until the last day. You need to know what’s expected from you. The earlier, the better. Otherwise, you may end up being completely surprised that instead of just two-three pages, you have to write an essay of 2,500 words.

Every essay is to answer a question, and instructions help you understand the things you need to convey in your response. Also, instructions are often the key to successful writing. You just need to understand what is expected from you and provide your professor with the requested information and evidence.

Take Notes

Before you even get to writing, start thinking of the assignment. Plan all those things you want to mention and take notes of your ideas. Unfortunately, what seems genius to you today may be easily forgotten tomorrow if you don’t record your thoughts.

Luckily, you don’t have to walk around with a pen and a notebook 24/7. You can use your smartphone to record your ideas verbally and in writing. This will help you control essay writing and make it easier.

Practice Freewriting

If academic writing, with all its rules and requirements, makes you faint, you must develop a strategy to help you eliminate this stress. The best way to make academic writing more manageable is to practice freewriting before following all these formalities.

Of course, you still need to have an outline and follow it. However, you don’t have to wrap your writing into an academically acceptable format. Firstly, create the content. Secondly, format it according to all rules and norms. Splitting these two processes is much easier than doing both simultaneously.

Research Your Topic

To succeed in writing long essays, you need to make sure you learn something new about your topic every day. You must keep your interest in the subject of research to be able to write with enthusiasm.

The more you study, the more novelty you can bring to your essay. So, ask questions and read articles to make your essay worth reading and easy to write.


Essay writing can’t really be a piece of cake. It requires time and effort to first study the topic and then translates it into a meaningful message. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult either.

Hopefully, a few tips listed above will help you enjoy the process of writing while getting fairly rewarded for your efforts.

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Free Food for Veterans Is a Special Way to Express Gratitude

minimalist photography of person standing near backpack and boots

Veterans Day 2022 is a large-scale holiday in the USA. This is an official holiday, which entitles you to a day off. On the eve of the holiday, the president usually signs a decree that allows veterans and the closest relatives of the deceased. In addition to the fact that military personnel can visit National Parks for free, there are also many public institutions, cafes, restaurants, and hairdressers. They offer not only discounts but also completely free services. However, to do this, you will have to show a military ID.

Features of the Holiday

Veterans Day 2022 deals are various. Some restaurants offer meals with a discount or free if a person comes in a military uniform. Each institution tries to honor veterans in its way. This is a national holiday, and military parades and commemorative events are always organized. People gather near large memorials and lay wreaths. A service is held in honor of the fallen soldiers.

Traditional events on this day are a minute of silence at 11 a. m. All events are aimed at honoring the memory of veterans, so many establishments and restaurants offer meals for veterans on this day. However, each institution offers its special menu on special days when you can get a dish with a discount. Some establishments offer a free dish from a pre-prepared minimum. These can be:

  • chicken wings;
  • fish;
  • chips;
  • salads;
  • sandwiches.

However, to get such a dish completely free of charge, you must provide a certificate.

Some cafes offer veterans a special menu that is produced in their establishments. It can be pancakes with glazed strawberries, whipped cream, potato pancakes, and crispy bacon on a Teppanyaki grill. Small cafeterias also want to please veterans by offering free donuts and coffee. At the same time, they do not even require the presentation of an identity card.

What Restaurants Offer

Many coffee shops offer sweet treats, including coffee with donuts, bagels, and pancakes. That is, this is a great opportunity to please veterans, somehow thank them, show them your respect, and wish them happy Veterans Day. Some simply delight with special dishes from the chef. For example, when ordering the first course, dessert is given for free, and most often, this is the specialty of the institution.

Some establishments offer free chips with sauces. In all its establishments that operate in the state of Texas, a 20% discount is offered to enjoy specialty dishes. A discount on alcoholic beverages is also possible. Large websites publish a list of establishments that are ready to provide a discount, what they offer, that is, it’s a discount or it’s completely free meals, it all depends on the policy of the institution.

The Veterans Day food is an opportunity to show the servicemen how much they are appreciated and respected. Many believe that the military deserves a higher assessment, so every entrepreneur wants to please veterans in their way. Free meals are one of many small ways to express appreciation. Restaurants across the country offer free meals, but some do so regularly. Many people know that you can try special delicious specialties of these brands on this day.

In Which Places Veterans Can Eat for Free

Starbucks establishments offer a free cup of hot coffee, and Wendy’s establishments offer a small breakfast as a thank you. A well-known chain of Dunkin establishments offers free donuts. Buffalo offers a free order, which may consist of French fries and wings. In Georgia, the famous Dave offers a sandwich with chopped pork, which the Americans enjoy so much, and a side dish. Establishments of the Red Lobster series will delight veterans with a free snack or dessert. The bj – c brewery offers a free dish to choose from and a Dr. Pepper drink.

Usually, establishments offer their specialties, which allow you to feel that they are remembered and appreciated and express their gratitude in the way that is available to them. Everyone is pleased to visit a special institution on this day and taste famous specialties. Coffee is most often offered with:

  • donuts;
  • bagels;
  • crispy sticks;
  • sandwiches;
  • waffles.

You can try a combined breakfast at any convenient time.

November 11 is a great way to express gratitude to the servicemen with delicious sandwiches and some free drinks. Some cafes organize the delivery of their dishes, but at the same time, you will also have to show your ID when receiving them. Only in this case, a free delivery option is available. You know that each state has its own rules, and each state has its special networks of establishments, but each of them will surely please with its capabilities. Some accept only veterans; some are ready to please them together with family members. Usually, they offer breakfast, dinner, cocktails, and coffee. In some cases, the cost of the dish is negotiated, for example, it should be priced up to $ 10 or $ 14, and some offer to get a $ 5 gift card that can be used in the following days.

Features of the Tradition of Treating Veterans

Some establishments in America are ready to please veterans for a long period, that is, for example, from the 9th to the 15th, and at this time, anyone can get a cherished discount or free food on Veterans Day. They often offer special specialties or desserts as a gift. They offer standard sandwiches. The dish is sure to be delicious, thoughtful, beautifully served, and most often satisfying because everyone understands that veterans need healthy saturated food.

Many military personnel should restore their health. Some are still serving and should stock up on a lot of calories and nutrients. This tradition has long taken root in the United States, and for more than one-year, institutions have been trying to please the military. Offers vary from location. It is best to find out immediately on the Internet in which institution what dishes are offered and what discounts. If you initially monitor the situation and find the nearest establishments that will offer you an excellent discount, then you will be able to please yourself and your loved ones.

Some restaurant chains offer permanent discounts of 10% for heroes, with not only military personnel but also police officers, firefighters, and emergency responders.

On the website of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, you can find out all the detailed information about how to get certain benefits on this day. Some establishments offer the same dishes from year to year, the expected menu. Many are looking forward to November 11 to try free wings and fries from Buffalo.

This place is considered a cult, and everyone knows the wonderful taste of the dishes. Some establishments imply that you should initially get special vouchers and already get a discount on them. You should understand that in the USA, veterans are revered by everyone, and free meals are a special way to express gratitude to those people who serve and protect the state and are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace and the well-being of families. They are worthy of attention and worthy of the institution being able to express its gratitude.

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Setting up SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Part Analysis

There is a lot to dig into when it comes to simulation and effectively testing your designs. In this article, we will be looking at three main stages of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and the essentials for getting your part set up for analysis. Finite element analysis (or FEA) is a numerical technique of solving field problems described by a set of partial differential equations. Many people use this form of analysis, from acoustics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and many others. However, there are other numerical methods of analysis such as the finite difference method and others.

Three Stages in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Part Analysis

When it comes to simulation, we are talking about three main stages:

  1. The first is preprocessing, or what kind of test are we running? (e.g., static, thermal). In this step we set up material properties, loads and fixtures or restraints directly applied to our model. Finally, we mesh out our model, and our part/assembly is split into several finite elements.
  2. The second step in this process is the solution. We are computing the desired results and having SOLIDWORKS determine where our stresses are going to be most prevalent given our certain loads/forces applied as well as fixtures.
  3. The last step in the process is the most important, postprocessing. We analyze the results SOLIDWORKS gave us. In areas of high stress, we may want to come in and do some clean-up. This can be defeaturing, the process of suppressing or removing geometry features that are insignificant for analysis such as cosmetic fillets, rounds, and logos. We can also come in and add more mesh around high stress areas to add more elements for a deeper analysis. As you can see below, we have added a mesh control around the corner in this bracket(further refinement of elements). Our goal is to obtain a convergence point of MPa, where from study to study we further refine our model so that our maximum stresses are flattening out and becoming further accurate.
simulation graph

Add more mesh around high stress areas to add more elements for a deeper analysis

How to learn SOLIDWORKS Simulation

TriMech provides comprehensive instructor led training courses for SOLIDWORKS Simulation software including SOLIDWORKS Simulation Essentials.

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Essentials training course provides an in-depth coverage on the basics of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), covering the entire analysis process from meshing to evaluation of results for parts and assemblies. The class discusses linear stress analysis, gap/contact analysis and best practices.

This training course will help you to: 

  • Gain an understanding of using Analysis tools in SOLIDWORKS
  • Create better designs by performing analysis and evaluating the behavior of your parts and assemblies under actual service conditions.

If you or your colleagues are interested in getting hands-on training with some of the concepts that were covered in this article please reference the upcoming schedule and contact us for more information.

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September 07, 2022

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How to create Hydraulic Schematics with SOLIDWORKS Electrical Software

Whether you’re designing hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical schematics, you can use SOLIDWORKS Electrical software.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a powerful engineering solution that enables designers to create intelligent, interlinked schematics – all on the same platform.

Watch the video below as TriMech Solutions Consultant – Applications, Chris Duchaine demonstrates how SOLIDWORKS is used to create hydraulic schematics using the same robust suite of tools available for electrical design. Chris also explores how SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D can expand on this, helping you populate your mechanical assemblies with fittings and hydraulic components while automating hose routes.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Creating Hydraulic Schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this SOLIDWORKS Electrical On-demand Webinar

You will learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical software for:

  • Creating Manifold Block Channels
  • Inserting Hydraulic Components (Gauges, valves, etc.)
  • Inserting Linked Hydraulic Components in SOLIDWORKS CAD Assemblies
  • Auto-routing Hoses
  • Creating Associative Hose Lists, BOMs

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Chris Duchaine, Solutions Consultant

Chris is an Solutions Consultant – Applications and has 10 years of engineering experience using CAD to design mechanical and electromechanical systems in the industrial equipment industry. He has worked for over eight years for SOLIDWORKS value-added resellers and at TriMech.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Attend a SOLIDWORKS Electrical training course to learn how you can use SOLIDWORKS Electrical software to create your schematics.

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September 06, 2022


Proven ways to help you save business energy during summer

In the past, most people rarely thought about their energy bills during the summer and the heating was turned off. Today, with energy costs rising, many people keep watch on their energy usage. With extra daylight hours and warmer months ahead, this is the best time to begin changing habits when it comes to saving energy for your business.

Remember that knowing how to save energy during this summer should be your top priority. It’s crucial for your business to become more energy efficient so that you can improve your bottom lines. This post discusses the proven ways to help you save business energy during summer.

Know the business energy usage and waste

It can be hard to figure out when your business uses the most energy and where you may be wasting it, especially if you just focus on taking meter readings regularly. This is the reason why it makes sense to use smart meters. A smart meter refers to a new form of energy meter that offers you more control.

This meter can help you see the amount of money you are spending on the energy your business uses throughout the day. Therefore, this gives you the chance to adjust energy-heavy activities and reduce wasted energy. A smart meter can also give you more accurate energy bills rather than estimates. Also, they can eliminate the time and effort required to do manual meter readings.

Utilize energy-efficient office lighting

It can be expensive to keep the lights on your premises. The truth is that most of the energy your business utilized can go into lighting your business premises. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know how you can use lighting.

You can switch from using incandescent filament bulbs to modern LEDs, halogens, or CFL. Regardless of the upfront costs involved in replacing them, they can save your company a lot of energy and usually last longer. You should also ask your staff members to switch off any lights when there is no person in the room. This can sound obvious but most people forget to turn off the lights when no one is using the room.

You can also consider using motion sensors in the toilets and corridors that often turn the lights on only when they are needed. Alternatively, you can utilize light sensors that assist you to make the most of natural free light.

You should turn down the heat

Another good way you can save business energy is to utilize climate control properly. If you decide to use the air conditioning throughout the day during the summer, your energy bill can increase by at least thirty percent. You should note that when you choose to keep your employees warm, even one degree Celsius of overheating may increase the energy cost by at least 8 percent. Therefore, you should always use them both properly.

You should also give fans, air conditioning filters, and vents a quick clean regularly so that they may not overwork. Also, you can move workbenches, filing cabinets, and other pieces of furniture that may be blocking the radiators. This is because they sometimes absorb some heat which can cost your business extra money to the energy bills.

Turn the devices off

A laptop usually uses less business energy than a desktop computer, but most staff members forget to turn them off after work. Unfortunately, this can cost you extra cash for every laptop or desktop.

You need to encourage your staff members to switch off their computers rather than leave them on standby mode. Also, be careful with the big banks of plugs and switches. Besides these, you need to unplug chargers, printers, and other office devices and equipment that you are not using. Remember that even a blinking light on a TV or phone that you are not using can drain your energy.

Reduce some energy costs in your office kitchen

Many people already know that they need to boil only the water in the kettle for their cup of tea or coffee. There are also some other good ways you can save energy in the office kitchen. Regardless of whether you have a kitchen that is part of your business or a small office kitchen, you need to switch off your microwave by removing the plug when you are not using it. You can switch off ovens and backup fryers when the production times are quieter.

You can also switch on the dishwasher when it’s full. And, keep the freezers and fridges efficient. You can achieve this by cleaning the filters regularly and ensuring that they have adequate space so that they should not overheat.

It’s also a good idea to have oven doors that fit tightly, so make sure that you adjust door latches. You can also cook quicker and reduce heat loss by keeping pots covered. Preheating cooking equipment by using the recommended setting of the manufacturer and purchasing insulated cooking equipment, such as ovens, coffee machines, and fryers can also save energy.

Avoid energy waste

From convenience stores to boutiques, if a customer comes to purchase services or products, then you need to create a welcoming atmosphere in front of your business premises. No doubt, you consider ambiance, but you should also think about saving energy.

In such cases, you need to install pull-down blinds, especially on open produce and dairy cases. Once you close the business premises, these blinds can keep refrigerated air inside. You should also place a chilled cabinet away from an external door.

Aside from these, you can install evaporative condensers rather than air-cooled condensers so that you can eliminate heat. You should remember that evaporative condensers utilize a wetted filter that can increase the ability to remove heat.

Above all, you should keep the exterior and product doors closed. Avoid switching on your heating and cooling system and leave the doors open. You can also use a water machine that offers cold and hot water instead of using water coolers and kettles. This reduces the number of machines that use energy.

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TriMech Tips & Tricks for SOLIDWORKS Assemblies

Do you work with assemblies in SOLIDWORKS? If so, then you know that modeling, visualizing, and manipulating complex assemblies can be a chore.

Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS has a wide range of tools to speed up and take the hassle out of your assembly work. If you don’t know where to look for those tools, you may be working harder than necessary. Would you like to be quicker and more efficient with your assembly modeling? Then this lightning round of Assembly Tips & Tricks will be right up your alley.

Join us on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 10 AM ET for our webinar as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Ben Colley, demonstrates assembly power tools that will empower you to assemble more quickly and effortlessly. Topics will range from selection tools, to patterning, to motion, with plenty of everyday-use tips and tricks along the way.

During this SOLIDWORKS Assemblies Webinar you will learn:

  • Assembly viewing and navigation tools to make your assembly workflow smoother
  • Cool Explosion View tools for visualization and documentation
  • Component patterns that will give you hours of your life back
  • Mate and Motion tools to supercharge your everyday assembling and motion design

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Ben Colley, Solutions Consultant

Ben is a Solutions Consultant with TriMech, where he helps customers find the right software to address their design & engineering pain points, and makes sure they get as much as they can out of their products and services. Ben has been a SOLIDWORKS user since 2012, and has a background in cast iron manufacturing, having worked as a draftsman, part designer, and mold maker.

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Can Playing at an Online Casino Help Improve Mood? How?

Gaming is already a divisive subject that makes people’s tongues twitch, particularly the elderly and professionals who may be concerned about the effects of letting their children waste all day in front of a television or computer.

However, research shows that playing video games for fun could improve health and wellness.

Online Gambling Today

Individuals routinely use gambling websites such as ยูฟ่าเบท to play slots and have fun in ways that they couldn’t do earlier. Some people use it to distract from their regular lives to unwind and improve their mood. Some people could use online casino sites to lose money gaming or to earn easy cash by putting in no extra effort.

People are under the impression that engaging in video gaming and online gambling games must be a time-wasting activity and could be bad for one’s well-being. However, after a little investigation, it was discovered that those activities could improve one’s mental well-being. Playing casino games online, at least to some degree each day, has several advantages, from enhancing your intellectual performance to lowering anxiety and tension levels.

According to a new analysis, recreational video gaming may potentially treat various psychological disorders, from stressful situations to mood disorders and even chronic anxiety. 9 recreational computer games were examined in this thorough assessment of 13+ reputable research to determine their impacts on low mood issues, depression, anxiety, and stress levels.

After the research, scientists discovered striking advantages of playing games on cognitive ability; however, when you consider the reasoning for such advantages, they aren’t that surprising. Additionally, a considerable number of studies appear to support the conclusions of this thorough study.

Playing at a casino website can become a terrific form of relaxation and having a good time. Enjoying a casino game can promote openness to experience, decrease tension, and be entertaining.

What does science say about playing games at a casino website?

You may initially observe that engaging in these activities causes your mind to emit dopamine, which mostly aids in controlling negative emotions like sorrow or rage. Numerous slot machine game variations are available at online casinos like Wizard Slots, where participants may simultaneously enjoy amusement and proven to be helpful.

Scientifically, the philosophy of such exhilaration is mostly driven by volatility and the desire for immediate reward. Everyone enjoys a bit of a surprise! There are many ways in which playing casino games can relax your mood, the psychological advantages of playing online casino games are examined in more detail below.

Mood Improvement 

Memory and concentration are necessary for playing video games, and these two skills are intimately related to someone’s mood. According to several studies, playing simple video games causes the mind to grow healthily. The players in the study displayed decreased left lateral alpha brain oscillations, indicating mood betterment.

Online Casino Games Might Aid in the Reduction of Tension and Stress

Individuals frequently look to activities like yoga, relaxation, and aromatherapy when looking for methods for lowering anxiety and tension. Enjoying online casino games is one hobby that is typically disregarded.

Playing video games can be helpful for people who struggle with stress and anxiety. It can offer a much-needed diversion from the original tension or anxiety source. Furthermore, it may contribute to mood improvement and happiness enhancement. Last but not least, they can foster social contact and a feeling of togetherness. This is particularly the case whenever you get engaged with a group of friends and other players.

Extroversion Increasing

Enjoying online casino games can make you more extroverted, making you very social. Online gambling games may not always use actual cash like the everyday world does, which might be troublesome when you’re not mindful of your achievement motivation. The behavior of extroversion entails accepting chances and praising yourself. You might not have been aware that this practice could have a detrimental economic impact over time.

Enhanced Capacity for Problem-Solving

Casino games don’t just depend on luck. Another benefit of playing casino games is the capacity to resolve issues in a way that can apply to certain other living elements. In cards, for instance, gamers must decide which decks to keep and what to throw, whereas, in blackjack, participants must decide how several decks they would like in their hands utilizing mathematical probability. A winning plan is essential for the gambler; developing these talents requires reasoning, analysis, and mathematics. On top of such skills, the player also needs to have emotional self-control in addition to making rational decisions. These qualities can also be applied to various spheres of daily existence, including work and personal expectations.

Final Word

The advantages of playing online casino games for the brain are hotly contested. Although some individuals consider that games might assist with problem-solving, many think they may cause isolation, loneliness, and obsession. Well, too many chefs will always spoil the cake!

Offering your thoughts a second thing to think about may help you feel less stressed when a situation is upsetting you, but it isn’t much you can do to address it right now. Playing your favorite game is merely a strategy for diverting your focus from the issue until you would find a solution. Because several casino games need some amount of talent or focus, solving a problem while playing can get your brain thinking about other issues that are unrelated to the game. While you’re not worrying about greater issues, most fixes present themselves.

Think of engaging in puzzles or strategic casino games for free if you’re trying to overcome mental health problems or just seeking a way to feel better. Those games are frequently superbly made, which guarantees a great playing environment.

For players and usually those who experience emotional distress, including uneasiness, emotional numbness, and sadness, this might card up one’s sleeve!

by SS Team at September 06, 2022 06:31 AM

September 05, 2022

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear Study Example of a Hard Hat Impact Test

We all know that safety comes first whether it’s on vacation or at work. Well what happens if you’re a construction worker on site wearing a hard hat and a one inch wrench lands on your head from a 3 meter height? Lets use SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear to determine how the hard hat deals with the impact.

Photo by <a href="">Paul Becker</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Scaffolding Photo by Paul Becker on Unsplash

What happens when a wrench drops onto a hard hat?

In this simulation, we used SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Nonlinear Dynamics to simulate the impact shock of the wrench falling down in a straight path onto a hard hat. The techniques used to prep the simulation (meshing, constraining, loading, simplifying the geometry and tweaking the solve time) can be learnt by taking our live online SOLIDWORKS Simulation Essentials training course.


Side view of simulation set-up Wrench velocity and hard hat constraint

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear Analysis Study Considerations:

  • The wrench falls from a 2.8m deck (standard scaffolding deck height).
  • The wrench is 365.8 grams and made from Cast Stainless Steel.
  • The hard hat is 305.96 grams and made from 8619K441 HDPE.
Wrench Impact with the Hard Hat Section view of the impact

At a height of 2.8 meters, the terminal velocity at which the wrench impacts the hard hat is 7.41 (m/s) (drag is ignored for the sake of simplicity).

The stress resulted by the immediate impact reaches a max of 25,085 PSI and it is represented as a baseline. This would make the wrench penetrate the hard hat, and if that was a human skull, the results are catastrophic! The hard hat material can be later chosen and added a Factor of Safety Plot to determine critical regions

This should be a great reminder for safety for all the hardworking laborers out there! Wear your hard hats and be safe! Happy Labor Day!


Take a test drive of SOLIDWORKS or the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and see how you can use it to conduct real life simulation scenarios! Contact Javelin, a TriMech Company today »

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September 01, 2022

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3DEXPERIENCE: How to Export as a Package

Collaborating with users outside of your organization just got easier! With the Export as Package feature, you can quickly bundle assembly files into one single package file. This file can be shared with external collaborators, where their changes can be tracked and sent back. You can even restrict which files within the package can be edited. This feature can be compared to SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go, but with increased ease of use and connection to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform products.

How to Export as Package

The Export as Package command can be accessed from inside SOLIDWORKS Connected or any seat of SOLIDWORKS that has the “Design with SOLIDWORKS” add-in for 3DEXPERIENCE.

  1. Open the assembly you wish to share.
  2. In the 3DEXPERIENCE tab on the right, navigate to Tools at the bottom, and click Export as Package.
3DEXPERIENCE Export Package

3DEXPERIENCE Export Package

  1. In the window that appears, you can decide if you want assemblies/components to be editable or set to read-only for the person you are sharing with. Then, give the package a name, and Export. The Package file can be saved locally or to 3DDrive on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
assemblies/components purpose

Select the assemblies/components purpose

What is the Package file?

The SOLIDWORKS package file is saved with the extension “.sldpkg” and contains everything needed to open the assembly that was “packaged”, making it great for sharing with people outside of your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This file type can be opened using one of these products:

  • Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS
  • SOLIDWORKS with the free “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange” add-in

Using one of the products above, the package can be imported for editing by the external collaborator. They will only be able to edit the components and assemblies which were originally set to “For Edit”. When they have made their necessary changes, they will re-export the package file to send back. When the package is returned, it will show which files were modified.

To read more about importing packages with the “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange for SOLIDWORKS” Add-in, click here.

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The Software Development Process – a Detailed Guide

woman in black long sleeve shirt using macbook pro

Creating a modern software system is a very laborious task: the typical size of the software exceeds hundreds of thousands of operators. To effectively create such software products, a specialist must have an understanding of the methods of analysis, design, implementation, and testing of software systems. It is also important to understand existing approaches and technologies.

The development of software products, like any other complex system, is carried out in stages using a block-hierarchical approach. It implies the development of a product in parts with subsequent assembly. At each stage, certain design operations are performed, which are appropriately documented. The sequence of stages and their results follow the software life cycle model.

In addition, the implemented system must also be accompanied by various kinds of program documentation, for example, a specification, a programmer’s manual, a user’s manual, an operator’s manual, etc. Thus, the ability to create software documentation is certainly necessary for a software developer. You can Go Company and find the best eLearning software development specialist. But if you want to learn more about the steps involved in software development, then the following guide will be helpful. Try to allocate enough time to study the important material about educational software development.

What Stages Does the Software Development Process Include?

The e-learning software development process involves the actions and tasks performed by the developer and covers the creation of software and its components in accordance with the specified requirements. These include design and operational documentation, as well as the preparation of materials necessary to check the functionality and quality of software products, materials necessary for personnel training, etc. According to the standard, the software development process involves the following actions:

  1. Preparatory work – the selection of a life cycle model, standards, development methods, and tools, as well as drawing up a plan works;
  2. Analysis of requirements for the system – determination of its functionality, user requirements, requirements for reliability and security, requirements for external interfaces, etc.;
  3. System architecture design – determination of the necessary equipment, software, and operations performed by service personnel;
  4. Software requirements analysis – addressing functionality, including performance characteristics, component environment, external interfaces, reliability and safety specifications, ergonomic requirements, data requirements, installation, acceptance, user documentation, operation, and support;
  5. Software architecture design – defining the structure of the software, documenting the interfaces of its components, developing a preliminary version of the user documentation, as well as requirements for tests and an integration plan;
  6. Detailed software design – detailed description of software components and interfaces between them, updating user documentation, developing and documenting requirements for tests and a test plan for software components, updating the component integration plan;
  7. Software coding and testing – development and documentation of each component, as well as a set of test procedures and data for their testing, updating user documentation, and updating the software integration plan;
  8. Software integration – the assembly of software components in accordance with the software integration and testing plan for compliance with qualification requirements. These are a set of criteria or conditions that must be met in order to qualify the software product as conforming to its specifications and ready for use in given operating conditions;
  9. Software qualification testing – software testing in the presence of the customer to demonstrate its compliance with requirements and readiness for operation. At the same time, the readiness and completeness of the user’s technical documentation are also checked;
  10. System integration – assembly of all system components, including software and hardware;
  11. Qualification testing of the system – testing the system for compliance with the requirements, checking the design and completeness of the documentation;
  12. Software installation – installation of software on the customer’s equipment and verification of its operability;
  13. Acceptance of the software – evaluation of the results of qualification testing of the software and the system as a whole, final transfer of the software to the customer.

Basic Models of the Software Life Cycle in an E-learning Software Development Company

The concept of the software life cycle appeared when the programming community realized the need to move from artisanal methods of software development to technological, and industrial production. As usually happens in similar situations, the programmers tried to transfer the experience of other industrial productions to their field. In particular, the concept of the life cycle was borrowed.

The leading experts of educational software development companies note that the software’s life cycle is a period that starts from the moment of making a decision about the need to create a software product and ends at the moment of its complete removal from an operation. This cycle is the process of building and developing software.

The life cycle concept arose under the influence of the need to systematize work in the software development process. Systematization was the first stage on the way to automation of the software development process. The next steps of the transition to the automation of the software development process were as follows:

  • Establishing the technological routes of the activities of software developers;
  • Determining the possibility of their automation and identifying risks;
  • Developing tools for automation.

Using the life cycle concept allows choosing approaches that are most effective for the tasks of a certain stage of the software life. Depending on the software development and support processes features, there are different life cycle models.

Waterfall Model

The Waterfall model of the life cycle was proposed in 1970 by V. Royce. The Waterfall model of the software life cycle arose to meet the need for systematization of work at the early stages of program development. According to this model, software systems go through two phases in their development:

  1. Development;
  2. Maintenance.

The phases are divided into a number of stages. The Waterfall model involves the sequential execution of all stages of the project in a strictly fixed order. The transition to the next stage means the complete completion of work at the previous stage.

Agile Model (Iterative and Incremental Development)

The Agile model involves dividing the project’s life cycle into a sequence of iterations, each of which resembles a mini-project with all life cycle phases. The classic Agile model absolutizes the possibility of returning to previous stages. This circumstance reflects an essential aspect of software development: the desire to anticipate all situations of system use in advance and the impossibility in the vast majority of cases to achieve this.

All traditional programming techniques aim only to minimize returns. But the essence does not change from this: when returning, you always have to repeat the construction of what was already considered ready.

Spiral Model

In the spiral model, program development takes the form of a series of successive iterations. In the first stages, the product specifications are clarified, in the next stages, new features and functions are added. According to eLearning software companies, the purpose of this model is to reassess the risks of continuing the work at the end of each iteration.


The software development process in an educational software development company is usually considered a collective work of specialists aimed at meeting users’ needs in automating their activities. Like any other collective work, it requires organization and management. This process is sometimes lengthy, linking by production and other relations those who can be considered producers of the program to one degree or another.

by SS Team at September 01, 2022 06:52 AM

August 31, 2022


How to Rise as a Game Master in Your Next Gaming Session

playing cards on brown wooden table

There are many roles to be taken in a gaming session, and ensuring you’re prepared for each position is vital. Gaming sessions can be challenging to manage with multiple people involved, so you must have the right skills to tackle such a challenge. 

This article gives some pointers on preparing for your next gaming session!

What Qualities Do Game Masters Have?

Most game masters have a knack for storytelling and making their players feel like they are a part of the game. They also tend to be good at improvising and developing new ideas. 

One of the essential duties of a game master is to create an enjoyable gaming experience for their players. So what qualities make for a great game master? 

Some essential qualities include the following: 

Patience: It takes a lot of patience to be a good game master. It would help if you handled difficult situations calmly and diplomatically while keeping the game moving forward.

Organization: A good game master always has a plan. They know where all the players are, their spells and items, and what obstacles lie ahead. They need to keep the game running smoothly, even in chaotic moments.

Creativity: A good game master can also develop new ideas. They must be able to think on their feet and devise ways to make the game more exciting or challenging.

Leadership: A good gaming master can also lead by example. They must positively show the group and provide guidance when needed.

How to Make Players Come Back to Your Gaming Sessions

It would be ideal if you took more action than offering great rewards to keep your players returning to your gaming sessions. 

Suppose you could additionally make sure that the gaming experience was top-notch. One way to do this is by using the best online casinos like

There are numerous games available at casinos. And bonus opportunities, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

And if you want to make your games even more enticing, try using a top casino search tool. The tools allow you to find the best online casinos based on your preferences, so you can be sure that your players will enjoy their time at your casino.

Here are five tips to make players want to stick around: 

  1. Make the game’s interest enjoyable; players will quickly lose interest and move on if the game isn’t interesting. Try to develop new ideas every session that keep the game fresh.
  1. Keep the momentum going. Players will swiftly grow bored and leave if you stop progressing the story or the stakes in the game. Try to keep things moving by adding new challenges or obstacles for the characters to overcome.
  1. Make sure the rules are clear and straightforward to understand. Keep things as specific as you can so everyone can follow along. If your rules are too complicated, players will quickly lose interest and move on.
  1. Be flexible with your players. If they want something different than you planned, be willing to change things, so everyone is happy. No one likes a grumpy GM!
  1. Be patient with your players. If they don’t seem to be working hard or trying hard enough, try not to get angry or push them too much.

Tips for Making Your Gaming Sessions More Engaging

Considered among the most crucial things you can do to make your gaming sessions more engaging is to be proactive. You are taking charge of the game and dictating how it unfolds. 

One of the easiest ways to take control of the game is to ensure everyone knows what’s happening. Here are some pointers for accomplishing that:

  1. Make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Use clear and concise dialogue or have a rule book or map on hand that everyone can update.
  1. Use your imagination to get your gaming session going in the right direction. If you have an idea for a scene or adventure, go ahead and put it into action. 
  1. Do not be hesitant to alter your plans. If things start to stagnate, it might be time to change things. It is introducing new characters or scenarios or switching up the game rules.

Suppose you discover that your gaming group is getting bored with an existing game. In that case, it’s worth one of the solutions outline abovementioned solutions to rush into changing things simply because you want to try to find a solution beforehand before making any significant alterations. Ideally, this will see your gaming session continue to run smoothly for as long as possible.

What Happens After You Win a Game?

After a significant victory in many tabletop RPG campaigns, Congratulations! The story is just beginning. 

It can be easy to become wrapped up in the excitement of a game’s conclusion and neglect to consider what happens next. 

The following pointers can aid you in developing a satisfying post-game experience for your players. 

  1. Thank your players for their participation. It’s vital everyone feels appreciated and that the game was a fun experience. A simple “thank you” will go a long way.
  1. Set up any post-game rewards or consequences. Involve giving out bonuses or punishments, awarding XP or treasure, or anything else your players might desire. Make sure these are equitable and make sense within the game setting.
  1. Recap the event for your players. Summarise what happened in the game, who won, who lost, and other relevant details. The event will help jog memories and ensure everyone is on an even footing when discussing their next gaming session.
  1. Close out the event with a message from you or the GM character(s). The character can be anything from thanking your players for playing along to issuing warnings about upcoming games in the setting (e.g., monsters that have been weakened may now pose.


After reading this article, you’ll be familiar with the fundamentals of game mastering and be able to improve your performance in games in your next gaming session. 

Whether you are brand new to the role or want to polish up on some skills, there is everything you require to begin this guide.

From creating a world-class Gaming personality to knowing when and how to introduce new gameplay elements, this article will have you well on your way to becoming a master of the gaming table.

by Kyrie Mattos at August 31, 2022 04:32 PM

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Import Package with 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange Add-In

SOLIDWORKS Packages provide a new way for engineers to collaborate on designs with users outside of their organization. When sharing an assembly with an external collaborator, we typically end up with bundles of files that must be zipped and unzipped, and file suffixes like “-version2_done_withEdits_FINAL”. Importing Packages keeps assembly files all in one place, with the ability to control which files can be edited/read-only and track which files have been modified. Keep reading to learn how to import a SOLIDWORKS Package file.


The SOLIDWORKS Package File has the extension “.sldpkg”. This can be imported using one of these products:

  • Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS
  • SOLIDWORKS with the free “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange” add-in

The package file contains everything needed to open the assembly which was “packaged” and will track which files have been modified.

How to Import a Package with 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange for SOLIDWORKS

  1. First, make sure the “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange” Add-in is turned on inside SOLIDWORKS.

    3DX Exchange Add-in

    3DEXPERIENCE Exchange Add-in

  2. Navigate to the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange tab and select Import Package.
    Select Import Package
  3. In the “Import Package” Window, click the “Open” icon to navigate to the “.sldpkg” file you received. Importing this package will create a working folder with the default location C:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\3DEXPERIENCE_Workspace.

    import package window

    Import package window

  4. After the package is imported, the window on the right will show which files can be edited or are set to read-only.

Editing Files inside of Package

Now that the package is imported, you can right-click and open any of the files in the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange task pane on the right. At any time, you can use the Refresh button to see the updated status of the files you have modified.

editing files in package

Editing files in package

When you are done editing the files, be sure to save any files that were modified, they will be saved into the local working folder specified in Step 3 above.

Export Package

When you are ready to return the modified package to the original sender, navigate to Package, Export. From here you will save an updated “.sldpkg” file which can be sent back to the 3DEXPERIENCE user you are collaborating with.

Export package

Export package

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by TriMech Solutions, LLC at August 31, 2022 02:15 PM

August 30, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Get Connected, Stay United with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Apps

3DEXPERIENCE Works features design tools that help optimize your product development process. Plus, design and engineering teams can collaborate more effectively with a seamless connection to SOLIDWORKS.

Watch our demonstration video below to get to know 3DEXPERIENCE Works Apps:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Get to Know 3DEXPERIENCE Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

How can 3DEXPERIENCE Works Help You?

Here are just a few ways the 3DEXPERIENCE Works design tools, including 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor, and 3D Pattern Shape Creator, can enhance your workflow:

  • Simplify and speed up the design of ergonomic or stylized shapes with Sub-D modeling
  • Manage design data and documents in a secure and collaborative environment in the cloud
  • Automate repetitive design tasks using artificial intelligence
  • Iterate faster by eliminating the need for data conversion between industrial and mechanical design tools

Are you ready to simplify your communications and workflow by uniting your team on a common platform? With its growing application portfolio and secure cloud technology, the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio enables you to manage every step of the design process.

Download the white paper below to see how 3DEXPERIENCE Works enables you to create innovative designs faster from anywhere with only an internet connection and a browser.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" id="pardotform" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0" type="text/html" width="100%"></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"> var form = ''; var params =; document.getElementById("pardotform").setAttribute("src", form + params); </script>

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August 29, 2022

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How to change the date format of a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

In this post you will learn how to change the date format of a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault and why the change may be required.

The reason for a SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault date change could be because:

  • The date format defined during the creation of the vault is incorrect.
  • A company has decided to change the date format that will be used.
  • Or there is a mismatch between date formats in a data card.

Data Card Date Mismatch

I want to first talk about a mismatch between date formats in a data card before I explain how to change the date format in SOLIDWORKS PDM. In some scenarios, when creating a data card, there is a Date Field that can be applied to a control.

In the Date Field Properties, a date is generally assigned Text Value or Today’s Date as a Default Value.

Default Value for Date Field Properties

Default Value for Date Field Properties

Today’s Date will pull the date from Windows. All other options, including Text Value, will pull the date from PDM. One solution for a date mismatch is to modify the Windows Date Format through the Windows Control Panel.

Changing Date Format in Windows

Changing Date Format in Windows


The other is to change the date format of the PDM vault.

Changing the date format in SOLIDWORKS PDM

To change the date format of the PDM vault, in PDM Administration, right-click on the vault and select Properties

Accessing Vault Properties

In the File Vault Properties dialogue box, a new date format can be selected from the Date Format pull-down.

Changing Date Format through Vault Properties

Changing Date Format through Vault Properties

Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration?

Take our SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration training course live online to gain a better understanding of creating and managing a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault

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August 26, 2022

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A New Era for Additive Manufacturing Durability

In the early days of 3D Printing, fragile parts that could only be used for prototyping was the norm.

Now, in 2022, the emphasis from material developers has shifted to resins and thermoplastics focused of making strong parts, capable of being used in actual real-world applications. In many situations, new printers and technologies are capable of taking the place of traditional manufacturing methods!

Watch the on-demand webinar as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Rich Annino, shows the newest Additive Manufacturing machines / 3D Printers from Stratasys, how these printers work to make strong parts and new materials that push the envelope.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="A New Era for Additive Durability Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this On-demand Webinar you will learn:

  • More about the newest 3D Printers from Stratasys
  • How these printers work to make strong parts
  • New materials that push the envelope

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Rich Annino, Solutions Consultant – Additive

Rich is the senior member of our Hardware Solutions Consultant Team and has also served as the Advanced Manufacturing Services Shop Manager at our Rocky Hill Connecticut Facility, having worked hands on with our cutting edge additive manufacturing technologies daily for over 9 years. His extensive knowledge of these Additive Solutions puts him in a unique position to be able to explain these technologies and processes in granular detail. In his previous role, Rich was responsible for the running and maintaining of over a million dollars in additive manufacturing machinery on a day to day basis, and in his new role Rich has been taking that high level of machine and operation knowledge to our client’s and help them determine what the best Additive Solution is available to fit their needs.

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August 25, 2022

The Javelin Blog

TriMech Tips & Tricks: SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches

Traditionally when working with SOLIDWORKS Sketches, one of the axes is ignored to allow for a simpler method of creating feature profiles.

However, when working in a three-dimensional space as opposed to traditional two-dimensions, your sketching may become difficult without the right knowledge or skills. Are you ready to learn some of the best tips and tricks for 3D sketching?

Watch the on-demand webinar as TriMech Process and Training Consultant, Sonya Kasper, discusses her favorite features of SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="TriMech Tips &amp; Tricks: SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketches Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this SOLIDWORKS On-demand Webinar you will learn:

  • Understand use cases and investigate a weldment setup using SOLIDWORKS 3D sketches
  • Discusses 3D sketch relations and how they differ from some 2D relations
  • Create 3D sketch plane
  • Control 3D splines

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Sonya Kasper, Process and Training Consultant

Sonya joined TriMech in 2021 as a Process and Training Consultant. In this role, she is responsible for SOLIDWORKS post-sales services, which entails Training, CCV and Projects. Before joining TriMech, Sonya worked as a mechanical engineer in the medical field (Stryker), in a machine shop and for Cimquest as an Application Engineer.

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August 24, 2022


The Lesser Known Video Poker Terms You Need to Know About

assorted-color playing cards

Want to play a video poker strategy game online? Now, you probably know the basics, but you need to be well versed in the game when it comes to winning.

While you can always get started playing a good video poker game at Ignition casino for free, knowing more about the game can help make the gameplay better.

Here are some terms that you will find useful.

Quads – Another word of four-of-a-kind. An example of a four-of-a-kind card combination is 3,3,3,3 and an Ace.

Royal Flush: It’s the ultimate winning combination that bears the jackpot amount. A royal flush is an Ace, a King, a Queen, a Jack, and a 10 in the same suit. The odds of getting a royal flush is 1 in 40,000.

Flush Straight– In a Flush Straight hand, the cards belong to the same suit and are in progressive or regressive ranks. For Example, 5,6,7,8, and 9, and all the cards are spades. This hand is also known as Straight Flush.

Strategy Chart– A chart sold by casino gift shops with video poker games’ strategies printed on them. A handy item for a beginner. The strategy chart is usually printed on a card. You can also download strategy charts from the internet.

Double Double Bonus Poker– Another variation of Bonus Poker. A player gets a kicker, and that will pay double on particular four-of-a-kind card combinations.

Face Card– Jacks, Kings, and Queens are known as face cards.

Four-of-a-Kind – It is a card combination where four out of the five cards have the same rank—for Example, a card combination consists of four 8s and an Ace. Four-of-a-kind cards usually bear high rewards in most video poker games.

Full House– A card combination consists of a three-of-a-kind and a pair—for Example, three 2s and a pair of Kings. This card combination is also known as a boat.

Inside straight– An inside straight is a card combination where the cards would have been in progressive or regressive ranks, if not for one of the middle cards—for example, a card combination of 2,3,8,5 and 6 or a 6,5,8,3,2.

Kickers– These are cards that have not been included in the winning combination. Kickers have value only in the Double Bonus poker game. It is useless in other games.

Max Bet: The maximum bet that a player can bet on a video poker machine. The max number of coins in a video poker machine is five coins. So, the maximum bet in a machine is that machine’s denomination multiplied by 5.

Min Bet: The minimum bet that the player has to place to play video poker. The minimum number of coins in a video poker machine is 1. So, the minimum bet is a machine’s denomination multiplied by 1.

Multi-hand: There is a multi-hand option in most video poker games. In this option, the player can play with multiple hands at once. Once the first hand of cards is dealt, the player chooses the ones to hold. These held cards are kept the same in successive hands while the other cards are changed. The altered cards come from separate decks in different hands.

Unlike classic poker, video poker players do not have to worry about showing off their skills at a full table in front of their colleagues, bosses, or people in general. Nobody will comment on your gameplay. You can enjoy your video poker in solitude!

by Elle Gellrich at August 24, 2022 05:20 PM

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Simulating multiple physics enables better decision-making

Ensure quality by leveraging SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation tools

Independent research firm Tech Clarity conducted a study based on a survey of 272 manufacturers, examining various factors engineers consider when making design decisions. The study found that the significant increase in the amount of electronics in today’s products is one of the reasons design challenges are so complex.

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="Extending your Simulation capabilities with 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS" width="500"></iframe>

For example, the impact of electrical fields, along with heat and vibration, are top sources of electronic failures, so engineers must carefully consider their effects to ensure quality. The performance of most products is impacted by at least one of the following:

  • Electrical components
  • Sensors
  • Elastic materials
  • Motors
  • Fluids
  • Composites
  • Antennas and communication systems

Tech Clarity’s survey results indicate that the ultimate benefit of simulating multiple physics is better products. Multiphysics simulations improve analysis accuracy, which leads to better decisions and results in higher-quality products for less cost.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" id="pardotform" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0" type="text/html" width="100%"></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"> var form = ''; var params =; document.getElementById("pardotform").setAttribute("src", form + params); </script>

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August 23, 2022

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How to Implement the Envelope Tool and Publisher in SOLIDWORKS

Many would agree that working on multiple complex assemblies can be a difficult task, especially when components need to reference one another in context. The way that we can circumnavigate some of these issues is to use the Envelope Tool, and there are several ways that we can implement it. Let’s take a closer look at this intuitive tool.

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="Understanding the Envelope Tools Tools in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD" width="500"></iframe>

In this first example, let’s say I need to complete the design of internal components to the constraints of the housing that I’ve been given. The way that we can insert these components as envelopes is to take the left and right side of the grip handle and go to Properties where we can click the checkbox for Envelope. This will automatically exclude these components from the Bill-of-Materials, and we’ll notice that they become transparent blue.

Exclude components from BOMs

Exclude components from BOMs

They’re no longer considered when handling calculations such as the Center of Mass, which you can see would be in a different location if we were to remove the Envelope Tool. We can remove the Envelope Tool from these components by going back to Properties and clicking the Envelope checkbox before clicking Okay. When we check mass properties again, we will notice that the Center of Gravity is back to where it would be if we had included the housing in those calculations.

Another scenario that we utilize in the Envelope Tool is the Envelope Publisher. In this scenario, we need to reference a component from our top-level assembly in a sub-assembly in order to complete the plumbing design.

Rather than working in this top-level assembly and instead of manually writing duplicate components into our sub-assembly and suffering the time and performance issues, we can use the Envelope Publisher that is found in the Tools Menu toolbar. We can pick our part file from another sub-assembly and SOLIDWORKS will publish that component as an envelope in the target sub-assembly. To do that, go to the Tools > Envelope Publisher > Select a component where the plumbing will be pulling tools from. Next, select this as the destination sub-assembly. I’ll go ahead and add a Group and click the check to finish the command. Now when we open the sub-assembly, we can see I now have the component here as an envelope.

sub-assembly component as envelope

Sub-assembly component as envelope

We can now complete the design in a less complex file while utilizing this part from the top-level assembly to apply mates and utilize it as reference geometry.

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by TriMech Solutions, LLC at August 23, 2022 12:11 PM

August 22, 2022

The Javelin Blog

3 Favourite Features on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has many great features but check out the video below to see which three are my favorite.

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="281" loading="lazy" src="" title="My Top 3 Favorite Features in 3DEXPERIENCE" width="500"></iframe>


My first favorite thing about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is that it’s cloud-based. And what that means is that just from the internet browser on my computer, I’m able to interact with posts. I can look at some of the data we have saved and preview those files. You can take that a step further, though, with that cloud-based nature and go down to a cell phone.

And that means that I can still interact with the same content and I can use some of the apps that I have access to based on the roles I’m given. I can view files directly from my cell phone, I can make markups to them. I’m also able to share those markups with my team, all from my cell phone, wherever I am in the world, as long as I have internet access.

File Searching

The next thing that I like about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is just how easy it is to find the file I’m looking for in a collaborative space here. And I know I have a ton of files in here. I could give it a search term up at the top, but I can also use what is called 6W tags and these are going to give you the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the file.

For example, I know that I’m looking for a SOLIDWORKS model. So, it originally is coming from SOLIDWORKS. When was it created? I know this one was back in 2020. And as I’m doing this, it is dynamically filtering my results over here in my collaborative space to just show those files. And the last one I’m looking for is just to see if it is locked. And I know this file is locked. Again, just by combining these terms, I can find my file out of the thousands of files I have in my collaborative space.

Working with Files

The last thing that I really love about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is just how easy it is to work with the files once I find what I’m looking for.  For example, we will look at this SOLIDWORKS yoke file. I can hit the dropdown and I can open with any of the apps that I have access to based on the roles assigned to me.

Now, I might want to open this up in SOLIDWORKS and start modifying it so I could use this Design with SOLIDWORKS option. Or even easier than that, I can just do a simple drag and drop to easily open this file directly from my browser into SOLIDWORKS while also maintaining the link between the two.

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August 20, 2022


Busting The Myths Around Online Casinos

6-sided die displaying 5

When playing online casinos, casino bonuses are among the things they are looking for. One of the best online casino bonuses today is the casino bonus 200. You will learn about this later on. But for now, let us go bust the most common myths about online casinos.

Myths That Go Around Online Casinos

Despite the challenges, including the ongoing battle for regulation, these online casinos have remained highly popular for everybody worldwide looking for thrills. And for good reasons – online casinos are safe, are convenient, and offer players features they cannot find from land-based casinos. You can play right from the convenience and comfort of your own residence and home.

In spite of all these, many people (those who have not tried online casinos yet, mostly) still believe that the games are not fair or safe because of the different myths that surround online casinos. So here we are, helping enlighten you further if you are trying to play the game for the first time. We are going to bust the most common myths that go around online casinos. Fasten your seatbelts.

Myth Number One: Online Casino Games Are Rigged

It is among the most prevalent complaints about Internet casinos. Since players are not in the physical location of the machines, many believe that the Internet casino games are rigged in favor of the house. This is far from the truth. The fact is, online games provide a game history that would allow those who want to run results through a given algorithm to see if there are any discrepancies from the game odds.

It would also not be in the best interest of a casino operator to rig the games in their favor, or else they will appear bad in front of the public. Furthermore, casino software suppliers invest thousands of dollars in having their games audited for reliability and accuracy, and the public can see the audit results.

To conclude, online casino games are never rigged. But, players are more likely to play many more hands in a similar amount of time as in a live session, so they might see their bankroll dip faster. As a result, a cause for the emergence of this myth.

Myth Number Two: Online Casinos Produce More Underage Gamblers

Interestingly enough, among the most significant concerns that many watchdog institutions had when Internet casino sites were launched was controlling underage gambling. Because of the openness of online casinos, almost everyone can sign up to play, even minor-aged people.

But then again, this is absolutely a myth. First, many Internet casinos require players to use credit cards or other relevant means to get started depositing into their accounts. Minors are not yet at the legal age to own credit cards. Moreover, IDs need to be verified to allow players to make a deposit. How about minors stealing their parents’ credit cards? While this could be possible, it is rare these days. Still, the verification process is very meticulous.

Myth Number Three: You Can Card Count Playing Online Games

This one is hilarious. Card counting refers to the way players may resort to it if they want to gain an advantage playing the casino. However, right here, we will tell you that casinos take measures to prevent this from happening. The casino also reserves the right to ban players from their platform.

Additionally, Internet casino operators never have to worry about card counting because it is virtually impossible. For example, most blackjack casino games utilize a shoe with six or eight decks in it. In a land-based casino, the shoe is cut close to in half. So, even if the player is counting the cards, they will never reach the end of the shoe and take advantage of it. In an online casino, the cards are shuffled. All eight decks. Every hand, because computers can do this instantly. As a result, every hand a player plays is essentially the first hand of the shoe – every single hand.

Myth Number Four: You Will Not Get Paid If You Are a Winner

Halloween is almost here. It is easy to be spooked if you hear a story of a player who did not get their prizes after winning the games. These only happen when players, by any chance, play in a rogue casino operator. With the number of players who are into online casinos worldwide nowadays, the number of those cheated out of their cash is a very tiny percentage.

While it is true that a casino does everything they can to keep your money in the account, such as implementing long pending periods, having documents that need to be scanned, identity confirmation, and much more, if you want the money you have won, you will get it. However, it is always suggested that you only leave a balance on your account; you are okay to lose if something happens to shut down the casino.

Myth Number Five: The Games Freeze If You Are Winning Too Much

Let us all admit it. There are online casino players who are just great at the game or have been playing online casinos for several years that they win too much. We also have heard laughable stories of operators freezing the games if a player wins too much. Why is this highly unlikely? First of all, if a player is winning in an Internet casino, the casino would want you to play more hands because, in this way, the house also wins. Having said this, why would they slow down the games?

Suppose there are indeed cases involving casinos freezing amidst hands. In that case, this is usually due to communication breaking down between the casino servers and the players’ devices, not because they do not want players to win. Sometimes, it could be as trivial as a slow Internet connection. There is no need to worry if any of these happen. When you restart the software, the hand will pick it up where you left off.

Myth Number Six: It is Impossible To Win With An Online Casino Bonus

Almost every casino website offers attractive bonuses and promotions for new and loyal players. However, some believe it is impossible to win lots of prizes with such bonuses. This is not true. The fact remains that you can actually win big when playing with these bonus offers.

But why do some players think they will not win with the bonuses? Probably because they do not pay close attention to the terms and conditions associated with the offers. This is important, especially on the clauses that speak about the wagering requirements. It refers to the number of times a player is required to play with the bonus money before withdrawing their winnings. Once you read these terms and conditions, you will realize these bonuses can strategically be used to score big wins.

The Casino Bonus 200

Speaking of bonuses, among today’s most widely offered welcome bonuses is the 100 percent bonus granted on the initial deposit. However, players think this bonus is not enough, so they look for a 200 percent bonus that doubles their first deposit and triples it immediately. This does not only increase their playing time but also their winning chances. For example, if a player deposits €100, they can play directly with €300 on a bonus offer of 200 percent. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? Among the best online casinos with these types of bonuses are Hotline Casino, Playouwin, and Wintika, among many others.

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Company’s Strong Cybersecurity Posture – Some Simple Tips for Data Protection

Virtual CISO Cybersecurity Services Company will provide reliable protection for your company’s data and become an indispensable part of your team without unnecessary costs and the need to make new personnel decisions. Keep your organization safe and secure.

Safety must be a priority because this is what ensures the company’s functioning. Cybercrimes happen quite often with those who neglect the basic rules which we will discuss further, so, make sure to implement and follow them. This is the basis for the security of the company’s information.

The importance of data safety

Possible cyber attacks can seriously shake the functioning of your company and, as the result, significantly reduce your income. In addition, such attacks will minimize efficiency at least until all threats are eliminated. The system is restored to its original state. In order to avoid irreparable consequences, ensure a strong cybersecurity position in your company.

Such a position requires the mobilization of all forces for a high-quality diagnosis of threats and ensuring a reliable level of data safety and the introduction of best practices in the cyber threat protection industry.

It is necessary always to be fully armed, regularly monitor possible risks, and provide the required protection. Caring for your data’s safety is the basis for promoting the company.

Stages of ensuring data safety

The company’s role in creating necessary conditions includes next components:

  • provision of high-quality diagnostics of possible risks;
  • enhance necessary policy rules;
  • teach personnel how to prevent safety damage;
  • implement appropriate software.

These basic rules will guarantee that all the company’s information is protected from any cybercriminals, viruses, leaks etc.

In order to determine the degree of vulnerability of the firm, a comprehensive diagnosis of IT safety and an evaluation of potential risks must be carried out. This step will give an opportunity to learn about the organization’s weaknesses and possible centers of attack by cybercriminals. The next essential step is to develop a plan of action minding the possible risks. This will maximize the safety of vulnerable data.

It is important to tailor the actions to the company’s current situation and field. It should be based on building the safety infrastructure of each company component (direction, department) for maximum adequate protection. The second step at this stage is developing an individual risk management program to monitor the vulnerabilities and strengths of the company. Following this step, you will always be able to observe strengths and weaknesses so that you can prioritize and allocate the resources you need to prevent threats on time and correctly.

Training staff to learn about possible threats and how to prevent them is an important step. It is important to develop a system for training employees and communicating information with each other. Increasing skills and knowledge can help prevent most threats. For effective and fruitful staff training, you can invite IT, specialists, from outside who can develop the necessary training system and apply the essential tools that are suitable at a given moment.

The result of all previous steps will be increased (but not guaranteed) data safety. It is crucial to make a choice based on an assessment of the level of quality and level of protection because the stable functioning of your company and the degree of customer trust directly depend on the level of documentation safety.

4 simple tips for IT safety

Above, we briefly reviewed the necessary steps which will help to save important information from being hacked or leaked. But that’s not enough. It is also important to maintain these positions. There are four simple and understandable tips that will guarantee the necessary result:

1. create a group within the agency or engage safety experts.

Team building is not always efficient and requires new personnel solutions, but proven and efficient virtual companies will guarantee the safety of information.

2. Keep in mind new threats and monitor safety regularly.

Cybercriminals and hackers do not stand still and constantly improve their “skills.” Be a step ahead and regularly monitor the company’s IT safety state.

3. Implement a strong safety culture.

Staff should be able to use the right actions to eliminate them and even prevent them. The necessary knowledge level will help avoid confusion in a particular situation and choose the right strategy.

4. Be prepared to require additional assets.

Don’t expect safety to be one of the savings items. On the contrary, IT safety is the basis for the progress of the company and its stable development, so it attracts the greatest possible assets for the development of this area.

So let’s take stock. Safety is the basis for the advancement of any firm. Also, the safety of customer data will increase the level of trust in the company and ensure long-term and fruitful cooperation. Before implementing new software, you should perform high-quality diagnostics and identify weaknesses, build an action plan to prevent threats, train a team – and then begin to download the necessary software and other tools. A virtual team of IT experts will guarantee the effectiveness of these stages and provide the required expert support. It will become part of your team if it is impossible to create an IT safety department within the corporation. Do not forget to constantly monitor and detect weaknesses, prevent threats, and not eliminate their consequences. Keep your data safe, attract more clients, and maximize the income.

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August 19, 2022

The Javelin Blog

How do I find my SOLIDWORKS Serial Number, Version, and Service Pack information?

What is my SOLIDWORKS serial number? Which SOLIDWORKS version and service pack am I currently running? You may have asked yourself these questions, or needed to know the answer in order to receive technical support or run an upgrade. This blog post will show you how to find the SOLIDWORKS system information for your current installation.

NOTE: If you are looking for a serial number for a free trial of SOLIDWORKS then click here »

From the SOLIDWORKS Help Menu – 2020 and later versions

Find SOLIDWORKS Serial Number in 2020 and later versions

From the SOLIDWORKS Help Menu – 2019 and prior versions


Find SOLIDWORKS Serial Number in 2019 and prior versions

The About SOLIDWORKS dialog will be displayed where you can find all the information about your SOLIDWORKS package, either Standard, Professional, or Premium; and also the version and service pack numbers. By clicking on the “Show Serial Number” link your SOLIDWORKS serial number will appear.

Show Serial Number

About SOLIDWORKS dialog

From the Registry Editor

In case for any reason, SOLIDWORKS does not load up you can still find your serial number from the Registry Editor. Click the Windows Start button and Run “regedit”.  The registry editor window pops up. Use the following path to locate your serial number:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SolidWorks > Licenses > Serial Numbers


Registry Editor

From the Windows Control Panel

One other option would be going to the Control Panel > Programs and Features, find SOLIDWORKS and then right-click and select Change Installation. During the early steps of modifying the installation the serial number, which was entered when the software was first installed, will be shown for replacement or changes. You can just grab the serial number and cancel the installation manager.


SOLIDWORKS Serial Number Install Manager

SOLIDWORKS Serial Number Install Manager

On the network licensing server (if applicable)

On the licensing server, in Control Panel > Programs > Add or Remove Programs > SolidNetwork License Manager > Modify, the serial numbers are listed, separated by commas.

Confirming network serial numbers on the licensing server

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All new medical 3D printing material: RadioMatrix

The Stratasys team has developed a ground-breaking radiopaque medical material called RadioMatrix that can further enhance medical practice and studies. Now, doctors, researchers and labs can print incredibly accurate medical models that highlight intricate structures when viewed through medical imaging technologies such as X-Ray or Computed Tomography (CT).

How does it work?

Medical Imaging technology utilizes the radio density of the tissue and will assign it a certain grayscale brightness based on that density. For example, bone is denser than fat so it will appear brighter on the scan. Due to this principle, designers can add specific amounts of the RadioMatrix material to a PolyJet 3D printed model which is using the Vero family of materials. The designer can assign specific Hounsfield (HU) values to the individual material slices in order to give the part specific grayscale contrast when viewed as a CT or X-Ray scan.

RadioMatrix 3D printing material

Currently available PolyJet materials cover only 5% of the total dynamic range of the HU scale. RadioMatrix targets this market by covering a much greater range. The increase in dynamic range available with RadioMatrix results in its ability to precisely illustrate intricacies within these structures.

Current material model in a scan RadioMatrix model in a scan

Why is this useful?

This material will allow the medical industry to assist both training and treatment planning. RadioMatrix brings DICOM images to the real world. Clinicians can now highlight specific anatomies within the model so surgeons and medical students can practice procedures that require contrast media. In addition to medical professionals, medical device manufacturers can test, demo, calibrate and tune their medical devices without the need to expose their researchers to unneeded radiation.

RadioMatrix introduces us to the ability to take a scan out of the 2D space and bring it into a 3D world. This gives students, patients, researchers and other medical professionals the ability to gain a new perspective and ultimately further the advancement of medical tooling, education and treatments.

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How to use Bitcoin at an online casino?

The new blockchain technology is invading the online gambling space providing new opportunities for both gamblers and online gambling businesses. The recent crypto craze resulted in a sudden interest in online crypto gambling, and fortunately, casinos were quick to respond by adapting their services to this revolutionary new technology.

However, if you are new to online gambling and don’t know much about cryptocurrencies, the entire process might be confusing to you. But fear not, as crypto gambling is designed to be a simplified model of the traditional gambling we are used to, and you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world is Bitcoin, and it is also the most common cryptocurrency found in online casinos. Bitcoin gambling comes with many benefits, which is why many people choose crypto gambling over the traditional casino model. Apart from being more secure and having faster transactions, this new gambling trend comes with a higher Bitcoin bonus compared to the bonuses found in fiat casinos.

Therefore, we decided to highlight the process of Bitcoin gambling and explain how to use this cryptocurrency in an online casino.

Bitcoin in Online Gambling

As we mentioned before, being the most popular and one of the pioneers of blockchain technology, Bitcoin is commonly found in online casinos where people can play their favorite games using Bitcoin currency.

But, unlike traditional gambling, where you only need to sign up at an online gambling website and connect your bank account to deposit funds, Bitcoin gambling is a bit different.

Don’t get discouraged quickly; even though the process is different, it is not as complicated as many people think.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Bitcoin in Online Casino

To start gambling with Bitcoin, there are a few things you should do to buy Bitcoin and deposit it into your gambling account properly. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  1. Open a Bitcoin Wallet.

The first step of owning Bitcoin is opening a digital wallet. There are different digital wallets that you can use to store cryptocurrencies.

Most people choose to store their Bitcoin on a cryptoexchange, which is the simplest method since your Bitcoin is instantly accessible, and you can buy, transfer, or sell it at any time. But if you don’t like the idea of storing your Bitcoin on a crypto-exchange, you can choose a hot wallet (online wallet) from a third-party company.

The last method for storing your Bitcoin is on a cold-walled (digital ledger), a USB that keeps your cryptocurrencies off the internet for a more secure way to store them.

  1. Buy Bitcoin and Deposit it in Your Wallet.

The next step is buying Bitcoin, which can only be done from a crypto-exchange website or an app. Remember that online casinos don’t give you the option to buy Bitcoin, which is why it is important to find a legit crypto exchange where you can buy and deposit it in your wallet.

Once you purchase Bitcoin with fiat money, you can store your Bitcoin on the exchange or transfer it into the other wallets we mentioned before. Every Bitcoin wallet has its unique ID address, which is important for transferring your Bitcoin to another place or receiving Bitcoin from a casino.

  1. Sign Up in Bitcoin Casino.

Once you secured your Bitcoin, it is time to create an account in some of the casinos that offer Bitcoin gambling. Make sure you do a lot of research before choosing which casino to deposit your cryptocurrency.

Also, try to take advantage of the Bitcoin bonuses offered by the casino for new players, where you can get free money by depositing Bitcoin.

  1. Fund Your Casino Wallet.

The next step is to transfer your Bitcoin from an exchange or a hot wallet into the casino. This process is fairly simple, and you don’t have to fill out complex bank details like IBAN or SWIFT. All you need to do is copy your Bitcoin address from the online casino, which can be found in profile management settings, and head over to the crypto-exchange or hot wallet where you store your Bitcoin.

Once you are there, you can head over to withdraw the Bitcoin option, and you’ll be required to input the address to which you want to transfer your Bitcoin. This is where you can paste your casino Bitcoin address and click confirm to make the transaction. Most crypto exchanges and hot wallets will give you an estimated processing time and the fee that will be required to make the transfer.

In most cases, you’ll be able to see your Bitcoin in your casino wallet in around 10 minutes.

The same process is for withdrawing your winnings, but the other way around. You’ll copy your hot wallet address and head over to the online casino to paste it and confirm the transfer.

  1. Choose the game you want to play.

Once you see the amount of Bitcoin deposited into your online crypto casino wallet, you are ready to go. The next step is to find a game you like and place some bets.

Another important thing to consider is the currency of the casino used in the games. Even though crypto casinos might accept Bitcoin deposits, the games can be played using regular currencies since the casino converts your Bitcoin into dollars or other fiat currencies.

So, before depositing in your account, find out whether or not the casino allows you to place bets in Bitcoin or if it converts your cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

Final Words

The process of starting your Bitcoin gambling session is quite straightforward, and once you make your first deposit, all the steps will be easily understandable. With that said, don’t forget to set up a gambling strategy. Even though we are talking about Bitcoin gambling, the same rules apply to this method as traditional online gambling.

So, you’ll need to set a gambling budget, create a betting strategy, and create bankroll management in order to walk away profitable.

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Tips to Take Your Casino Gaming to the Next Step

closeup photography of poker chip set

From the James Bond casinos of the Far East to the iconic megastructures of Las Vegas, people love casinos. Hundreds of major towns and cities across the world are home to these entertainment and gaming palaces.

In 2022, however, the casino has evolved into much more than its traditional land-based form. Though in-person casinos are still thriving, the industry also has an exciting new home online.

Online gaming is not just a growing industry, it’s a global phenomenon. Valued at $61.5 billion in 2021, it’s expected to almost double in worth to $114.4 by 2028.

Today, online casino gaming is at the forefront of the industry’s popularity and is available in every corner of the world. Through reputable providers such as Virgin Games, players across the world can enjoy online casino gaming whenever, and wherever they choose.

It’s estimated that around 1.6 billion people play some form of online game on a regular basis. It’s also believed that a further 4.2 billion try their luck at an online casino at least once every year.

Favorite casino games, both online and in-person, include slots, roulette, blackjack, bingo, and several forms of poker. Also popular are games such as baccarat, craps, and keno, but the choice is endless and growing.

At their heart, all casino games are based on chance, with the odds always slightly in favor of the house. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to enhance your experience or your chances of winning.

Here are some of our top tips for taking your casino gaming to the next level:

1. Go online

While we’d never deter anyone from the thrill and atmosphere of a land-based casino, online offers superior choice and flexibility. Playing online gives you a far wider selection of games alongside a wealth of incentives, additional payouts, and enhanced bonuses.

Options to play low or high stakes mean the online casino can suit any level of experience or depth of the pocket. In addition to this, increased competition for customers means providers must constantly try to provide better deals to attract players.

2. Play tournaments

The most common way to enjoy a casino is by sitting at a table or simply playing against the dealer. An alternative, particularly for games such as poker, is to enter a tournament.

While we wouldn’t recommend this to inexperienced players, the rewards for skilled entrants can be huge. Not only is the experience enhanced by the thrill of competition, but the potential winnings can rise rapidly.

3. Get comped

A long-standing tradition of land-based casinos, particularly in Las Vegas, is to “comp” players as an incentive to keep gaming. This can be anything from free drinks to free suites, depending on the size of stakes and length of play.

Be aware of these comps, or the potential for them, and let them guide where you choose to play casino. Online gamers should also stay vigilant for bonuses and free play offers that regular or returning players often receive.

4. Play the odds

Sure, on a long enough time scale, the odds of any casino game will always favor the house. That doesn’t mean a smart play can’t make the most of their chances by applying simple math and basic probability.

There is always a mathematically best choice to make in blackjack or poker if you understand how to calculate it. Knowing some roulette squares payout 49% of the time and others less than 11% should also influence your choices.

Even slots and bingo have basic calculations to determine how likely you are to win in any particular game. Choosing to play only when you can get the best rate of return is the smart approach to any casino.

5. Stay fresh

One tip many casino players fail to follow is taking breaks, or even stopping when tiredness kicks in. Playing requires concentration, quick mental calculations, and strong awareness – abilities that are quickly diminished by tiredness and consumption of alcohol.

Look after your mind and your mind will look after you. Take a break when you need it, grab a coffee or some water, or even call it a night.

6. Set a limit

A casino can be enjoyed for many reasons, these include atmosphere, competition, testing skills, and the thrill of winning and losing. The key is to keep it enjoyable, and a long losing streak can take that away quickly.

By setting your budget in advance, you can ensure that, whatever happens, the enjoyment never goes away. Decide what the entertainment is worth to you and stick to that amount – you can always come back again tomorrow.

7. Play for free

Though this is difficult offline, unless playing with friends, there are plenty of ways to play casino free online. Take advantage of these opportunities to practice, learn the games, and refine your strategies.

8. Use the bonuses

As mentioned at the start, online casinos are constantly offering bonuses and incentives to attract players to their games. Deposit matches, free spins, reload offers, bonus offers – you can benefit from every single one of them.

There is nothing to be gained from skipping an offer, you’re just reducing the value of money you are getting.

By putting these tips into action when you play casino, you can take your gaming to the next level. The most important thing is to remember to enjoy yourself and always try to make the most of your experience.

Go at your own pace and play the game you want to play, you’re always in charge of your choices. So, are you ready to take your casino gaming to the next level?

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August 18, 2022

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How to Convert a Surface Model into a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Part

SOLIDWORKS has a plethora of tools right at your fingertips. Sometimes, when it comes to modeling surface metal, we need to get creative with how to generate unique parts. Let us help you discover the array of surfacing options available in the software with this tutorial video:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Converting Surface Models into Sheet Metal Parts Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

Featured in this sheet metal tutorial

In this tutorial, Justin will cover:

  • Creating a sheet metal part based off the face of a different part
  • Using surfacing to create odd forming in the sheet metal part
  • Flattening a sheet metal part made with surfacing
  • Converting surfaces into sheet metal
  • Using other surfacing tools you may not be familiar with

About the Instructor

Justin Lingerfelt, Solutions Consultant

John has been in the reseller channel for 12 years, doing presentations, tech support and training on SOLIDWORKS and related products. He has CSWE and Elite AE certifications and is currently an AE Lead at TriMech. Justin has been with TriMech for six years, is a certified SOLIDWORKS expert, and has six years of prior experience as a Mechanical Designer on a range of projects from satellites to drones to pneumatic systems and everything in between. Justin relied on this experience to deliver meaningful insights to help our clients be more productive.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal

Take a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal training course live online with Javelin, you will learn how to build complex sheet metal parts, and how to convert solid bodies directly into sheet metal.

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What is the difference between CATIA and SOLIDWORKS?

Buying a car can be challenging because of all the different options to choose from. Knowing the features, functions, and intended use is imperative to making sure you choose the right one for your driving needs. How many seats will I need? How much storage space do I need? What kind of surfaces will I encounter? How is the drivetrain configured? How safe am I from a crash? What is service like? Who are the current users?

Now take all the questions listed above and copy and paste them into your CAD shopping checklist.

Searching for the right CAD program can be tricky and since it is a tool that you’ll be investing in and living in, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. This short post will be used to help distinguish the differences between CATIA and SOLIDWORKS to help you figure out which of the two is best suited for your business.

What other contributors will influence your decision? Factors such as design philosophy (i.e., parametric or Sub-D), industry preference, compatibility with other tools, ease of use, data management, and more.

Today there are a multitude of CAD systems to choose from, make sure to ask partners and other businesses that you will be working with what tool they’re using, especially if you will be sharing CAD files with them.

Who uses CATIA?

Founded by Dassault Systèmes in 1981, CATIA was focused on 3D surface design in the French aerospace industry. Since then, it has evolved into a program with a wide variety of tools used for design, styling, project engineering and systems engineering. One of the best ways to figure out what “car” you want to buy is finding out who commonly uses that car.

CATIA model

CATIA model

CATIA continues to be a staple in aerospace, defense, and automotive industry. To this day, most major aerospace, automotive OEMs and select suppliers from all tiers are using it for mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems design and styling.


SOLIDWORKS is also owned by Dassault Systèmes and founded in 1993 by Jon Hirschtick who recruited a team of engineers with the purpose of making 3D CAD more accessible. It is one of the most commonly used CAD tools by professionals and businesses of all industries and disciplines. SOLIDWORKS has a suite of add-ins to go along with mechanical CAD such as Simulations (static, flow, etc.), Electrical, Composer, Visualize rendering tools, Plastics, Routing, and more.

DS has maintained it’s goal of making SOLIDWORKS CAD intuitive, user friendly.

Fun Fact: SOLIDWORKS was founded in 1995 by Jon Hirschtick after he won $1 million on the MIT Blackjack Team.


There are many things that both software can do just as well as the other, but when it comes to more complex applications, each alternative shines in their own specializations.

A commonly used adage comparing the two is, CATIA is for designing cars, and SOLIDWORKS for it’s components. CATIA is a sophisticated and powerful tool for sketching, drawing and modeling. Although there is a larger learning curve for using it, you can achieve rewarding designs with accuracy and precision. Where CATIA shines is with it’s advanced surface modeling tools available.

SOLIDWORKS is an industry dominating program with a wider spread of designers and industries than CATIA. With an intuitive UI and design tools, SOLIDWORKS follows the designer as they create features and is smart enough to do the heavy lifting for you. SOLIDWORKS is designed to be intuitive and provide you with the most efficient workflows available at your fingertips. They have perfected their focus on parametric modeling and is ideal for machinery-related projects.


Interacting with other products is important since modern businesses have many other tools implemented for operations. When looking at CATIA and SOLIDWORKS on the Platform, Dassault has made it clear that having the two integrate with the platform is a main priority for operating on the cloud. The CATIA and SOLIDWORKS file formats on the platform are designed to eliminate disconnect from other apps in the platform, so there’s no need to translate between the applications.

Outside of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, CATIA has a PDM Workbench (PWB) for CAD-Specific PDM functionality, as SOLIDWORKS has SOLIDWORKS PDM and Manage.

CATIA Assembly

CATIA Assembly


Since CATIA is updated every year since the early 2000’s it comes with over 100 original products that can be used with CATIA. There’s also the ability to integrate other libraries seamlessly since it is such a flexible program.

SOLIDWORKS has its own integrated libraries that are available as well as libraries that can easily be imported from Dassault resources or partner products. There are also many compatible partner products to populate the library with manufacturer parts, symbols, DWGs, and more.




Both programs come with a slew of add-ons and supporting software to expand the reach past the 3D modeling space. If your team expects to grow and take control over more steps in the connected design process such as simulations, electrical integration, creating marketing content, etc. refer to the links below to see the add-ins available for either solution.


If you have been shopping around for your CAD software, you already know that none are cheap. Understandably so since the digitization of these complex processes is a costly process.

SOLIDWORKS is the more affordable option out of the two, making it more accessible to individual, students, and smaller businesses. As a rule of thumb, it is around a third of the cost of CATIA.


The two programs both share many similarities when it comes to modeling capabilities. Although cars and planes can be created in SOLIDWORKS, the advanced surfacing and focus on those types of models makes CATIA the preferred solution. Designing all the components and mechanisms within those cars and planes is a different story. SOLIDWORKS is one of most used programs in the world, it is more likely that suppliers or other stakeholders in your value chain will be using SOLIDWORKS than CATIA, which is something to consider for collaboration when choosing a software. Both have their own roster of add-ons and libraries that come with different levels of licenses, so that will have to be a discussion needed to be had with your VAR. Finally, SOLIDWORKS is undoubtedly the more affordable option of the two, accessible to more businesses and individuals looking for CAD software.


If you have more questions about SOLIDWORKS, CATIA or the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, reach out to Javelin – A TriMech Company and we can identify the best fit for your business.

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by Adam Ferrer at August 18, 2022 12:27 PM

August 17, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Six Strategies for Maximizing Manufacturing Productivity with Connected Workers

It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry has become more competitive, complex, and unpredictable. There is increasing pressure on manufacturing companies to quickly respond to demand fluctuations, adapt to resource shortages, control costs, and still get quality products out the door on time.

To maximize productivity and overcome these challenges, manufacturers are transforming their teams into connected workers empowered with the technologies, tools, and insights they need to excel.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="An Introduction to DELMIAWorks Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

Download a white paper for the six strategies

By sharing data and insights in real-time anywhere employees need it, manufacturers are breaking down barriers between departments and creating a more adaptive workforce that can:

  • Anticipate and act on rapid changes
  • Solve problems in real-time
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Reduce losses due to poor quality
  • Work through complex tasks and prevent human errors

Download the DELMIAWorks white paper to learn how by enabling and empowering connected workers manufacturers can create an ideal environment in which they can excel, despite the rapid changes and unpredictability.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" id="pardotform" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0" type="text/html" width="100%"></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"> var form = ''; var params =; document.getElementById("pardotform").setAttribute("src", form + params); </script>

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by Dassault Systèmes at August 17, 2022 02:59 PM

August 16, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Favorite Time Saving SOLIDWORKS Performance Tips

Are you a SOLIDWORKS user looking to strengthen your modeling speed and performance with the software?

Watch the on-demand webinar below to learn our tips and tricks to get faster at modeling, tackle large assemblies and get back more time in your day.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Favorite Time Saving Tips for Epic Performance in SOLDWORKS Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

About this On-demand Webinar

TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Stephen Petrock, shares his favorite tips for epic modeling speed and performance. During this webinar, you will learn how to become more productive and how to save time with your modeling. Stephen shows you a few tricks on how to dominate large assemblies and get the performance for your drawings you have been missing.

In this on-demand webinar, Stephen covers:

  • How to get more performance with large assemblies
  • Keyboard short cuts to use for modeling speed
  • How to be a performance pro with workflow and steps
  • How to spend less time modeling

Want to learn more performance tips?

The SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly and Drawing Workshop is designed to help users who have slow loading assemblies, experience crashes, or mate errors. Learn more about the training course »

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August 15, 2022

The Javelin Blog

The Power of SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and Standard Parts

Did you know the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox includes a library of fully integrated, standard parts, the ability to customize parts to fit your company’s standard, and allows you to easily access your most frequently used parts?

We will show you what you might have been missing with our SOLIDWORKS Toolbox on-demand webinar:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="The Power of SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and Standard Parts Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

About this SOLIDWORKS Toolbox On-Demand Webinar

TriMech Solutions Consultant, Tony Bucchino, demonstrates all you have ever wanted to know about SOLIDWORKS Toolbox and more! Tony provides a brief history of the tool, reviews the important features, and demonstrates possible solutions to common errors or issues users may encounter. After this on-demand webinar, you will become a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox professional in no time!

In this demonstration, Tony covers:

  • An overview of the Toolbox features
  • How to install the Toolbox
  • Configuring the Toolbox to your company’s standards
  • Customizing the Toolbox
  • Common Toolbox support issues and fixes

About the Presenter

Tony Bucchino, Solutions Consultant

Tony has 19+ years of experience using SOLIDWORKS, 5+ years of teaching SOLIDWORKS, 5+ years of experience in life sciences design (specifically MRI and medical devices) and 4+ years in the oil and food pump additive systems design field. He has CSWE and Elite AE certifications.

Interested in SOLIDWORKS Toolbox?

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, the premium brand in affordable 3D CAD software. Only Toolbox allows you to take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Smart Part Technology, a unique capability that automates assembly tasks.

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by Rod Mackay at August 15, 2022 03:08 PM

August 13, 2022


Best Fall Drives to Do in Your Jeep

black Jeep Wrangler SUV on green under trees

You know it’s coming – autumn, as it does every year. Still, for many, its looming arrival is met with mixed feelings, perhaps a bit of wistfulness. But if you have a Jeep, that’s a whole other story, right? Fall is a great season for being outdoors and on the road in a vehicle that’s made for adventure. With that in mind, here are the best fall drives to do in your Jeep – and more.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Get in your Jeep, take a drive, and embrace all the seasonal colors that pop so spectacularly during that time of year. Depending on where you are, leaves can turn yellow, red, orange, or even pinkish. It’s truly a sight to behold, particularly if you remove your Jeep’ top. While you may need to pull on a sweater or light jacket, driving with an open roof will allow you to take in the changing foliage from all angles.

Check Out Area Doings

Fall is the time to hit up apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, harvest festivals, and the like. So, grab some friends or family members and head out to some local attractions. Afterward, you all can take a load off with the top down while enjoying cider and donuts, say, or munching on fresh-picked apples. And because many of these events and activities are held in remote areas with unpaved, rough roads, your Jeep is perfect for that, too.

Tailgating Time

Jeeps are naturals for football season, and that means tailgating. Get your grub and favorite beverages together – don’t forget to sport team colors! – and find a nice spot for your Jeep around other tailgaters. You and your pals will have a blast hanging out and cheering on the home team. With your open top, you’ll also enjoy the crisp fall air. And remember, Jeep offers tailgating accessories that can facilitate your grilling and chilling.

Go Camping

Not too hot, not too cold; fall is ideal for camping. Pack the Jeep with camping gear and head out to a campsite to enjoy a nice campfire and do some stargazing. In a ride like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can even set up in more remote areas that you likely wouldn’t be able to get to in a recreational vehicle.

Enjoy the Night Sky

Speaking of stargazing, you can take in the night sky without going camping. Scout out a place where there’s little to no illumination, remove your roof, and tilt back in your seat. The fall sky bridges the gap from fascinating summer to winter constellations, so you can get your final gander at summer stars and, if you hang out late, your first glimpse of winter stars. What’s particularly great is that dusk comes earlier and evening temps are still comfy.

Go Offroad

Many people associate off-roading with summer, and rightly so. But autumn is also an awesome time for off-roading. Rather than taking in the changing scene from the highway, you and it can become one. You can enjoy the environs up close. And remember, this time of year offers plenty of trail runs, so check events calendars and sign on with one, where you’ll also meet fellow Jeep enthusiasts.

Prep Your Jeep

We saved this for last so that we could get into all the fun, but fall is the perfect time to get your Jeep readied up for winter. This is something you simply must do so that you can enjoy your ride for many years to come. The month of October is best for such preparation.

Be sure to get your battery checked out to make certain it’s still putting out ample juice. While you’re at it, find out whether your belts and hoses are in shape to handle cold weather. You must also change your coolant, inspect your windshield for cracks, and check your tires to make sure they can safely handle snow.

Also note that you’ll need a winter safety kit for your Jeep, complete with a small broom, first-aid kit, windshield scraper, and tow chain. You’ll also need emergency flairs, jumper cables, blankets, water, shelf-stable food, and salt or cat litter for traction.

Further, if your Jeep has a hard top, you’ll need to put it back on your Jeep. You certainly can keep your soft top on all winter, with the knowledge that removing ice and snow will be a bit more challenging.

So, yes, fall drives in your Jeep are the best. Make yourself a list of things you want to see and do so that you can make the best of this magical season.

by Elle Gellrich at August 13, 2022 07:16 PM

August 12, 2022

The Javelin Blog

What’s new in 3DEXPERIENCE 2022x FD03

3DEXPERIENCE 2022x FD03 has added some great enhancements to 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer.

Watch the on-demand webinar below as Solutions Consultant for – 3DEXPERIENCE, Wayne White, presents some of the key enhancements to 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Cloud. Discover new tools that allow collaboration both inside your design team and externally, the new Off-line mode for licensing, improvements to the user Interface, and functionality that has been added to the browser-based design roles. We will also highlight some usability tips to help organize and find data.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="What's new in 3DEXPERIENCE Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this 3DEXPERIENCE on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How to navigate the additions to the interface
  • How to share drawing packages
  • How to organize data using Bookmarks
  • How to create a drawing in Manufacturing Definition Creator
  • New additions to the browser-based design roles

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Wayne White, Solutions Consultant – 3DEXPERIENCE

Wayne has 7+ years of experience with all SOLIDWORKS products at a reseller level and has been using SOLIDWORKS for nearly 20 years. He fine-tuned his mechanical engineering skills both in school at Penn State and in the industry with various design capacities including Honda and locally Aquion Energy.

Interested in 3DEXPERIENCE Works?

Visit our website to learn how 3DEXPERIENCE Works provides an online SOLIDWORKS product development environment.

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by Rod Mackay at August 12, 2022 12:00 PM

August 11, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Working With PCB Connectors in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is a comprehensive solution for documenting and managing 2D Electrical designs.

Managing PCB connections in an electrical project can often be challenging due to the nature of boards that can be complex.

Watch the on-demand webinar below as TriMech Solutions Consultant – Applications, Adam Ferrer, explores how the software can enable you to document the connection of PCB connectors in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Working With PCB Connectors in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • Associating mating connectors to boards layout information to project schematics
  • Representing the same board as multiple symbols in SOLIDWORKS Electrical No Mechanical

Interested in SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

Visit our website to explore more SOLIDWORKS Electrical features, as well as SOLIDWORKS Electrical Services and Training options available.

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by Adam Ferrer at August 11, 2022 03:40 PM

August 10, 2022


What Makes Good Gaming Software?

person holding black game controller

The technology used to be something that we left to boffins in white coats to play with safely locked behind closed doors. 

Today it’s very different – the most sophisticated tech has become central to all our lives. It’s everywhere!

High-tech operations are all around us every day, from the automatic ticket reader on the bus to the amazingly powerful smartphone in our pockets. 

We’re finding wifi around every corner, we’re steaming live shows while walking into town and choosing from vast digital music libraries while sitting in a pub.

Tech this commonplace may quickly become something we’re all used to. But make no mistake, the power of tech has taken over our lives.

From cars that can drive themselves to robots flying through the solar system, we’ve lived through what historians will look back on as the great technological revolution. 

The online gaming revolution

Whether you are an experienced player choosing casino apps or whether you are an enthusiastic newbie wondering how to play a simple bingo eyes-down on your phone, online gaming is everywhere now.

You can play all sorts of great games anywhere, any time. And this great explosion in the number and quality of online games has created a very competitive business environment too.

That’s one of the reasons why the competition between the different operators and developers has helped create a wave of brilliant new gaming software. 

Got a gaming PC or desktop Mac? There are now plenty of software extras to enhance your gaming experience, especially when playing Warzone maps online

Or are you a mobile game player? There are tons of games to download, or find a gaming site online to improve your mobile fun.

Apps for gaming development

Looking out for free or very affordable apps and gaming software can be hard work. Make sure you look for a free gaming software in the right places.

There is simply so much software technology available now. Don’t get swamped by the choice.

More and more of us are getting interested in the nuts and bolts of what makes a game tick. So have a look at what game development software is available too.

In fact, the latest stats show increasing numbers of computer owners of all ages are getting inspired to try creating their own games. Unless you are some sort of coding genius, to do that, you really need game development software.

Building a game requires creating an overall concept, a set of characters, and the environment they operate in. All those things need to be coded to be turned into a working game.

Development software provides an automatic framework to build your own game ideas. Downloading the best will help to ensure that what comes out the other end will actually work.

Great gaming software

If you want an example of one of the best games to play on the internet, have a look at this poker site online. The best poker games like these demonstrate some of the best gaming software in action.

Notice how slick the game is to play. The best gaming software creates a great environment for both the provider and the player.

Today’s online games look great, of course. The graphic design and operating features have never been smoother or more attractive.

Most games work so well too. Bugs and freezes are generally a thing of the past.

The ultra-competitive online casino world has made sure only the best operators and games have survived. There’s no room for glitchy software in today’s gaming world.

Ways to improve your computer

The complete range of software and apps out there now is pretty mind-boggling. By utilizing a tech site online, you can find expert opinions on the best to download.

We could list many of the best and most current apps, but everyone’s requirements are different. It’s hard to know what will work for you.

Here are a few examples, though, to show the sort of stuff that’s waiting online to be downloaded to your machine.

Look out for freeware like OBS Studio. It’s super easy to install and configure – and is a great way of managing all your streaming options. 

Another example of downloadable software is MSI Afterburner, a sophisticated addition that optimizes your graphics card. That makes it a perfect extra for all PC gamers.

And have a look at VoIP apps. They help the gaming experience by giving you the option of joining up with your friends while you play. 

We’ve looked at plenty that is available. For most gamers, we’d say try TeamSpeak. It’s one of the best packages out there.

And downloading Raser Cortex’s GameBooster is an easy way of automatically enhancing your playing experience – whatever PC you are using.

The future of gaming software

There is no doubt that gaming is currently the big internet success story. The number of games, players, operators – and profits – mean that it isn’t going to disappear any time soon.

In fact, industry experts are predicting that the digital gaming world is only going to get bigger and bigger. That means there is going to be more and more demand for great gaming software.

There’s plenty to look forward to, whether you are developing your own games at home – or looking to play a brilliant live streaming version of poker at an online casino. 

The improvement in gaming software is going to continue. And this will surely only lead to one thing – more gaming fun for players!

by Kyrie Mattos at August 10, 2022 06:50 PM

The Javelin Blog

An Introduction to DNC with Excellerant

Excellerant DNC (Direct Numeric Control) begins where your CAM software ends, proving a centralized portal for storing, transferring, and maintaining your NC files.

Excellerant provides a Centralized Storage Location for all NC files. Files can immediately be accessed and sent to the appropriate machine. Excellerant DNC ensures you are always running the latest versions of your CNC files. Only the latest files are available on the shop floor, older versions are automatically archived in storage.

Upgrading to Excellerant DNC is the easiest way to ensure compliance with Federal CMMC and NIST requirements. Our software will continue to be updated to meet and exceed cybersecurity standard.

Designed to work with modern and legacy equipment, our DNC hardware is plug-in-play ready for most machines via ethernet, RS232 and wireless connections.

Join us on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 10:00AM ET as TriMech Solutions Consultant, Paul Ludwick, shows an overview of how the DNC side of Excellerant can impact your process.

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • Understand how a DNC system can enhance you processes and maintain compliance.
  • See how program data can be easily pushed to the shop floor and feedback captured.
  • See the first step in a complete Collaborative Manufacturing Platform.

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Paul Ludwick, – Solutions Consultant

Paul has Spent 7+ years in the reseller channel. He has 20+ years of experience with various forms of manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS and CAM. He is experienced with automotive, exhibits, retail store fixtures, supermarket equipment and cafeteria components. Paul has also spent 8+ years programming parts for CNC equipment. He has used multiple software solutions to program metal, wood, sheet metal and other materials.

The post An Introduction to DNC with Excellerant appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

by Rod Mackay at August 10, 2022 12:00 PM

August 09, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Using Tabular Data in DriveWorks

Data comes in all shapes and sizes, but almost always ends up stored in tabular form somewhere that can be utilized in DriveWorks.

Watch the on-demand webinar below, as TriMech System Architect – Design Automation, Devin Martin, presents some of the built-in DriveWorks functions that make it easy to work with tabular data. Whether it is data pulled from a simple table inside DriveWorks, or extracted from a SQL database, table functions are always a useful tool.

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="Using Tabular Data in DriveWorks Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • DriveWorks Table Functions
  • DriveWorks Function Builder
  • Simple Tables and Group Tables
  • Filtering and sorting data on a form

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Devin Martin, System Architect – Design Automation

Devin graduated from UNC Charlotte college of engineering in 2015 and has 10+ years of experience with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Devin has been focused on design automation and product configuration for the last 6 years. He was recognized as the top DriveWorks Reseller Application Engineer in 2018. Devin is an expert in all things SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks.

The post Using Tabular Data in DriveWorks appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

by Rod Mackay at August 09, 2022 01:28 PM

August 08, 2022


The positivity spread by bitcoin

Bitcoin’s positive influence has ushered in a new era of cryptocurrencies. The creation of several enterprises made possible by Bitcoin has stimulated the economy. Each day, cryptocurrency usage grows more and more in popularity. Although many factors contribute to this popularity, the main one is that it reduces fraudulent activity. You can quickly start crypto trading by using a reliable and safe platform like BTC trader

Because Bitcoin is decentralized, using it has reduced fraudulent actions. This indicates that no centralized body is in charge of managing the money, and it is highly challenging to attack because the network of nodes verifies the transactions.

Because of this, Bitcoin is very well-liked by companies and investors looking for a secure alternative to invest their money. The fact that there is a very cheap transaction cost with Bitcoin is another factor in its appeal, and this is because the newly minted bitcoins are given to the miners as compensation. This system encourages more people to join the network and aids in limiting inflation.

Why do people utilize bitcoin in everyday life?

Some of the most important justifications for utilizing bitcoin daily are listed below: Setting up a wallet and beginning receiving or transferring payments using Bitcoin takes a few minutes. Bitcoin is the best option for minor transactions because its transaction fees are minimal compared to other payment options.

Because Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, it is incredibly safe and difficult to hack, and Bitcoin’s transaction fees are used to incentivize the miners, which aids in containing inflation. The many benefits Bitcoin offers are why it is getting increasingly popular daily. However, because more people are utilizing it, there is a rising demand for it, which raises the price of the item.

How can bitcoin help the planet?

It is frequently said that Bitcoin has the power to alter the course of history. Even though this might be the case, it’s crucial to comprehend how Bitcoin might be able to save the day, and here are three ways that Bitcoin can make our current world a better place.

How Bitcoin Can Fight Inflation

Inflation is one of the main issues the globe is now facing. When this happens, the purchasing power of people’s savings might be reduced when the cost of products and services rises over time. It can be challenging for people to make ends meet in some nations where inflation is so strong that the cost of basic needs like food and medicine keeps rising.

Inflation may be fought partly by using Bitcoin as a more reliable store of wealth. In addition, Bitcoin is decentralized, as opposed to fiat money, which is governed by the whims of central banks. As a result, there is less chance of manipulating the Bitcoin supply, which increases the likelihood that the price will hold steady over time.

Bitcoin Can Aid In Financial Empowerment

Finally, Bitcoin may also contribute to a better society by giving people financial freedom. Traditional banking services are not available to many individuals in the world. As a result, people cannot safely and securely invest or save money.

On the other hand, Bitcoin can give users a way to keep and utilize their money without depending on banks because it is a decentralized digital currency. This may help people gain more control over their money in the long run, and improving their standard of living here are just a few ways that Bitcoin might be able to save the day.

These three alone demonstrate how Bitcoin might significantly impact the world we live in, even though there are many additional possible applications for this ground-breaking technology.

Before bitcoin can genuinely alter the world, a few issues still need to be resolved, but the promise is there. How we live might be entirely transformed by bitcoin with the correct development and adoption.


It is indisputable that bitcoins are a good thing for the financial sector, and they have the power to alter how we perceive value and money ultimately. Moreover, they provide a new and cutting-edge method of carrying out transactions and preserving value, thanks to their unique qualities.

Bitcoins offer a fantastic opportunity for consumers and investors alike, despite ongoing concerns about their stability and security. Bitcoins are anticipated to continue to have beneficial effects due to their rising popularity.

by Elle Gellrich at August 08, 2022 08:58 PM

The Javelin Blog

Customizing your Hole Callouts in SOLIDWORKS Drawings – Part 2

This article is a continuation of my previous article on creating a SOLIDWORKS hole callout template. In this article we will be customizing the template.

Let’s look at where the hole callout data resides in the text file:

In SOLIDWORKS, the exact hole callout text is displayed, but this time “translated” into symbols and text.

Hole Callout Text file description

Hole Callout Text file description

So what happens under the hood?

SOLIDWORKS is reading directly from the text file and translating the hole callout text to symbols, text and values. That is what we can customize based on your needs.

In the example above we saw the following hole call out for: ANSI INCH COUNTERBORED Blind Hole with an underhead countersink. The text looks something like this:

<MOD-DIAM> <hw-diam> <HOLE-DEPTH> <hw-depth>;\
<HOLE-SPOT><MOD-DIAM> <hw-cbdia> <HOLE-DEPTH> <hw-cbdepth>;\
<HOLE-SINK><MOD-DIAM> <hw-midcsdia> X <hw-midcsang>

Each one of the values above represent a meaning. These are called “Callout Variables”. What it looks like when translated into a SOLIDWORKS Hole Callout:

We notice four types of Callout Variables shown in the text above:

  1. SOLIDWORKS symbol names
  2. Hole Wizard variables
  3. Characters
  4. Custom text that can be entered

1. SOLIDWORKS Symbol Names:

The full list of the symbol names list can be found by editing the hole callout text and going to the following menu:

Hole Callout Symbol Menu

Hole Callout Symbol Menu

Full SOLIDWORKS Symbol Menu

Full SOLIDWORKS Symbol Menu

Symbol Name Displayed in Hole Callout Text

Symbol Name Displayed in the Hole Callout Text

The symbol names can be then inserted in the hole callout text file and customized as needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Customizing the symbols while editing the hole call out in SOLIDWORKS Drawing will ONLY be reflected on that hole, not all the similar holes. You can do this if that exact hole callout text needs a special modification.

2. Hole Wizard Variables:

These can be found at the very end of the “calloutformat.txt” text file:

Hole Wizard Variables Preview in the text file

Hole Wizard Variables Preview in the text file

3. Characters:

“;\”  is a line break. Which means back to a new line for the next variables/text that come.

4. Custom Text:

You can customize text between variables. For example adding the letter “X” or the word “DEG” or “C’BORE” instead of a SolidWorks Symbol.

Applying the customization

After understanding the basics of hole callout customization, let’s make a simple one:

For the hole: standard ANSI INCH hole type: Counterbore, hole parameters: blind with underhead countersink

  • We will change the counterbore symbol into the word “C’BORE”
  • We will change the countersink symbol into the word “C’SINK”

IMPORTANT NOTE: this will be reflected in all the future holes with the exact standard, hole type and hole parameters that we will create, it will be a template creation.

Customizing the Hole Callout Text file

Customizing the Hole Callout Text file


Check out the results below for before and after hole callout customization:

Default Hole Callout By SOLIDWORKS Hole Callout Customization Result


Take a test drive of SOLIDWORKS and see how you can optimize it for performance, speed and accuracy! Contact Javelin, a TriMech Company today »

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by Malak Souissi at August 08, 2022 12:00 PM

August 05, 2022


10 Most Popular Gatsby JS Questions Answered

person using black Asus laptop

One of today’s hottest front-end frameworks, Gatsby has won a special love for high performance, fast user experiences, and long-term maintainability. And it’s not only about users: according to Otakoyi Gatsby web development services experts, the framework provides a smooth development experience and attracts developers through its thriving, warm community. What is Gatsby? Why is it so popular? Does it have any downsides? We’ve gathered the most popular questions concerning Gatsby JS and found the answers.

1. What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a freemium open-source framework used for building static websites and applications that combines functionality from React, GraphQL, and Webpack. It was created by Kyle Matthews in 2015 and started to see massive popularity around 2018.

2. What is a static website?

In contrast to dynamic websites generated by a web app, a static website is delivered to the user’s browser precisely as stored. A static website is based on a series of HTML files, each representing a physical web page. A static website utilizes server-side rendering to deliver pre-built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to a web browser, while dynamic sites run by rendering each page at the moment of the request.

Static sites allow you to detach your content repository from the front-end interface, providing you with added flexibility over serving your content.

3. Why are static sites still popular?

All websites were static during the early years of the world wide web and remained popular even with the advent of dynamic pages. Moreover, many companies switch to static sites today. Static files are lightweight, faster, and more cost-efficient to maintain. The growing popularity of static websites can also be explained by the advancements in languages and libraries that help deliver enhanced developer experiences and achieve better results.

4. What makes Gatsby stand out from other static site generators?

Gatsby JS boasts several features that help it differentiate itself from other frameworks.

For starters, Gatsby utilizes React, making it an excellent option for devs comfortable with it. Next, Gatsby comes with a tremendous plugin ecosystem created to serve a variety of needs. For example, Gatsby plugins can help you source data from CMSs like WordPress, integrate with tools like Algolia, and optimize your images.

In addition to multiple plugins, Gatsby JS offers plenty of APIs that help to streamline static site development. For instance, the createPage API makes it reasonably straightforward to transform markdown files into static web pages with a template at build time.

On top of that, Gatsby JS features many other components that significantly simplify linking and routing and can’t be found in the core React library.

5. When should you use Gatsby JS?

Gatsby is all about a simple, SEO-oriented performance, which makes it a poor choice for handling data sources that experience frequent updates. Gatsby JS is not suitable for a constantly changing website, such as social media.

You can leverage Gatsby for building a blog, an eCommerce website, or any other common type of static site under 500 pages, where you don’t plan to serve any dynamic content. You might also want to use this framework if any of the following cases applies to you:

  • you’d prefer to use a static site generator that ensures seamless integration with any data repository
  • SEO is essential for you
  • you focus on a better user experience
  • you’d like to reduce maintenance costs
  • you have enough React expertise and are comfortable with it
  • you seek a simple development environment
  • your project requires a high level of security
  • high speed and top performance are your primary concerns.

6. What are examples of Gatsby plugins?

You can leverage a plethora of handy plugins available on Gatsby’s website. Here are some most outstanding examples:

  • gatsby-remark-embed-youtube (enables embedding YouTube videos in your website)
  • gatsby-image (optimizes image size based on the device and enables lazy loading)
  • gatsby-plugin-offline (allows your website to run offline)
  • gatsby-plugin-manifest (lets users add your website to their home screen on most mobile browsers)
  • gatsby-plugin-google-analytics (enables using Google Analytics)

7. Why should businesses choose Gatsby JS?

Beyond delivering fast speed and high performance, building a website with Gatsby JS can provide massive benefits to businesses. To start off, Gatsby websites load at a faster speed, which translates into a lower bounce rate. Next, you’ll love Gatsby if you know how vital SEO is for generating organic traffic. Gatsby websites have proved SEO-efficient due to their high performance. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to scan by Google robots.

Also, with cybersecurity concerns significantly affecting businesses today, many organizations opt for static websites that are more secure than dynamic ones, Gatsby being an efficient static site generator.

8. Why are Gatsby websites so fast?

Gatsby JS is one of the fastest options when it comes to front-end development thanks to several features:

  • pre-rendering a website at build time
  • preloading the next page when the user hovers over a link
  • automatic optimization of images

9. Are there any challenges associated with Gatsby JS?

Although it all depends on your skills and needs, here are a couple of aspects often regarded as Gatsby’s downsides:

Mastering Gatsby takes time, so before you start building your first Gatsby website, be ready to spend a lot of time and effort on learning.

Next, as the content on your Gatsby site grows, the build time will also increase. If your site is supposed to change frequently, Gatsby is not the best solution.

10. When not to use Gatsby?

It’s not recommended to use Gatsby JS for building websites with much content, websites with frequent updates, and corporate-size eCommerce sites (over 500 pages).

by Elle Gellrich at August 05, 2022 05:50 PM

SolidWorks Legion

St. Louis User Group Meeting

April 2020. That’s 28 months ago. April 2020 was the time when I was scheduled to present at the St. Louis SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting. Hindsight would now tell most what’s wrong with that date. When Charles Culp and I planned the meeting, there was no COVID-19 in the public mind. The devastating fires of … Continue reading "St. Louis User Group Meeting"

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by fcsuper at August 05, 2022 04:02 PM

The Javelin Blog

Find It Fast with SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search

SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search is a Google-like way to search the PDM vault without having to bring up the traditional Search Data Card. It enables you to just start typing in search terms and quickly see matching results.

The quick search box is available in the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer as a part of the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar. You can search using single text strings, defined system variables, or combination of logic operators like AND, OR, or NOT.

Although you can start using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search straight out of the box right after setting up and putting files in the vault, you can expand its capabilities with some administrative setup.

Join us on Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 10:00AM ET as TriMech System Architect – Data Management, Keith Thompson, reviews how to use the SOLIDWORKS PDM Quick Search and how to expand its usefulness by making administrative changes.

During this SOLIDWORKS PDM webinar you will learn:

  • Enter search strings fast with keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhance searching with logic operators
  • Setup Quick Search Variable Lists
  • Search multiple variables at once

This TriMech Solution Webinar is presented by:

Keith Thompson, System Architect – Data Management

Keith is a Certified SOLIDWORKS, PDM and DriveWorks Professional and has over 30 years in the mechanical engineering and configuration management fields. In his current role, he supports clients looking to implement SOLIDWORKS PDM and/or SOLIDWORKS Manage, including giving guidance on migration of legacy CAD data. Keith is also a specialist in the areas of 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and DriveWorks CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) application.

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August 04, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Customizing your Hole Callouts in SOLIDWORKS Drawings – Part 1

One of the most common asked questions by many of our clients in regards to SOLIDWORKS Drawings is “How do we make our own hole callout template?”. The answer is dissected in this article.

What is a hole callout?

The hole callout option is available when dealing with a SOLIDWORKS Drawing. It is available in the overhead toolbar:

Hole Callout button in SOLIDWORKS

Hole Callout Button in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

The default hole callout given by SOLIDWORKS looks like this:


Default Hole Callout By SOLIDWORKS

Default Hole Callout text By SOLIDWORKS

Why would I want to customize my SOLIDWORKS Hole Callout?

1. Shop floor drawings interpretation:

Although SOLIDWORKS is a widely used software for technical communication, Hole callouts can be interpreted differently on the shop floor. The callout can mean many things for the shop floor machinists: Tolerances, Drill bits used, depths to go to, internal/external threading tools to grab.

2. Company policy on wording in drawings:

Depending on the company policy, some symbols have to be changed by words or vice versa. These symbols given by SOLIDWORKS by default may or may not cause confusion on the floor. Changing them to a much simpler wording for example might benefit for more quality parts made due to less confusion in communication.

3. Add/Substract Extra Information :

Another reason to customize is simply some designers might want to use/subtract extra pieces of call out  information that is given by SOLIDWORKS in the drawings.

Where do I start customizing?

Customizing the hole callout file starts at the default location for templates which is usually:

C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\lang\english

You will find a file there called “calloutformat.txt”. Let’s make a copy and paste it to a different folder to work with. Let’s rename that pasted copy to “calloutformat_edited_1.txt”.

Opening that file might seem daunting at first but is it straightforward, so let’s dive even deeper in it!

What is in the hole callout template file?

The text file “calloutformat_edited_1.txt” contains many paragraphs or “Strings” to be interpreted by SOLIDWORKS. These strings and paragraphs are directly associated with the “Hole Wizard” option available in SOLIDWORKS.

The text file is dissected into:

  1. The Standard you choose in the hole wizard:
    • BSI
    • DIN
    • ISO
    • JIS
    • KS
    • PEM INCH
    • GB-OLD
    • GB
  1. The Type of Hole:
  1. The parameters of the hole (specific to the Standard and Hole).
    • Blind Hole only
    • Blind hole with underhead countersink
    • Blind hole with nearside countersink
    • Blind hole with near and underhead countersink
    • Etc.

If we combine the above mentioned 3 points to make an example with can come up with a hole to customize!

For example: (1) ANSI INCH (2) COUNTERBORED (3) Blind Hole with an underhead countersink.

This gives us one unique hole callout we could customize the text for.

Now that you know what SOLIDWORKS refers to, part two of this article will take a deeper dive into customizing your hole call outs.


Take a test drive of SOLIDWORKS and see how you can optimize it for performance, speed and accuracy! Contact Javelin, a TriMech Company today »

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by Malak Souissi at August 04, 2022 12:00 PM


Quality Assurance in SDLC: why do you need QA Automation

Quality assurance (QA) is essential when developing new software or updating an existing one and has become an integral part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). The reason for this is relatively straightforward: the continued growth in corporate technical estates requires proper quality assurance strategies.

You must test your solution for usability, security, performance, and other aspects. And with an effective QA process, you will quickly plan new releases. Furthermore, one of the best ways to go about this is QA automation.

What is QA Automation? 

QA automation uses tools to automatically test, analyze, and validate a software solution to ensure it meets the critical requirements, including user experience, code quality, and functionality. Automated test scripts are created to examine the code and ensure it conforms to the above requirements. Quality assurance automation helps enhance software testing speed without any compromise on quality. Furthermore, it can be used at different stages of the SDLC. Yet, it’s a bit harder to do, than to say. Especially if you want to do it right. So getting quality assurance services from outsourcing vendors, who specialize in it, like Edvantis, will ensure your project is successful.

Sample Test Automation Framework

Benefits of Quality Assurance Automation

QA automation has proved effective even for big names in the industry like Google. Engineers from the giant tech company managed to release over 100 features for their product, Google+, within 100 days in 2011, thanks to QA automation.

Google has since improved its baseline system to Test Automation Platform (TAP), which is the largest automated software testing platform in the world and is supported by DevOps principles like Continuous Testing (CT), Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Delivery (CD). The platform can analyze over 13,000 code projects in a single day, which requires over 150 million test runs.

Test automation, even on a smaller scale, can have outstanding testing speeds and additional benefits like:

  • Increased test accuracy as there is no room for human error
  • Proper test coverage since you can do a lot within a short period
  • Quick execution speeds, improving performance
  • Quick time-to-market for new solutions
  • Fast response on newly-shipped code
  • It is less costly than manual testing
  • Ability to reuse test cases, which reduces redundant work.

How to Set Up a Test Automation Framework

Most companies find test automation principles, patterns, and practices complicated. A few of them haven’t made any steps with the implementation and design of the test automation framework.

Quality assurance automation is a systematic process despite being complex. You must go through different vital steps to move from manual to automated testing. Let’s look at the best QA practices and how to implement them.

Step 1: Choose the Right Test Automation Platform Build

Quality assurance is an all-around practice. Newly-created software can be tested from different perspectives to ensure it has no severe vulnerabilities or bugs and works as required.

Different tests conducted include:

  • Functional Testing. These include Component tests, API tests, Unit tests, Smoke tests, UI tests, and Regression tests.
  • Non-Functional Testing, in its turn, covers Pentesting, Performance tests, Recovery tests, Load tests, Volume tests, and Stress tests.

A proper testing framework must be designed to meet the requirements of your product and attend to specific problems. Make sure you understand your priorities before you start designing your architecture.

The different types of frameworks available include:

  • Keyword-driven framework.
  • Behavior-driven framework.
  • Modular-driven framework.
  • Hybrid framework.
  • Data-driven framework.

The effectiveness of a specific framework depends on your solution, project, and software development procedure.

Step 2: Create a Test Automation Framework for Reference

There are four different layers of QA automation. These include:

  • Test definition.
  • Test generation.
  • Test adaptation.
  • Test execution.

Combined, they control the link between Test Automation Solution (TAS) and System Under Test (SUT). In simple terms, they develop the testing automation rules and directions.

Test Automation Architecture

  • Test Generation Layer. This layer sets the basic standard of consecutive QA automation. The goal is to define the primary test types, create manual analysis, and organize test generation and data capture to back up the chosen QA plan.
  • Test Definition Layer. Here, you have to evaluate the test data available and pair it with the test cases in line before you start creating test scripts for use in various certified cases.
  • Test Execution Layer. It is the test execution phase with everything you need to log, run, and report on programmed test case accomplishment.

Step 3: Identify the Tech Stack for Your Test Automation

A test automation framework involves a blend of tools and processes. We have looked at the process layout in the above section. Let’s now look at the tools.

Quality assurance automation testing tools are available in three options:

  • Proprietary. Licensed tools with several functionalities.
  • Open-source. They don’t require a license.
  • Custom solutions. Combines the above two within your quality control framework.

You should consider platform support, programming languages, and operating systems when choosing your QA automation stack.

Edvantis experts in quality assurance services recommend the following automated testing tools:

  • Cypress
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • WinAppDriver

For more options, you can compare individual test automation frameworks and QA automation tools at NPM trends.

Step 4: Choose Your Implementation Path

You should choose your method of application after choosing your test framework. Various QA automation tools with different methods of implementation.

The implementation method you choose depends on your use case. There is no good or bad method. At Edvantis, we offer the best QA services, and we will guide you on the best implementation methods.

Step 5: Create Test Data

Data is essential for automated testing. With a lot of data, you are guaranteed the best outcomes. During the pre-production stages of quality assurance, you may lack enough important data for all testing needs.

You should opt for strategies that provide additional test data generations. These strategies include:

  • Bulk data copying from the production to the testing environment.
  • Manufactured data from programmed data production tools.
  • Copying bulk data from legacy frameworks.
  • Creation of test data manually.

After obtaining test data, you should organize it by test cases and keep them in the right management tool.


QA automation is a routine procedure. You have to conduct regular tests at different phases. It is best to begin with, multiple testing structures before including others in your framework.

by Elle Gellrich at August 04, 2022 12:37 AM

August 03, 2022


Most Reliable Online Casinos On The Netherland’s

scattered playing cards

The Netherlands is home to a vibrant and regulated gambling industry all across Europe. This European nation provides its players with one of the most diverse markets in the area, offering a wide range of products from casinos to sports betting. Also, it opened up the online gaming market to its players only lately. There are several trustworthy online casino platforms where you can play in the Netherlands, or what is locally known as betrouwbare online casino ideal.

It was just on April 1st, 2021, when the Netherlands formalized its status as one of the biggest online gambling markets of the European Union. This is with the formal adoption of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act. The market opened on October 2nd, 2021, giving both Dutch-based companies and foreign gaming operators a stage to provide their Internet gaming products.

4 Of The Most Reliable Online Casinos On


Circus Casino & Sport is among the best casinos in Belgium. It has been running quite very well in the country for 11 years. This casino is also the owner of a land-based casino in Namur. Since the legalization of the online casino industry in the Netherlands, Circus Casino & Sport has also become active in this European country. So nowadays, Dutch players can legally gamble over the Internet at Circus Casino & Sport.

Here, players can initially choose between two welcome bonuses. There is one for sports and another for casinos. If they like to play Internet casino games, it is best that they prefer the 100 percent up to €250 casino welcome bonus. And if they choose to bet on sports competitions, they can go for the €250 free bets sportsbook that this platform offers.

Aside from these welcome bonuses, Circus Casino & Sport also regularly offers promotions and bonuses for its existing players. Keep in mind, though, that these bonuses can change.

When it comes to the bonus conditions at Circus Casino & Sport, they are very reasonable. Players should be at least 24 years old to claim the bonuses, and they can only choose a single welcome bonus. They also have a month or 30 days to clear it.

Moreover, the casino welcome bonus should be wagered 30 times on slots of 90 times on live casino and table games. When it comes to the sportsbook bonus, it is freed up in parts of €10 per €20 that players bet on sports matches with odds of 1.60 or higher.


On the other hand, 777 Casino and its welcome bonus offer a perfect addition to the Dutch casino market. You can have limitless fun with several games available here, such as roulette and blackjack. And with the generous welcome bonus that it offers, you have more resources at your perusal to win that jackpot.

Additionally, 777 Casino has been in possession of a gambling license in the Netherlands since February 2022. And in April 2022, this casino opened its doors virtually in the European nation.

Internet casinos utilize bonuses to attract players and reward the loyalty of existing players. The most eye-catching bonuses here at 777 Casino are by far the welcome bonuses of 100 percent up to €250. Aside from this welcome bonus, players may also access a loyalty program with which their loyalty will earn rewards.

3. Bingoal Casino

Like the other Dutch online casinos on this list, Bingoal is originally a sports betting provider in Belgium, particularly on horse race betting. It has recently become legally accessible too for Dutch players.

Bingoal offers two various welcome bonuses for new Dutch players. There is this 100 percent boost-my-odds bonus of up to €250 and a 100 percent casino welcome bonus of up to €300. For existing gamblers, Bingoal organizes casino tournaments regularly.

The bonus terms of the welcomes bonuses here at Bingoal are pretty simple. Players must be at least 24 years old to activate the bonuses. However, they can only activate the welcome bonuses once. They can choose one of the two bonuses, and they have 30 days to clear these bonuses.

Meanwhile, in sports competitions, you do this through betting your bonus money received at least once on a sports match or many sports matches with odds of 1.40 or above. In the case of the casino bonus, players should wager the bonus money they receive 35 times. So, if you deposit €100, you get €100 in bonus, and you must bet €3,500 total. Playing the slot games counts for the full 100 percent in order for you to unlock the bonus, but bets on live casino and table games only count 10 percent. Choose wisely.

4. Casino 711

Casino 711 also originally came from Belgium. However, it has recently become available in the Netherlands. Here, they are known for their excellent customer service, huge welcome bonuses, and a wide range of online casino games from popular providers. In short, this is a casino at that you should not miss.

711 Casino has also obtained a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. Originally, this was run and managed by the Belgian Power Gaming BVBA from Germany. Nonetheless, they have thought about applying for a license in the Netherlands so they can dominate the Dutch market.

Several players choose to play at 711 Casino. For one, there is a massive welcome bonus they are entitled to. While other casinos opt for a few Euros, here at 711 Casino, there is a different approach. At 711 Casino, players are entitled to a 100 percent bonus that can be up to €711! What a way to live up to its name.

So, if a player deposits the maximum amount, there is no less than €1422 in your account. However, you must and should still take into account the bonus conditions.

Trustworthy Online Casinos In The Netherlands

With new legislations on gambling in the Netherlands, it is now easier to find an online casino where you can play at legally. They all have a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority and are legally allowed to offer these kinds of games to Dutch gamblers. There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect online casino in the Netherlands. Authorities should license the casino. And you can consider the checklist you learned about earlier so you will never land on illegal and unreliable casinos.

by SS Team at August 03, 2022 03:34 AM

August 02, 2022

The Javelin Blog

Tools and Tips for dealing with Production Problems and Supply Chain Issues

Download a white paper for tools and tips to deal with problems amplified by supply chain and skilled labor issues.

Scheduling your shop floor to maximize production capacity, while meeting fluctuations in customer demands, is a complex process. There is a constant challenge to synchronize equipment, tools, materials, and labor resources based on availability, maintenance schedules, and ever-changing customer demands. Recent supply chain disruptions and skilled labor shortages have amplified the already complex process.

An ineffective scheduling process can quickly result in a cascading effect of issues, resulting in delays in schedules, machine idle time, queuing and congestion on machines, quality issues, late delivery penalties, and much more. Learn more about DELMIAWorks in the video below and how ERP and MES systems can be integrated for better production scheduling:

<iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowtransparency="true" class="wistia_embed" frameborder="0" height="100%" loading="lazy" msallowfullscreen="msallowfullscreen" name="wistia_embed" scrolling="no" src=";seo=false&amp;videoFoam=true" title="What Can DELMIAWorks Do For You? Video" width="100%"></iframe>

<script async="async" src=""></script>


Best Practices for Optimizing the Production Scheduling Process

Download the white paper for coveted tools, tips, and best practices used by three manufacturers to boost production scheduling efficiency, cut costs, and increase plant capacity. the white paper provides insight into what it takes to have a scheduling process that is usable, efficient and effective by identifying:

  • The biggest challenges facing scheduling teams
  • The top 7 attributes of the ideal scheduling tool
  • Best practices for using technology to optimize the scheduling process
  • Three real-world examples of manufacturers that are applying technology and best practices to boost efficiency, cut costs, and improve customer service.
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" id="pardotform" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: 0" type="text/html" width="100%"></iframe> <script type="text/javascript"> var form = ''; var params =; document.getElementById("pardotform").setAttribute("src", form + params); </script>

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July 30, 2022


Tips and tricks for playing and winning at Warzone

Many people believe you can’t easily win a Call of Duty: Warzone match. While this is generally true, we all know several big guys who steadily hit wins like it’s a piece of cake. But don’t think they were specially cut out to thrive in Caldera or Verdansk because that’s not true.

The simple truth is that there are certain things they do that you’re not doing. Luckily, we’ll be sharing some of these pro tips and tricks in this post. We also recommend that you augment the process with some call of duty: warzone cheats.

Tips and tricks to play and win Warzone

1. Use meta weapons

You can always pick your weapons and enhance them to be the best they can be with attachments. But what’s the need for such stress when you can simply use the game’s meta weapons? Meta weapons are about the best guns you can use to play your Warzone matches.

Moreover, you should understand that the meta weapons usually change as new updates are released. Also, to increase your winning chances, study the meta weapons and learn how you can improve their abilities through attachments.

2. Secure your loadout ASAP

You can engage in many activities during your time in the game. They range from gathering loots to completing contracts and to just waiting for the next enemy to add to your kill list. Despite all of these being important, gathering cash and purchasing a loadout for you and your teammates is more relevant.

The sweet spot with securing your loadout is that you and your squad can use whichever weapons you’re comfortable with. Moreover, using your ideal rifle or attachments enhances the feel of the game, thereby helping you to play better with increased winning chances.

3. Perks are a big bonus.

After you’ve secured a weapon loadout for yourself and your team, the chances are that there’ll always be some leftover cash. We recommend perks as a worthy investment. Experimenting with different perks is usually nice, but we’d advise you to get the Ghost perk first.

This perk will always keep you hidden from enemy UAVs, heartbeat sensors, and radar drones. You’ll need to keep yourself undetected on the map, even if you’re an aggressive player. However, enemies can still see you if they use advanced perks, which means they’ll need to spend more money. So, you’re still safe.

4. Hot drops are not a death sentence, after all.

Players on Warzone are usually advised against landing at locations with large amounts of loot. Such locations on the map include Airport, Supermarket, Prison, Peak, etc. This is because of the heated gunfights common n these places. As such, there’s a high possibility of you dying mid-combat.

Whatever the case may be, there are tricks to go about this. First off, drop out of the plane as early as possible. The chances are that very few players will be on the map now – you may not even find one around your location. Rush in and pick necessary items, then leave as soon as possible. However, always be ready for a fight.

5. Focus some practice hours on movement

You’ll suck a lot in a game like Warzone if you don’t know how to perform some maneuvers. Some common but noteworthy movements in the game are head-glitching, bunny-hopping, strafing, counter-strafing, sliding, and slide-cancel. Strafing has to do with moving in a side-to-side pattern.

This technique helps you avoid being an easy target during close- to mid-range combats. In addition, sliding helps you to move at an amazing speed on the map. Also, you may need to stop a slide midway, simply tap on the button that makes you crouch. This could either be the circle or B button.


You don’t have to own the most expensive weapons in Warzone to win matches. You need some tricks up your sleeves alongside some Warzone cheats. Like we’d always say, play the meta, and always be on the lookout for updates.

Secure your loadout and spend time playing with the perks available in the game. Lastly, spend some time improving your in-game movements and, more importantly, your aiming.

by Josh Mings at July 30, 2022 09:07 PM